Love and Courage

Love and Courage

Ruairí McKiernan
Jul 31, 2020 1 hr 12 min

Easkey Britton - surfer, scientist, author & film-maker

Easkey Britton is a scientist, surfer, writer, artist and film-maker with a PhD in Environment and Society. Her work explores the relationship between people and nature, especially the sea. A life-long surfer, her parents taught her to surf when she was four years old and she channels her passion for surfing and the sea into social change. Her work is deeply influenced by the ocean and the lessons learned pioneering women’s big-wave surfing in Ireland and introducing the sport of surfing to women in Iran, which led her to be invited to give an inspiring TEDx talk: Just Add Surf. Passionate about facilitating creative & collaborative processes, she founded Like Water, a platform to explore innovative ways to reconnect people and nature, especially through water and she also designs and organizes a variety of leadership retreats, summits and programmes, including the annual wavemaker retreat in Portugal. Easkey currently lives in County Mayo on the west coast of Ireland and is working on her next book after just finishing her memoir, which we talk about in this conversation.
Jun 30, 2020 53 min

Ibrahim Halawa - Finding hope after 4 years in an Egyptian Prison

Ibrahim Halawa is a 25-year-old law student from Tallaght in Dublin, Ireland. Between the ages of 17 and 21 he was wrongfully imprisoned in an Egyptian prison after being arrested during a visit to Cairo in 2013. The trip coincided with pro-democracy protests which had swept the country and led to hundreds of civilians being killed by the forces of the military-led government of General el-Sisi. I was involved in campaigning to free Ibrahim from prison and it was great to finally get the chance to talk with him about his experiences, his insights, and his incredible story. I hope you enjoy this conversation with Ibrahim Halawa.
May 29, 2020 52 min

Mary Reynolds - Environmentalist, Author, Activist

Mary Reynolds is an Irish author, former landscape designer and nature activist, known for being the youngest contestant to win a gold medal at the world-famous Chelsea Flower Show. She became highly sought after in the world of garden design but later gave it up to explore new ways of looking at life and work in relation to ecology. A film inspired by her story was released in 2015 and in 2016 her book The Garden Awakening was published. Her work has attracted praise by Jane Goodall and other major figures. More recently Mary is the founder of the We Are The Ark movement which promotes rewilding land by returning gardens to nature in order to increase biodiversity.
May 10, 2020 21 min

'Make life beautiful' - an interview with Ruairí

Ruairí McKiernan interview with Dave Fanning on RTÉ 2fm
Apr 20, 2020 1 hr 17 min

Andrew Boyd - trailblazing author, humorist & campaigner

Andrew Boyd is an American author, humorist and veteran of creative campaigns for social change. He led the decade-long satirical media campaign Billionaires for Bush. He co-founded Agit-Pop Communications, an award-winning “subvertising” agency, as well as the netroots social justice movement The Other 98%. He's the author of four books: Beautiful Trouble, Daily Afflictions, Life’s Little Deconstruction Book and the Activist Cookbook, and the forthcoming I Want a Better Catastrophe: Hope, Hopelessness and Climate Reality. He lives in New York City.
Mar 30, 2020 12 min

Hope and healing in troubled times

A short interviewed with podcast host Ruairí McKiernan recorded on the Today FM Last Word show with Matt Cooper. Discussing community, connection, resilience and hope in the context of the release of Ruairí's book Hitching for Hope - a Journey into the Heart and Soul of Ireland.
Mar 02, 2020 1 hr 2 min

Joe Farrell - from Irish mother & baby home to New York playwright

Joe Farrell on the Love and Courage podcast. Joe Farrell was born in an Irish mother and baby home in Ireland in 1960 where he lived with his mother who had been sent there as an unmarried mother. He lived there for the first 2 years of his life before being adopted by an Irish American family and brought to the United States. This is the remarkable story of his life and his quest for identity, understanding, and peace. Joe is a writer who supports his work by working in the New York city restaurant business. His forthcoming play is about his time as a student in an all-boys Jesuit High School. It is titled ‘Now, and At The Hour’. He also has another upcoming stage play titled ‘The Original’ about his search for an original photo of his birth mother and subsequent discovery and meeting of her surviving nephews and nieces in County Clare and London.
Jan 30, 2020 1 hr 4 min

Tom Prendergast - artist, DJ, ex record label owner

Limerick man Tom Prendergast is an artist, a DJ, a former record store owner, former successful record label co-founder, a passionate community volunteer and so much more.
Dec 22, 2019 22 min

A story and a song

A few words of reflection followed by a special song. Find links to the song and video by Susan Quirke, newsletter links, donation info etc. via this link:
Nov 13, 2019 1 hr 15 min

Dearbhla Glynn - Documentary Filmmaker, Photojournalist, Yoga Teacher

Love and Courage podcast with Ruairí McKiernan. Originally from County Cork, Dearbhla Glynn is a multi-award winning documentary filmmaker, photo-journalist, artist, writer and yoga teacher. Her films explore themes of culture, human rights and conflict and have seen her travel to conflict zones around the world including Palestine, DR Congo, Iraq, and Haiti and she has also made films based around the Burning Man festival in Nevada and the Festival in the Desert in Malai. In recent times she has been focusing more on her work as an advanced yoga teacher although at the time of recording this podcast she wasn’t long home from a trip to the Greek island of Lesbos, where people from Afghanistan, Syria and elsewhere remain stranded in search of sanctuary. Our conversation explores Dearbhla’s fascinating life journey and I found it really insightful and inspiring to hear how she first found her path and has stayed true to it since. I do want to mention that part of Dearbhla’s work has involved looking at the theme of trauma and in the part of our conversation about Eastern Congo she talks about the devastating reality surrounding sexual violence there. Overall Dearbhla’s story is one of shining a light on the darkness and it’s one I hope many people get to hear.
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