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Designed Today

Dillon Winspear
Aug 04, 2020 37 min

The Value Of UX Deliverables // Ep. 83

Often times we think of our UX Deliverables as a checkbox or a level to pass. It's in those situations you need to remind yourself of why that checkbox exists. Understanding the value of our deliverables starts with knowing what the deliverables are,...
Jul 28, 2020 4 min

The Tortured Designer // Ep. 82

If you've found yourself struggling with your business because they don't understand UX, and they don't understand what you're trying to bring to the table, I got just the trick.In today's episode, I'm going to help those tortured designers figure out...
Jul 21, 2020 46 min

Beginning Your Freelance UX Career // Ep. 81

There are many reasons that today is the best day to begin your own freelance UX career. Many in my network were laid off at the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic and rehiring has been slow. Others are just unhappy with their job and have found it...
Jul 14, 2020 4 min

Overcoming Stockholm Syndrome // Ep. 80

Are you avoiding the glaringly obvious issues of your product because of how familiar you've gotten with the glaring mistake? Maybe you're not even sure how to answer it because if it was still glaringly obvious, then you'd address it. Well, it's not...
Jul 07, 2020 46 min

How To Successfully Demonstrate Your Ambition // Ep. 79

Today you get to meet a friend and mentee of mine, Uliti Fangupo. I met him over two years ago when he was in the middle of a UX Bootcamp. He reached out trying to better himself and his career. It was clear to me that he had the "Drive" and "Ambition"...
Jun 30, 2020 6 min

Avoiding Design Biases // Ep. 78

Building off of Episode 76 with the Boxing analogy, I'm going to keep that thought process moving forward and share with you today why you need to keep those gloves up and protecting your face.Among the many punches that will be thrown at a designer as...
Jun 23, 2020 38 min

Organizational Design: From 150 to 600 // Ep. 77

Mariah Hay has built product organizations for some years now, most recently for the publicly traded company, Pluralsight. She was directly involved in growing its product team from 150 to 600 contributors in just a short couple of years. In today's...
Jun 16, 2020 5 min

Float Like A Butterfly // Ep. 76

Even when I go to the gym, it's hard for me not to continue thinking about the world of UX. As I'm throwing punches into a bag and trying to better my footwork, lessons, and relations flood my mind that would have otherwise been a stretch. UX Designers...
Jun 09, 2020 40 min

What I Learned After UX Bootcamp // Ep. 75

Last year I met with and had lunch with a recent UX Bootcamp graduate. Throughout that lunch, I was impressed by her level of understanding and knew that her realizations since Bootcamp could help so many who were still in school. With that, I invited...
Jun 02, 2020 4 min

How To Develop A Champions Mindset // Ep. 74

Today we depart from the topic of UX and dissect what makes a champion. I'm going to guess that if you listen, watch Designed Today, or are reading these show notes, you are in the pursuit of becoming better. But we often struggle to figure out where to...
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