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House Podcastica: The Wheel of Time Edition
House Podcastica: The Wheel of Time Edition

Join us as we cover some of our favorite shows, like The Mandalorian, Cobra Kai, What If...?, The Handmaid’s Tale, Westworld, and... more

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"Blood Calls Blood" (The Wheel of Time: S1E5)

Our adventurers have finally reached the White Tower and it's host city of Tar Valon, and it's not quite what... more

06 Dec 2021 · 1 hour, 42 minutes
"The Dragon Reborn" (The Wheel of Time: S1E4)

The series hits it's stride with the introduction of Logain, the self-proclaimed Dragon Reborn, an introduction to the male half... more

03 Dec 2021 · 1 hour, 37 minutes
"A Place of Safety" (The Wheel of Time S1E3)

The final of the opening gamut of introductory episodes splits our party after the events of Shadar Logoth, and introduces... more

28 Nov 2021 · 1 hour, 24 minutes
"Shadow's Waiting" (The Wheel of Time S1E2)

A bit darker and more ominous, this episode impressed a little more than the premiere. Greg, Wendy and Ben... more

23 Nov 2021 · 1 hour, 15 minutes
"Leavetaking" (The Wheel of Time S1E1)

The series premiere of The Wheel of Time is here and it seems like that Amazon money has gone to... more

22 Nov 2021 · 1 hour, 18 minutes
Intro to The Wheel of Time

Next up on House Podcastica: The Wheel of Time! This new series based on Robert Jordan’s bestselling fantasy novels is... more

12 Nov 2021 · 34 minutes
"What If... The Watcher Broke His Oath?" (What If...? S1E9)

It’s the final boss fight of “What If…?” and it’s glorious! Join me and my good pals Rich and Eric... more

13 Oct 2021 · 1 hour, 8 minutes
"What If... Ultron Won?" (What If...? S1E8)

Intense episode this week as the all-powerful Ultron decides to pretty much kill everyone everywhere - ah, peace. :) Glad... more

01 Oct 2021 · 1 hour, 34 minutes
"What If... Thor Were an Only Child?" (What If...? S1E7)

It's a party this week as I mix things up by joining the crew over at TV Podcast Industries, Derek,... more

24 Sep 2021 · 1 hour, 17 minutes
"What If... Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark?" (What If...? S1E6)

Really fascinating this week seeing Tony Stark and Killmonger team up (well, for awhile) - as Tony says, two gear-head... more

17 Sep 2021 · 1 hour, 19 minutes
House Podcastica: The Wheel of Time Edition
"Blood Calls Blood" (The Wheel of Time: S1E5)
House Podcastica: The Wheel of Time Edition