Social Media Sucks

Social Media Sucks

Nov 20, 2020 42 min

How to market your podcast

Marketing your podcast is critical if you want to succeed with your podcast. It's not just about creating amazing content and then hoping someone listens. Of course, good content is needed, but you also need to set up a promotional plan to get the most from your efforts. On this episode, we dive into the ins-and-outs of podcast marketing and how you can promote your podcast in social media, on your websites and also in other areas you might not have even thought about. Want to watch the podcast? See it here -
Nov 16, 2020 31 min

How to repurpose content for social media

Repurposing content is critical if you want to succeed in social media. The appetite for content is not slowing down and with more channels opening up every year, finding your audience is getting easier, but you need the right content with the right context in those channels. Repurposing content can help you fill those channels, your funnel and help you maximize your social media spending. On this episode, we uncover some of the social media agency secrets we use to milk as much content as we can from what we create for ourselves and our clients. Want to subscribe to the video version? Check out our YouTube -
Oct 29, 2020 34 min

TikTok - Strategies, Tips and Tactics

TikTok really blew up in 2020, with the global pandemic driving people to their screens for some good old fashioned escapism. But what does that mean from brands, consumers and marketers out there? On this episode, we dive headfirst into TikTok and give you the strategies, tips and tactics that are working on the platform right now. We hope you enjoy it. Need some TikTok advice? Contact us -
Oct 11, 2020 31 min

Influencer Marketing - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Do you use influencer marketing? Or do you want to start? Join Chris, Andy and Yu from Kubbco as we walk you through the Good, Bad and the Ugly of Influencer Marketing and how to get the most from it. We explain the tactics you need to increase the performance of your influencer marketing and help you take the right steps to build your brand and sell more products using influencer marketing. Check out the videos of our podcasts -
Oct 07, 2020 49 min

Is social media bad for you?

Welcome to the 1st episode of Social Media Sucks. In this episode we introduce our refreshed podcast / video podcast, Social Media Sucks, we will talk about some of the latest news and changes in the industry, and we also discuss The Social Dilemma, the infamous Netflix documentary, winner of the Impact category at Boulder International Film Festival. We hope to have a fun time and we hope for you to have a fun time too, thank you so much for listening.
Social Media Sucks
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