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City Cast Portland captures the one-of-a-kind creative spirit of this place and tackles who we are and where we’re going — from... more

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The Ultimate Guide to Portland’s Thrift Shops

Whether you’re trying to limit your impact on the environment or are just into scoring deals, our city has an... more

12 Jun 2024 · 20 minutes
Why It’s a Great Time To Invest in Portland — From a Developer Who’s Going Bankrupt

Many developers are sweating as Portland office buildings and apartments fall in value. (That’s even as Portland homes remain too... more

11 Jun 2024 · 29 minutes
Oregon Strawberry Varieties You Need To Eat This Season

Did you know more than 15 varieties of strawberries were invented in Oregon? From May through September, we actually become... more

10 Jun 2024 · 27 minutes
Two Local Media Empires Crumble, an Eyesore’s Impending Foreclosure, and PPS's New Boss

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about Portland Public Schools’ new superintendent pick, the city’s foreclosing on abandoned buildings,... more

07 Jun 2024 · 32 minutes
The Willamette River’s Wild and Smelly Past

Portland’s relationship with the Willamette River has taken on many forms throughout history, from aiding the industrial boom to functioning... more

06 Jun 2024 · 20 minutes
The Plan To Banish a Toxic Nuisance From the Willamette River

Blooms of harmful algae are common in the Willamette River during the summer months. They can be toxic to humans... more

05 Jun 2024 · 17 minutes
Reviving Portland’s Port, Hot Takes on Fleet Week, and is Herman the Sturgeon a Sham?

Today on City Cast Portland, we have a special river-themed midweek roundup for you. We’re talking about the troubled history... more

04 Jun 2024 · 24 minutes
Where To Kayak, Canoe, and Paddle Board on the Willamette

Now that summer's nearly here, it's river week on City Cast Portland: We're looking at everything that’s special about living... more

03 Jun 2024 · 18 minutes
Winemakers Sue Over Smoky Grapes, Rare Coastal Creatures, and Don’t Eat Those Mussels!

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about all the weird things washing up on our nearby coastal shores, a... more

31 May 2024 · 32 minutes
Your Guide to June in Portland

If you're new here, welcome! We’ve put together a starter pack for you, with episodes and articles to welcome you... more

30 May 2024 · 27 minutes
When Oregon’s Second Largest City Flooded

This morning, Portland City Hall is issuing a proclamation for a Vanport Day of Remembrance as part of the Vanport... more

29 May 2024 · 21 minutes
How Portland Police Investigate the Most Notorious Graffiti

The amount of illegal graffiti on Portland’s streets has exploded in recent years, but the city is trying to do... more

28 May 2024 · 26 minutes
Portland’s Progressive DA Loses Election; Outside Money and Zoo Animals Win

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking through our local primary election results and the latest report on Portland Police... more

24 May 2024 · 34 minutes
How To Buy Your Perfect Portland Bicycle

It’s officially bicycle-riding season in Portland, but buying a new one can lead to a ton of questions: There are... more

23 May 2024 · 25 minutes
Is Montavilla the Best Neighborhood in Portland?

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re continuing our neighborhood guide series where we talk with Portlanders about the good, bad,... more

22 May 2024 · 25 minutes
A High-Profile Murder Case, Scrutinizing the City Budget, and Good News on Gun Violence

Today on City Cast Portland we’re talking about the indictment of Jesse Lee Calhoun, the man who has now been... more

21 May 2024 · 26 minutes
Getting the Most Out of Farmers Market Season

Did you know we have nearly 40 farmers markets in the Portland area every week? But where are they? Which... more

20 May 2024 · 19 minutes
An LGBTQ+ Clinic’s Scandal, Outside Money Floods the Election, and Mismanaged Affordable Housing

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about a Philadelphia activist’s lie causing trouble at a local therapy office, all... more

17 May 2024 · 33 minutes
Fighting for Oregon’s Salmon, From Broken Treaties to Black Markets

The Columbia River’s millions of salmon sustained Indigenous people throughout the Pacific Northwest for millennia. But between the effects of... more

16 May 2024 · 20 minutes
Must-Try Wineries Close to Portland

There’s nothing better than sitting out on the deck of a vineyard, looking out at the beautiful landscape and sipping... more

