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Jul 05, 2020 40 min

Nourished with fresh food .... and love! with Anni Cramb, Floursh PYO

In this episode we speak with Anni Cramb, who, along with three other Toowoomba Mum's decided to plant seeds of love, hope and health to help their community flourish. They have a wonderful vision to provide fresh solutions for a happier and healthier community and were inspired to start Flourish PYO in 2017. In 2018 they began their first community garden and continued to educate children where their food comes from and how amazing it is to pick and eat fresh vegetables. Flourish PYO is a Not-for-Profit health promotion charity in Toowoomba, Queensland, who believe everyone should have access to fresh healthy produce and the knowledge to use it to nourish themselves and their families to prevent disease. Anni tells us all about the concept behind this community initiative and the story of how Flourish operates, their aims and their dreams for the future. It is truly an inspirational story. To obtain the show notes with more information and links from this episode, and others, visit Find us on FB and on IG @storednaturally
Jun 21, 2020 39 min

Exposing Plastic Recycling Myths with Tops Off Recycling

Do you know what plastic is recycled and what is not? In this episode we chat to Leisa Clark from Tops Off Recycling and are shocked to uncover some of the myths about what we thought was actually being recycled! Leisa explains that 40% of all plastic used in packaging is HDPE (High-density polyethylene) plastic, which is a strong, resistant, long lasting, UV resistant, buoyant plastic. 40% of all plastic produced in the world is HDPE plastic and none of that type of plastic is currently being recycled in Australia. Leisa says that when she last looked at the statistics, only 9% of all plastics in Australia, are being recycled. Australia does not recycle plastic bottle tops - so when you take your bottles to a Containers for Change depot to receive the 10c refund, all the lids are taken off and they are thrown into landfill. All the hard plastic, such as yoghurt containers, plastic milk bottles, vitamin tablet containers, are all HDPE plastic, which is not getting recycled at all and ends up in landfills....even though we put it in our recycling bins provided by councils! Tops Off Recycling are looking at ways to recycle plastic bottle tops and turn it into recycled, quality 3D printing filament. Their goal is to have local- based recycle hubs and innovation centres across Queensland to recycle and repurposed plastic into 3D filament and other products. Find out other interesting facts about plastic and recycling in this very interesting conversation. To obtain the show notes with more information and links from this episode, and others, visit Find us on FB and on IG @storednaturally
Jun 07, 2020 32 min

Asher Andrews - Across Australia Fuelled by Plants

Introducing Asher Andrews - husband to Jess, father to Willa and Rumi, distance runner and whole food plant based vegan chef and coach. He's a man who is motivated to inspire us to love the plants on our plate, appreciate moments of living a simpler life and reconnect to the story of our food. "Plants are the most nutrient dense and nutrient rich foods that you can eat. We need to eat the cleanest most nourishing foods on the planet" In fact, he's committed himself to something VERY BIG - to run from Cape Byron, the most eastern point of Australia to Steep Point, the most westerly point of Australia. 5,000km's to draw us in and bring our attention to how much we can do on a plant based lifestyle, to ask us all to evaluate our connection to our food, our health and our environment, personally, locally and globally. He points out that we're not an exception to the rule in Australia; our health and environmental statistics are on par with the rest of the developed world. He urges us to reconnect to what matters the most. To obtain the show notes with more information and links from this episode, and others, visit Find us on FB and on IG @storednaturally
May 24, 2020 37 min

Bring us your Excess - avoiding Food Waste with Nims Zavackas

In this episode we have the pleasure of chatting with Brisbane based chef, Nims (Naomi) Zavackas. Nims was born and raised in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea by parents who loved the land. The seeds of loving fresh produce were planted there and from a very young age she participated in the gathering of their gardens seasonal harvest. She saw, through the preparations of every humble thing they ate and shared, that food was the purest road to happiness. Her professional aspirations have their roots in that inherited ethos. Nims and her husband have owned a number of cafes in Sydney, Townsville and Brisbane and, up until the end of March 2020, owned The Jam Pantry café in Greenslopes, a suburb of Brisbane, Australia, which she described as a fun, produce driven café where funky preserves are the focus. Nims is a big believer in No Waste and is behind the exciting 'Bring us Your Excess' campaign. Her campaign works with farmers, food producers and the local community, turning excess neighbourhood backyard harvest into yield instead of waste. In this podcast Nims gives us insights into the catalyst behind the campaign and the app she is currently developing. She expresses her views on why there is so much food waste generated from our homes and how we can change our habits to start to reduce this through loving our food and being creative. Learn some great hints and tips from the effervescent Nims as you listen to her great interview. To obtain the show notes with more information and links from this episode, and others, visit Find us on FB and on IG @storednaturally
May 10, 2020 37 min

