Global Wellness Summit

Global Wellness Summit

Kim Marshall
Apr 15, 2020 34 min

26. Starting with the Soul: How Businesses Can Empower People to be Healthier - with Tom Jones from Finn Partners

Tom Jones, senior partner of health & wellness at Finn Partners. talk about Finn’s new wellness collaborative, finding the soul behind your brand, and what an intergenerational approach to wellness moving forward might look like.
Apr 08, 2020 29 min

25. Wellness Innovation: Looking Forward to Global Wellness Summit 2020 - with Amir Alroy from Welltech1

Amir Alroy shares why Israel became such a hot bed for innovation and what wellness innovations we can expect from Israel in the near future.
Apr 03, 2020 34 min

24. Creating a Happy, Healthy, & Wealthy Future Where Everyone Can Live Beyond 100 - with Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Modi from Smart Group

Dr. Modi shares how he started his journey as a social entrepreneur, what life Beyond 100 might look like for all of us, and how his work relates to GWS’s ten wellness trends for 2020.
Mar 30, 2020 42 min

23. 2020 Global Wellness Trends: True Circadian Health, Energy Medicine, & Wellness Music - with Beth McGroarty from Global Wellness Institute

Beth McGroarty, VP, Research and Forecasting at the Global Wellness Institute, shares her thoughts on some of the 2020 Global Wellness Trends that she’s most excited about: True Circadian Health, J-Wellness, Energy Medicine, Wellness Music, and more.
Mar 18, 2020 28 min

22. One Health, One Wellness: Creating Globally Sustainable Lifestyles that Will Help Us Avoid the Next Coronavirus - with Victor Koo from Tianren Culture

Victor Koo, co-founder of Tianren Culture, explains what the “One Health, One Wellness” mission is and how we can avoid future viral outbreaks like coronavirus if we can change our excessive lifestyles and go back to a state of global equilibrium.
Jan 27, 2020 27 min

21. Embracing The Asian Century Worldwide - with Cathy Chon & Yoriko Soma

Yoriko Soma, a Japanese spa consultant, and Cathy Chon, an American expat marketing expert who’s spent the last 20 years in Hong Kong, help us answer that question in today’s episode. And along the way, we’ll find out how and why they put together such an eclectic and powerful range of speakers for this year’s Summit.
Jan 23, 2020 20 min

20. Beauty Meets Wellness, Wellness Meets Inclusion - with Michael Bruggeman from Organic Male OM4 & haia

What role does beauty play in your sense of emotional well-being? How can the wellness industry help more people, inside and out, by nurturing inclusion? And what initiatives are being spearheaded by the Global Wellness Institute?
Jan 20, 2020 31 min

19. Faith: Why It’s Worth Investing In Financially, Emotionally, & Soulfully - with Martin Palmer from the Alliance of Religions and Conservation

How can Romance of the Three Kingdoms influence leadership? What is like working with the Royal Family? We’ll answer these and more with professor Martin Palmer, who literally brought the audience to tears during his keynote at the Summit.
Jan 16, 2020 21 min

18. Feel, Fuel, & Function: The Landmarks of Wellbeing - with Mia Kyricos from Hyatt Hotels

What were spas getting right 20 to 30 years ago that data is only validating now? How do you get the head of a publicly-traded company to listen to you when you’re brand new in your role? How does the art of the PIVOT help in a time of natural disasters and political upheaval? How do you ensure that a brand can actually live up to their wellness hype?
Jan 13, 2020 27 min

17. Global Wellness By the Numbers - with Ophelia Yeung & Katherine Johnston from Global Wellness Institute

Research is a cornerstone of the Summit. The trends that are spotted each year go on to be major trends in the wellness industry worldwide, and the research done each year by the Global Wellness Institute is vital to our entire industry.
Global Wellness Summit
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