15 May 2024 · 26 minutes
Oregon’s Latest Eyebrow-Raising Spirituality Group

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re looking into a new-age spirituality group that’s raising eyebrows in Ashland, and how they... more

14 May 2024 · 23 minutes
Best Dance Spots in Portland

With the arrival of warmer weather, it’s the perfect time of year to jump from dance club to music bar... more

13 May 2024 · 18 minutes
From City Cast Denver: Introducing ‘Lauren Boebert Can’t Lose’

Hey there! We are excited to share the trailer for a new special limited series from our friends and colleagues... more

11 May 2024 · 2 minutes
How Safe is the MAX? Plus, PSU Protests’ Aftermath and a Scaled-Back Camping Ban

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about the safety issues facing Portland’s transit system, the aftermath of the PSU... more

10 May 2024 · 32 minutes
Why You Should Really, Really Care About the Multnomah County Commissioners’ Election

Four of the five seats on the Multnomah County Commission are up for grabs during this month’s primary election. Despite... more

09 May 2024 · 27 minutes
Is Life Getting Better on Portland’s Roughest Streets?

In the last year, Portland’s had alternative shelters spring up, a 90-day fentanyl emergency declared, Measure 110 rolled back, and... more

08 May 2024 · 26 minutes
Digging Into the Mayor’s $8.2 Billion City Budget Proposal

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about the proposed $8.2 billion city budget that dropped last Friday, including some... more

07 May 2024 · 21 minutes
Ranking Portland’s Best Burgers With Legendary ‘Simpsons’ Writer Bill Oakley

Bill Oakley is best known for his work as a showrunner for “The Simpsons”; he’s probably written some of your... more

06 May 2024 · 24 minutes
503 Day Good News: City Money for Portlanders, Biking Improvements, and Reclassifying Cannabis

Happy 503 Day, everyone! Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about some of the Portland Bureau of Transportation’s planned... more

03 May 2024 · 31 minutes
How To Celebrate 503 Day: Portland’s New, Totally Real Holiday

For the past month, City Cast Portland has been campaigning to make May 3 an official holiday celebrating all that... more

02 May 2024 · 35 minutes
Your Guide to May in Portland

If you're new here, welcome! We’ve put together a starter pack for you, with episodes and articles to welcome you... more

01 May 2024 · 31 minutes
What Portland Gets Wrong About Old Town

Today, we’re starting something new: neighborhood guides where we talk with notable Portlanders about the good, the bad, and the... more

30 Apr 2024 · 25 minutes
Why Spring Is the Perfect Time To Visit Oregon’s High Desert

Despite our iconic forests, mountains, and waterfalls, some Oregonians say the real adventure awaits us in the high desert, east... more

29 Apr 2024 · 23 minutes
Homeless Shelters That Work, Cheap-Ass Apartment Buildings, and Empty Senior Housing

Today we’re talking about why a North Portland affordable housing development for seniors is sitting empty, which type of homeless... more

26 Apr 2024 · 39 minutes
Can DA Challenger Nathan Vasquez Fix Crime in Portland?

On May 21, a primary election is likely to decide whether Mike Schmidt remains Multnomah County’s District Attorney or if... more

25 Apr 2024 · 42 minutes
Is This Portland Bar the Global Home of Women’s Sports?

Jenny Nguyen is the owner of Portland’s Sports Bra — the first bar in America dedicated to playing only women’s... more

24 Apr 2024 · 21 minutes
There’s How Much Trash in the Willamette? Plus, More on Camping Bans and Hot Dogs

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about a recent report on the health of the Willamette River and our... more

23 Apr 2024 · 21 minutes
What’s Working (and Not) in Portland’s Shelter Programs

The Joint Office of Homeless Services was created in 2016 to centralize planning for homelessness programs and coordinate services between... more

22 Apr 2024 · 20 minutes
Gonzalez’s Punitive Camping Ban, Unfinished City Projects in SE, and Changing Public School Funding

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about delayed and unfinished city infrastructure projects in Montavilla, how parent fundraising for... more

