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Pacific Legal Foundation

Supreme Court dissents have it all: brilliant writing, surprising reasoning, shade, puns, and sometimes historic impact. Although they are necessarily written by... more

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License to Mildly Burn

This is the story of Bond. Carole Anne Bond. She discovered her husband and her best friend were having an... more

25 May 2022 · 37 minutes

This episode concerns one of the most vociferous dissents of all times: Justice Antonin Scalia's scathing opinion in United States... more

02 Feb 2022 · 58 minutes
Emergency Powers Kindle Emergencies

In 1952, the Supreme Court smacked down President Truman’s attempt to seize the nation’s steel mills. The dissenters—who happened to... more

19 Jan 2022 · 46 minutes
Big Tech, Antitrust, and the Supreme Court

Antitrust is making headlines, with figures as diverse as Josh Hawley and Elizabeth Warren seeking to use it as a... more

05 Jan 2022 · 50 minutes
We Are All Originalists Now

In the landmark ruling District of Columbia v. Heller, Justices Antonin Scalia and John Paul Stevens wrote dueling originalist opinions... more

22 Dec 2021 · 48 minutes
Justice Roberts is Hot ‘n Cold

The idea of “court-packing,”⸺that is, adding seats to the court for political purposes⸺has recently gained steam for the first time... more

08 Dec 2021 · 51 minutes
The Great Dissenter

In 1883, a Supreme Court ruling signaled the end of federal efforts to protect newly freed slaves and ushered in... more

24 Nov 2021 · 55 minutes
BONUS: A Supreme Court Preview

In this bonus episode, the Political Orphanage's Andrew Heaton joins the ladies to discuss big cases (guns, abortion, and executions,... more

08 Oct 2021 · 29 minutes
BONUS: Pop the Champagne

In this bonus episode, the ladies discuss the cursing cheerleader case, Pacific Legal Foundation’s win in a property rights case,... more

23 Jun 2021 · 25 minutes
BONUS: Justice Alito Is On Fire

In this bonus episode, the ladies discuss the Supreme Court’s recent opinions and dissents related to the Affordable Care Act... more

17 Jun 2021 · 22 minutes
License to Mildly Burn