Rogue about Plastic - with Benefits! with Erin Rhoads

In this episode we chat to Erin Rhoads, The Rogue Ginger, and find out what inspired her to start living a more sustainable life. She tells us how she started to reduce waste and how you can begin to do the same; how taking part in Plastic Free July changed her habits and why she couldn't go back; how heat draws out endocrine disrupters from plastic; swapping out single-use plastic items every day to reduce waste; valuing our farmers and the food they produce and so much more. Erin is the lady behind the popular Australian eco lifestyle blog and website 'Less waste, less plastic and sustainable living with 'The Rogue Ginger' with information on zero waste and plastic free living and tips on how to reduce plastic and rubbish every day. Erin went from eating plastic-packaged takeaway while shopping online for fast fashion, to becoming one of Australia's most popular eco-bloggers. She knows that small changes can have a big impact. Through Erin's pursuit to live plastic-free and zero-waste, she has learnt to eat real food, discover new skills, cut down her exposure to harmful chemicals, found joy in moments over everyday things and simplified her life, while saving money. She is the author of 'Waste Not: making a big difference by throwing away less' which has been described as the 'Barefoot Investor' for those wanting to live more sustainably. The philosophy behind our Gutsy Matters podcast align so well with Erin's 'pursuit to live plastic-free and zero-waste, eat real food, and cut down exposure to chemicals'. For more information and links from this episode, and others, visit Find us on FB and on IG @storednaturally
Apr 26, 2020 33 min

Creative Plant-based cooking with Veet Karen

In this episode we chat to Veet Karen from Veet's Cooking School. Her cooking school motto is "cooking for a world without hurt" and she has a peaceful passion for eradicating the idea that being a vegan means an unhealthy or imbalanced diet. Veet's love and passion for high quality food, mixed in with her knowledge of wholesome, healthy, vegan fare and as she say 'as well as her taste buds desiring only the most heavenly of experiences', makes a wonderful recipe for fabulous meals and food every time. This episode is a fantastic conversation about how to cook creatively to reduce food waste; how to use a recipe even if you don't have any of the ingredients; and how to get enough protein in a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. It is packed full of great ideas and useful resources. To obtain the show notes with more information and links from this episode, and others, visit Find us on FB and on IG @storednaturally
Apr 26, 2020 27 min

Food Waste & CSA- Echo Valley Farm

In this episode we are talking to Randal Breen who, with his wife, Juanita and family run Echo Valley Farms, in the beautiful Goomburra Valley in South East Queensland, Australia. They undertake ethical, sustainable, regenerative and holistic farming practices producing beef cattle, pasture-raised pork and free-range poultry. They believe in farming that builds on a strong and viable agricultural base, while maintaining and regenerating the local habitats of their diverse flora and fauna. Everything they do on their farm begins with a regenerative and sustainable approach. Join our conversation as Randal talks about Echo Valley Farms, food waste and the benefits to their farming system and lets us know about the Echo Valley Community-supported Agriculture (CSA) and how you can be part of this program to buy directly from producers. To obtain the show notes with more information and links from this episode, and others, visit Find us on FB and on IG @storednaturally
Apr 26, 2020 33 min

From Meat & 3 Veg to Plant-Based Eating

Meet our Gutsy Matters co-host and creator of the Fresh Produce Enhancer, Helen Reynolds. In this interview, Wendy managed to ask all the right questions to find out how Helen went from a childhood of eating a meat and 3 vegetable diet to experimenting with being a vegetarian and now to eating a plant-based diet. All the personal reasons why Helen and her husband, Max, decided to change their diet and the funny things that happened along the way. Helen talks about what motivates my food choices, how she learnt about clean eating, how she learnt to prepare vegetarian and vegan food after a lifetime of meat focused eating, how to add more flavour and her methodology for preparing food. To obtain the show notes with more information and links from this episode, and others, visit Find us on FB and on IG @storednaturally
Mar 30, 2020 1 min

Gutsy Matters trailer

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