19 Apr 2024 · 36 minutes
Oregon’s Controversial, Insanely Huge, $5.61 Billion ‘Kicker’ Tax Credit

This tax season, $5.61 billion is headed back into our pockets, courtesy of Oregon’s largest-ever “kicker” tax credit. Why were... more

18 Apr 2024 · 20 minutes
Inside a Portland Micro-Village

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking with WeShine, a neighbor-organized nonprofit that builds and runs micro-villages in our city.... more

17 Apr 2024 · 25 minutes
What’s Next for the Restaurant Closed for ‘Smelling Like Food.’ Plus, the 1-Star Review Game!

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about how Pho Gabo owner Eddie Dong is preparing to sue the city... more

16 Apr 2024 · 24 minutes
Portland’s Newest Foodie Hotspot Is… Beaverton!

Some Portlanders seem to have a bit of a superiority complex regarding our suburbs, but over the past decade or... more

15 Apr 2024 · 19 minutes
Mayor Wheeler’s Missing Texts, Who Can Swim in Lake Oswego, and the Jefferson High School Rebuilding Saga

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about the costly outcome of Mayor Ted Wheeler’s missing text messages, Lake Oswego’s... more

12 Apr 2024 · 37 minutes
What Goes On Inside a Portland Psilocybin Treatment Center?

In 2020, Oregon was the first state in the U.S. to pass a law legalizing psilocybin use at treatment centers.... more

11 Apr 2024 · 21 minutes
Earthquake Preparedness for Non-Preppers

Scientists say we’re long overdue for a devastatingly large earthquake. They predict it could be big enough to bring down... more

10 Apr 2024 · 22 minutes
City Camping Ban Revised and Portland’s Giant Powerball Winner. Plus, Plans for 503 Day!

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about Mayor Ted Wheeler’s new proposed camping ban ordinance and the $1.3 billion... more

09 Apr 2024 · 22 minutes
Why Your Local Portland Library Might Look — and Feel — a Lot Different

The Multnomah County Library is one of the busiest library systems in the country based on circulation. With a $387... more

08 Apr 2024 · 19 minutes
Wonky 3-Point Lines, Not Enough Behavioral Health Staff, and PPB’s Handling of the Christopher Knipe Case

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about the Portland Police Bureau’s handling of a decades-old rape case linked to... more

05 Apr 2024 · 35 minutes
Unique Portland Foods on the Verge of Extinction

The Portland area’s rainy weather and rich soil give us exceptional local produce, but some crops that can only be... more

04 Apr 2024 · 24 minutes
Huge Changes Coming to PDX Airport, From Carpet to Ceiling

With a $2.1 billion dollar renovation underway at Portland International Airport, we had questions for the airport experts. Today on... more

03 Apr 2024 · 23 minutes
Oregon’s New ‘Right to Repair,’ the Latest Pickleball War, and Our Listener Mailbag

Today on City Cast Portland we’ll look at how Oregon’s new “right to repair” law could help customers across the... more

02 Apr 2024 · 25 minutes
Your Guide to April in Portland

Happy April! Today on City Cast Portland we have our top picks for the month in food, entertainment, and everything... more

01 Apr 2024 · 29 minutes
House-Stealing Scammers, Zenith Energy’s Undisclosed Lobbying, and Murder Plea Deals

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about how some are saying an Oregon law is robbing murder victims and... more

29 Mar 2024 · 36 minutes
The Mega-Corporation Eyeing Portland’s Independent Music Scene

Live Nation Entertainment recently obtained an exclusive contract to host live performances at Providence Park, and is now in talks... more

28 Mar 2024 · 21 minutes
DA Mike Schmidt on Measure 110 and Workplace Complaints Against Him

When Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt was voted into office back in 2020, he won in a landslide. He... more

27 Mar 2024 · 25 minutes
Commissioner Rubio Backpedals PCEF Funds and Gov. Kotek’s First Lady Gets Staff. Plus, Listener Tips

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about Commissioner Rubio walking back her proposal to allocate some of the interest... more

26 Mar 2024 · 22 minutes
Why a Portland Restaurant Closed for Smelling Like Food

Early last month, local Vietnamese restaurant chain Pho Gabo closed its Northeast location for good after a neighbor repeatedly complained... more

