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Ecosystems For Change
Ecosystems For Change
Anika Horn, Social Venturers

Transforming communities is hard work. That may go without saying, but when your job is about helping your neighborhood, city or region... more

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E 6.2 - A Global Storyteller: Solutions-Based Journalism with Eva-Maria Verfürth

Welcome to my first interview of season 6.I sat down with none other than Eva-Maria Verfürth, Publisher and Editor in... more

06 Jun 2023 · 40 minutes
E 6.1 - The Power of Storytelling in Ecosystem Building

In season 6 of Ecosystems for Change, we are going to explore the art, craft, and science of telling meaningful... more

23 May 2023 · 25 minutes
Ecosystems For Change: Logbook #6

Welcome to my 6th logbook where I give a little insight into what’s happening behind and beyond the scenes of... more

09 May 2023 · 32 minutes
E 5.8 - What We Learned: Knowing When and How to Move On as an Ecosystem Builder

Over the course of this season, quitting became a constant topic in my life.One of my team members quit to... more

04 Apr 2023 · 17 minutes
E 5.7 - Unlearning Systems, Sharing Power, and Stepping Back From Your Startup with Naomi Ryland

In our last conversation of this season, we’re traveling to Berlin, Germany. I’m sitting down with Naomi Ryland, systemic change... more

28 Mar 2023 · 37 minutes
E 5.6 - The Art of Quitting: Gracefully Navigating the Responsibility of Change with Lucas Lindsey

In today's episode, we're traveling to Phoenix, Arizona to chat with Lucas Lindsey.Lucas is an ecosystem builder turned real estate... more

21 Mar 2023 · 37 minutes
E 5.5 - Start. Hand over. Repeat. The Cycles of Ecosystem Building with Larkin Garbee

In today's episode, I want to introduce you to my longtime friend and OG ecosystem builder, Larkin Garbee.Larkin has put... more

14 Mar 2023 · 35 minutes
E 5.4 - Grief, Quitting, and Listening to the Your Heart with Annie Wood

In today’s episode, we’re making our way to Fargo, North Dakota to talk to Annie Wood.I first met Annie through... more

28 Feb 2023 · 47 minutes
E 5.3 - Self-Trust and Curating Impactful Community with Julia Firestone

Today, I want you to meet Julia Firestone.Julia is a transformational leadership and career coach who serves experienced social impact... more

21 Feb 2023 · 54 minutes
E 5.2 - Recognizing Your Strengths and When It's Time to Sail On with Joe Maruschak

When Joe Maruschak left his home ecosystem of Eugene, Oregon, it sent ripples through our community of ecosystem builders. In the... more

14 Feb 2023 · 43 minutes
Ecosystems For Change
E 6.2 - A Global Storyteller: Solutions-Based Journalism with Eva-Maria Verfürth
Ecosystems For Change