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Maarten Steenhagen

Short reflections on philosophy, society, and the dreadful state of the world

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The logic of sociocracy

How do you make a decision with a group of people? In some activist circles a sociocratic method of consent*... more

21 May 2024 · 11 minutes
Eurovision nationalism

The Dutch submission for Eurovision is a song called ‘Europapa’ by Joost Klein. It’s a cunningly catchy tune accompanied by... more

06 Mar 2024 · 8 minutes
Why do climate activists stand with Palestine?

‘No climate justice on occupied land!’ It was Greta Thunberg who chanted this, together with hundreds of climate activists in... more

31 Jan 2024 · 14 minutes
The music of 2023

To celebrate the end of the year, I’ve again gone through the songs and albums that I’ve played most during... more

31 Dec 2023 · 29 minutes
AI Risk and Capitalism

How people seem suddenly worried about ‘Artificial Intelligence’! It’s as if massive threats to human flourishing suddenly become acceptable if... more

02 Jun 2023 · 8 minutes
Marching from A to B

In December 2010 I was a graduate student at University College London (UCL) working on what felt like an impossible... more

31 May 2023 · 10 minutes
Now the emergency is over...

On the 5th of May 2023 the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced that the enduring COVID-19 pandemic is now merely... more

09 May 2023 · 13 minutes
The right to encrypt

As you may have heard, the government of the United Kingdom is trying to pass an Online Safety Bill. This... more

30 Apr 2023 · 18 minutes
Why am I still on Twitter?

I sent my first tweet on the 17th of June 2009. It contained a six-word description of that afternoon—I was... more

19 Apr 2023 · 15 minutes
A consumer phenomenology of the digital

Somewhere in Plato’s work you’ll find an argument against writing. That’s right; writing, as such. Given how important writing is... more

13 Apr 2023 · 14 minutes
The logic of sociocracy