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Design to Product
Design to Product
Jiga, Inc.

Getting hardware teams from designs to manufactured products. In this interview series, we host hardware manufacturing professionals, hardware founders, and engineers to talk... more

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#10 Manufacturing Digital Transformation, Done Light

Chris Luecke is a podcaster and founder at Manufacturing Happy Hour and Business Leader at Fiix software. We talked about... more

15 Sep 2022 · 23 minutes
#9 Applying Key Hardware Design Considerations

Nicholas Nadeau is the CTO of Halodi Robotics, a company that builds humanoid robots for different purposes like safety or... more

18 Aug 2022 · 18 minutes
#8 How to Benefit from Metal Additive Manufacturing

How can additive manufacturing (3D printing) change the manufacturing world? Yash Bandari is the Business Development Manager at Additive Technologies... more

04 Aug 2022 · 24 minutes
#7 How Supply Chain Disruptions Affect Product Design

Niels Jul Jacobsen is the CEO of Capra Robotics. Niels has tens of years of industry experience, so it was... more

27 Jul 2022 · 23 minutes
#6 Capturing Carbon from Semi Trucks

Eric Harding is the Co-Founder of Remora, a company that builds a device that captures carbon emissions from semi trucks.... more

20 Jul 2022 · 23 minutes
#5 This Device Can Save Humanity from Wildfires

Hall is the co-founder and CTO of Gridware, a startup that builds a fascinating device that can prevent wildfires by... more

13 Jul 2022 · 20 minutes
#4 Saving Cost and Time on Outsourced Manufacturing

Dylan is the founder and president of Cortex Design, a product design + manufacturing firm. Dylan talked about common mistakes... more

06 Jul 2022 · 21 minutes
#3 Building an Automated Pizza Preperation System

Picnic is a 6-year-old startup that automates custom pizza preparation. The team faced many challenges in their journey from prototyping... more

29 Jun 2022 · 21 minutes
#2 Global Sourcing Tactics and Tips

Thiefaine Magre is the co-founder and COO of PROUDUCT, which helps entrepreneurs go from idea to market with full-service global... more

22 Jun 2022 · 24 minutes
#1 Kickstarter Launch & Hardware Founders Mistakes

Bill Cowles is a Hardware Product Developer at Fiftyswiss, an industrial design and mechanical engineering consultancy. Bill launched successfully on... more

21 Jun 2022 · 20 minutes
Design to Product
#10 Manufacturing Digital Transformation, Done Light
Design to Product