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Found is a show about founders, and company-building, featuring people actually doing the work. Each week, we interview one early stage startup... more

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Aditi Shekar, Zeta

Aditi Shekar's childhood ambitions included literal world domination, but she ended up as an unstoppable entrepreneur instead. She's the co-founder... more

23 Jul 2021 · 55 minutes
Ashley Sumner, Quilt

Ashley Sumner's original concept for Quilt was all about meeting up in person — almost an Airbnb for conversations. But... more

16 Jul 2021 · 53 minutes
Rob Schutz, Ro

Rob Schutz didn't expect to be working on a startup addressing the need for reliable, direct-to-consumer erectile dysfunction therapeutics, but... more

28 Jun 2021 · 51 minutes
Sara Spangelo, Swarm

Sara Spangelo's startup Swarm now has nearly 100 of its satellites in orbit, but the journey to get here has... more

19 Jun 2021 · 51 minutes
Cory Siskind, Base Operations

Cory Siskind founded Base Operations after realizing that the enterprise operations security market lagged behind its equivalent information security departments... more

11 Jun 2021 · 47 minutes
Roslyn McLarty, The GIST

After realizing there was a serious lack of options for sports fans who happen to be women, or who just... more

04 Jun 2021 · 45 minutes
Leigh Honeywell, Tall Poppy

Leigh Honeywell has spent her career trying to prevent bad things from happening to people on the internet. She’s spent... more

28 May 2021 · 52 minutes
Lindsay Tjepkema, Casted

As a career marketer, Lindsay Tjepkema was used to trying a lot of different strategies and seeing what works. She... more

21 May 2021 · 51 minutes
Courtne Smith, NewNew

After starting her career as part of Drake's management team, founder Courtne Smith has gone on to create a couple... more

14 May 2021 · 52 minutes
Kathy Hannun, Dandelion

We're joined by Dandelion co-founder and President Kathy Hannun on this week's show. Kathy tells us how her time at... more

07 May 2021 · 49 minutes
Aditi Shekar, Zeta