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Grind Sell Elevate
Grind Sell Elevate
Tyzer Evans

My name is Tyzer Evans, I have been in sales for 16 years. I have worked for several multi-billion dollar companies all... more

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#167: Jeff Lopes | 8 Figure Entrepreneur Dad

Jeff Lopes is a proud father of two, a husband, and a entrepreneur for the past 25 years. Jeff has... more

21 Jun 2021 · 46 minutes
#166: Drew Stevens | Transforming Businesses and Individuals into Thriving Professionals

Drew Stevens has over 30 years of investment banking, private equity and merger, and acquisition experience. Drew has worked with... more

17 Jun 2021 · 31 minutes
#165: Don Markland | Accountability Now

The CEO and owner of Accountability Now™, an Executive Coaching and Business Strategy company out of Jacksonville, Florida. As a... more

14 Jun 2021 · 30 minutes
#164: Kurt Philip | How to Convert Business in the Digital Age

Kurt is the founder of Convertica. He has helped online businesses convert more customers from their existing website visitors. He has... more

10 Jun 2021 · 41 minutes
#163: Steve Preda | How to Become Buyable

Steve Preda’s mission is to help build self-managing, fast-growing, and high-profit businesses. Since 2002, he has helped more than 250... more

07 Jun 2021 · 42 minutes
#162: Elena Mellara | Put Some Action Into Your Motivation

Elena is an Italian certified career & business coach living in The Netherlands since 2008. She combines 20 years experience in... more

03 Jun 2021 · 28 minutes
#161: Ugi Djurvic | The Dynamic Content Horse

Ugi is the Founder Contenthorse, an all-inclusive content marketing agency for B2B SaaS companies, and co-founder of Podino, an agency... more

31 May 2021 · 35 minutes
#160: Kris Ward | Win the Hour, Win the Day

Kris Ward is the leading authority in building your business by building your team. Kris is the founder of the... more

27 May 2021 · 35 minutes
#159: Nicholas Prouten | The Future of the Blockchain Industry

Nick is a veteran in public speaker and team leader able to pitch projects, ideas and concepts concisely and effectively... more

24 May 2021 · 38 minutes
#158: Paul Glover | The No BS Work Performance Coach

For the last 30 years Paul's mission has been to assist Leaders and their organizations to achieve their full potential. His... more

20 May 2021 · 49 minutes
Grind Sell Elevate
#167: Jeff Lopes | 8 Figure Entrepreneur Dad
Grind Sell Elevate