25 Mar 2024 · 25 minutes
A Controversial New Police Unit, PCEF Tax Questioned, and What Is a Soho House?

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about the possible changes to the Portland Clean Energy Fund tax (PCEF), the... more

22 Mar 2024 · 44 minutes
Go to These Bars for Great Cocktails

These past few days of fake spring had a lot of us daydreaming about warmer weather and drinks on sunny... more

21 Mar 2024 · 28 minutes
How To Actually Go Chasin’ Waterfalls

Hiking to see majestic waterfalls is one of the perks of living in the Northwest. But with certain areas recovering... more

20 Mar 2024 · 23 minutes
Cheap Rent for Lawmakers, PGE Rate Hike Pushback, and Hunting for Potholes

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about the city’s mismanagement of the Historic Kenton Firehouse, the Portland Bureau of... more

19 Mar 2024 · 25 minutes
The Funky, Community-Driven Sound of Black Portland in the ’60s and ’70s

North Portland’s Albina neighborhood used to be home to a thriving music scene, where Black musicians would perform nightly in... more

18 Mar 2024 · 23 minutes
Relentless Utility Rate Hikes, Halving Homelessness by 2025, and Cutting Student Recess?

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about the city and county’s joint plan to halve homelessness by 2025, never-ending... more

15 Mar 2024 · 36 minutes
Recapping a Surprisingly Productive Short Legislative Session

Oregon’s elected leaders just spent 35 days racing to pass major laws on everything from the re-criminalization of drugs, to... more

14 Mar 2024 · 23 minutes
How To Make Friends in Portland

In a place full of introverts that rains eight months out of the year, it can be challenging to meet... more

13 Mar 2024 · 18 minutes
Updates to the Homeless Camping Ban, Housing Pod Costs, and More State Sandwiches

Today we’re talking about the Portland City Council potentially rewriting the daytime camping ban to get it through the courts,... more

12 Mar 2024 · 26 minutes
Did This Filmmaker Find D.B. Cooper?

Last month, it was reported that the FBI may have quietly re-opened one of the greatest unsolved PNW mysteries of... more

11 Mar 2024 · 17 minutes
Millions More To Build Houses, Thousands More To Buy Them, and Prizes for Dinner

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about the state of our restaurant industry, Gov. Tina Kotek’s $376 million housing... more

08 Mar 2024 · 36 minutes
Portland’s Ultimate Old-School Restaurants

Portland’s food and drink scene is constantly changing, with new spots opening and closing seemingly every month. But there are... more

07 Mar 2024 · 22 minutes
Mayor Ted Wheeler’s Agenda Before Leaving City Hall

Under Mayor Ted Wheeler’s watch, Portlanders have lived through the pandemic, the George Floyd uprising, unprecedented housing and fentanyl crises,... more

06 Mar 2024 · 29 minutes
The Conscious Uncoupling of Rene Gonzalez & Portland Street Response

Today we’re talking about Portland Commissioner Rene Gonzalez letting go of his control of Portland Street Response and continuing the... more

05 Mar 2024 · 26 minutes
Your Guide to March in Portland

Happy March! Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about our top picks for the month. Do you want to... more

04 Mar 2024 · 31 minutes
DA Mike Schmidt’s Change of Heart, the Portland Police Union’s New Ballot Petition, and a Controversial Bottle Drop Location

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re trying to make sense of why Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt is supporting... more

01 Mar 2024 · 51 minutes
Commissioner Rubio on Her Endless Bag of Money

In recent months, Portland City Commissioner Carmen Rubio has made headlines for offering a lifeline to several ailing city bureaus... more

29 Feb 2024 · 32 minutes
A Local Historian Tests Our Knowledge of Portland History

Today on City Cast Portland, Oregon historian Doug Kenck-Crispin is quizzing host Claudia Meza and producer Giulia Fiaoni on Portland’s... more

28 Feb 2024 · 22 minutes
What Oregon’s Stricter Drug Penalties Might Look Like. Plus, Mailbag!

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about the latest plans to re-criminalize drug possession during this short legislative session.... more

