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How do you build a company from scratch? How do you take an idea and turn yourself into a founder? Find out... more

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Live from TechCrunch Disrupt with cybersecurity trailblazer Window Snyder from Thistle Technologies

The Found team recorded this episode live from TechCrunch Disrupt. Dom and Becca sat down with Window Snyder, a trailblazer... more

26 Sep 2023 · 21 minutes
Bootstrapping a space tech isn't easy with Bianca Cefalo from Space DOTS

On today’s episode of Found, Dom and Becca talk with Bianca Cefalo, CEO and co-founder of Space DOTS which... more

19 Sep 2023 · 52 minutes
Taking learnings from working at Amazon to clean beauty with Jaleh Bisharat from NakedPoppy

This week’s episode focuses on Jaleh Bisharat, the co-founder and CEO of NakedPoppy, a e-commerce site that helps users find... more

12 Sep 2023 · 42 minutes
Using AI to talk to trees with Graham Hine from ePlant

This episode is centered on Graham Hine, the co-founder and CEO of ePlant, a startup that creates sensors that monitor... more

05 Sep 2023 · 45 minutes
A social platform to map the way we think with Ida Josefiina from Sane

Today’s episode dives into the mind of Ida Josefiina, the co-founder and CEO of Sane, a social knowledge sharing platform.... more

29 Aug 2023 · 41 minutes
Enabling equitable cancer prevention with Feyi Ayodele from CancerIQ

This week’s episode is focused on Feyi Ayodele, the co-founder and CEO of CancerIQ, a precision health company designed for... more

22 Aug 2023 · 45 minutes
Fifteen years in and still early to the industry with Marco Zappacosta from Thumbtack

This episode centers on Marco Zappacosta, the co-founder and CEO of Thumbtack, a startup that runs a marketplace for home... more

15 Aug 2023 · 42 minutes
Bringing VR to IRL classrooms with Anurupa Ganguly Prisms

This week’s episode focuses on Anurupa Ganguly, the founder and CEO at Prisms, a startup designing VR math curriculum for... more

08 Aug 2023 · 46 minutes
Educating VCs on your lived experience with Rebecca Rosenberg from ReBokeh

This episode focuses on ReBokeh, a startup that created an app that applies filters that allow people with low vision... more

01 Aug 2023 · 42 minutes
Where data meets DEI with Mandy Price from Kanarys

This week’s episode features a conversation with Mandy Price, the co-founder and CEO at Kanarys, a SaaS startup that helps... more

25 Jul 2023 · 41 minutes
Live from TechCrunch Disrupt with cybersecurity trailblazer Window Snyder from Thistle Technologies