27 Feb 2024 · 24 minutes
Where To Throw Your Next Birthday Party

Planning a birthday celebration can feel like a lot of work: There’s pressure to make sure everyone’s accommodated and budgets... more

26 Feb 2024 · 28 minutes
Sam Adams’ Political Comeback, PPS’s Giant Land Deal, and Plans To Fix Emergency Services

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about Multnomah County Chair Jessica Vega Pederson’s stern warning to our underperforming ambulance... more

23 Feb 2024 · 35 minutes
Why You Need To Know the Lovejoy Columns

Have you heard of the Lovejoy Columns? They’re public drawings that are considered to be the very first instance of... more

22 Feb 2024 · 24 minutes
Are Strict Building Codes Blocking Housing?

Our city isn’t meeting Gov. Tina Kotek’s ambitious housing goals. And some city leaders and developers blame strict building codes for... more

21 Feb 2024 · 18 minutes
An Insider’s Look at Portland Bridge Lifts

Ever wondered about who sits in those little operating booths all day lifting our bridges up and down? Or have... more

20 Feb 2024 · 16 minutes
Portland Boosts Traffic Tickets, Less Money for Students, and No More Hip-Hop at Kelly’s Olympian

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about the Portland Bureau of Transportation plan to boost parking and registration enforcement.... more

16 Feb 2024 · 35 minutes
Go Eat at These Restaurants Now

It can be hard to keep up with all the new places to eat and drink in Portland; even food... more

15 Feb 2024 · 22 minutes
How to Behave in a Portland Tattoo Shop

Tattoos are an omnipresent Portland cliché. But it’s also true that many of us have them, and our city does... more

14 Feb 2024 · 19 minutes
Did Commissioner Gonzalez Cry Wolf? Plus, the Bottle Bill’s Ties to Fentanyl

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about how some city leaders are saying Oregon’s bottle bill is fueling our... more

13 Feb 2024 · 25 minutes
Are We About to Finally Cancel Daylight Saving Time?

The age-old gripes about time change are back in the headlines, thanks to a new proposal by State Sen. Kim... more

12 Feb 2024 · 18 minutes
Saving Portland Street Response, Fighting Over Parks, and Clapping Back on the Fentanyl Plan

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about a new public park that’s causing some heated debates, Commissioner Carmen Rubio’s... more

09 Feb 2024 · 35 minutes
Shouldn’t Our Roads Be Less Dangerous by Now?

Last year Portland saw the highest number of traffic fatalities since 1986, despite efforts from both the city and the... more

08 Feb 2024 · 25 minutes
Why Even Scammers Don’t Want to Deal With Oregon’s Unemployment Benefits

State leaders are struggling to fix the dysfunctional way Oregon handles unemployment benefits: Navigating the system is a nightmare, there... more

07 Feb 2024 · 21 minutes
Crime Down, Political Attacks Up, Plus Some Neighborhood Gossip

We’re talking about the decrease in crime and murder rates in Portland and the increase in personal attacks against City... more

06 Feb 2024 · 30 minutes
Portland’s Most Romantic Restaurants

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you’re having trouble deciding on where to take your sweetheart, you’re in... more

05 Feb 2024 · 18 minutes
McMenamins in Hot Water, A 90-Day Fentanyl Crackdown, and MLB in Beaverton?

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about the federal investigation into McMenamins’ tip-sharing practices, the new potential site for... more

02 Feb 2024 · 38 minutes
Your Guide to February in Portland

City Cast Portland producers Giulia Fiaoni and John Notarianni join host Claudia Meza for our guide for the month of... more

01 Feb 2024 · 34 minutes
Progress on Portland’s Biggest Problems?

Central City Concern is one of our city's largest nonprofits providing care for Portlanders struggling with homelessness, mental health challenges,... more

31 Jan 2024 · 25 minutes
A ‘Colossal Heist’ and Killer Birds

We’re talking about the largest-ever alleged heist against a single person in Oregon and ancient birds with deadly feces taking... more

30 Jan 2024 · 23 minutes
From Measure 110 to Housing: Your Short Session Preview

Oregon’s short legislative session is getting underway. Even though it’s just a few weeks long, there are some key bills... more

29 Jan 2024 · 22 minutes
Big (and Small) Ideas to Fix Downtown, Dangerous Trees, and Rehab On Wheels

Today we’re talking about all the trees falling during the storm, and how current city codes might work against homeowners.... more

26 Jan 2024 · 37 minutes
Where to Eat in the Jade District

Southeast 82nd Avenue is one of Portland’s most diverse areas, with an endless array of exciting food options spanning a... more

25 Jan 2024 · 20 minutes
An Insider’s Guide to Oregon Hot Springs

Now that we’ve had our first giant winter storm of the year, a lot of us are torn between wanting... more

24 Jan 2024 · 22 minutes
The Ice Storm Aftermath and Another Arson Investigation. Plus, Your Hot Takes.

We’re talking about the aftermath of the debilitating week of ice and snow, as well as yet another suspected arson that... more

23 Jan 2024 · 31 minutes
Why Portland’s Karaoke Scene Is Unlike Anywhere Else

This weather is letting us all know it’s time to focus our attention on indoor activities, like picking a favorite... more

22 Jan 2024 · 18 minutes
Restaurants Get Iced Out, Another Huge Office Auction, and Investigating a City Leader’s Car Fire

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about extreme weather’s devastating impact on small businesses, the possible political act of arson... more

19 Jan 2024 · 34 minutes
Is Nike OK?

Nike’s one of the largest local employers and has turned our area into the sneaker capital of the world. But... more

18 Jan 2024 · 19 minutes
The Winter Storm’s Fallout and the Scandal at the Fire Bureau

We’re talking about the winter storms that battered us this week and the scandal that embroiled a former hero of... more

17 Jan 2024 · 31 minutes
Portland's Best Dance Nights, from Country Two-Step to Post-Punk Moshing

Portland’s dance scene is a lot like our city — friendly, welcoming, and weird in a good way. Whether you... more

16 Jan 2024 · 20 minutes
Is Boeing Still Safe? Plus, Passive Policing and Tracking Homelessness

Today we’re talking about why police walked away from a person in crisis on the Marquam Bridge, how there’s a... more

12 Jan 2024 · 35 minutes
Why Oregon Still Grows Tons of Illegal Cannabis

Since Oregon voted a decade ago to legalize recreational cannabis, the industry has gone through cycles of boom and bust.... more

11 Jan 2024 · 18 minutes
Portland Bartenders Are Reinventing Cocktails — Without the Alcohol

Many people use the month of January to take a hard reset on their relationship with alcohol, which can be... more

10 Jan 2024 · 22 minutes
How to Prepare for ‘The Big One’

Scientists say we’re long overdue for a devastatingly large earthquake. They predict it could be big enough to bring down... more

09 Jan 2024 · 22 minutes
Why Portland’s Skaters Are Stoked

A long-discussed plan to build a skatepark under the west end of the Steel Bridge is finally moving forward with... more

08 Jan 2024 · 17 minutes
A Crime Spike Face-off, Unchecked Jail Practices, and ODOT’s Dire Warning

Today we’re talking about the Multnomah County Jail refusing to fully comply with last year’s audit, more finger-pointing among our... more

05 Jan 2024 · 35 minutes
How Not to Feel Dumb at a Portland Trivia Night

We’re not saying that Portland is a town full of know-it-alls, but we DO have a lot of trivia nights... more

04 Jan 2024 · 18 minutes
Why 2024 Could Bring a Seismic Shift in Portland Politics

This is shaping up to be a transformative year for political leadership in Portland: By the end of 2024, we’ll... more

03 Jan 2024 · 24 minutes
Your Live Music Guide to January in Portland

Happy January! As we settle into 2024, we’re all beginning to make plans for the month. But because January is... more

02 Jan 2024 · 21 minutes
Portland Tourist Traps Even Locals Will Like

Portland has some amazing attractions that staunch locals tend to overlook. Enjoy them yourselves – inviting along your holiday visitors... more

29 Dec 2023 · 23 minutes
How to Behave Yourself in a Portland Bar

There’s an unspoken code of conduct in some of Portland’s finest drinking institutions, and heaven help you if you violate... more

28 Dec 2023 · 17 minutes
The Great McMenamins Throwdown

If you’re still looking for somewhere to take your visitors this holiday season, have you considered our underappreciated chain of... more

27 Dec 2023 · 31 minutes
Where to Take Your Holiday Visitors in Portland

It’s that time of the year when everyone is visiting for the holidays. So today on City Cast Portland, producers... more

26 Dec 2023 · 26 minutes
Portland’s New Robocop, Slashing Candidates’ Matching Funds, and Target’s Big Lie

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about the reason why the city is slashing matching funds for candidates, the... more

22 Dec 2023 · 29 minutes
The Best (and Worst) of Portland in 2023

Before we ring in 2024, we want to take a moment to reflect on what’s happened in our city this... more

21 Dec 2023 · 32 minutes
‘Portland Is Not a Trash Can.’ Plus, Car Chases and Your City Survival Tips

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about why the Portland Police Bureau is loosening its restrictions on car chases... more

20 Dec 2023 · 22 minutes
Meet Your Favorite Restaurant’s New Corporate Overlord

In recent years, some of Portland’s most well-known independent restaurants were quietly bought up by a local corporate holdings company.... more

19 Dec 2023 · 19 minutes
Portland’s Best Dumplings for the Cozy Season

We’re just three days away from the official start of winter, and it’s getting chilly out there. So today we’re... more

18 Dec 2023 · 15 minutes
The Plan to Save Portland, the Superintendent Quits, and a Drug Bust Goes Sideways

Today we’re talking about how a suspect in Multnomah County’s largest-ever fentanyl bust walked out of jail, the big recommendations... more

15 Dec 2023 · 40 minutes
From Clams to Crabs, How to Hunt Oregon’s Best Shellfish

Shellfish are a huge part of Pacific Northwest cuisine — especially around the holidays — and we’re right at the... more

14 Dec 2023 · 28 minutes
10 Essential Rules for Surviving Portland

Portland has its own set of unwritten rules: Even our street names have unique pronunciations. Today on City Cast Portland,... more

13 Dec 2023 · 24 minutes
Rep. Blumenauer’s Hopes for Portland

Since 1996, U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer's time in Congress has made a real impact on our city’s livability — a... more

12 Dec 2023 · 29 minutes
The Best Snowshoeing Trails Around Portland

Today on City Cast Portland, expert outdoor adventurer Norther Emily of Wild Solitude Guiding answers all our questions for where... more

11 Dec 2023 · 17 minutes
Fighting Over Measure 110, Amnesty for Drivers, and Righting Portland’s Past Sins

Today on our weekly news roundup we’re talking about the legislative hearings on Measure 110, Gov. Tina Kotek forgiving uncollected... more

08 Dec 2023 · 31 minutes
The Teachers Strike Is Over. Now What?

Portland students are settled back into classes, but there’s still a lot of political dust flying around in the wake... more

07 Dec 2023 · 28 minutes
Remembering Old Portland with a Punk Rock Icon

In honor of our show’s one-year anniversary—which is today!—we’re going back to the very beginning with our very first guest:... more

06 Dec 2023 · 18 minutes
Setting Goals For the New Year with A Local Psychology Professor

People have been setting New Year’s resolutions for thousands of years. But as we’re approaching yet another season of goal... more

05 Dec 2023 · 20 minutes
Your Guide to December in Portland

Happy December! We’re starting something new where we pitch our top Portland event picks for the month. So today on... more

04 Dec 2023 · 27 minutes
No More Teachers Strike, A New Burnside Bridge, and A Messy City Land Deal

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about what’s happened in the immediate aftermath of the Portland teachers strike, how... more

01 Dec 2023 · 35 minutes
Do You Know Your Portland Nature Trivia?

Today we’re doing something a little bit different. City Cast Portland science contributor and journalist Erin Ross is quizzing host... more

30 Nov 2023 · 19 minutes
Where to Find VHS Tapes and Condoms in A Vending Machine

You might have seen those homemade-looking vending machines tucked away in some of Portland’s hippest bars and restaurants. But instead... more

29 Nov 2023 · 18 minutes
12 Historic Bars to Visit this Winter

If you’re looking for things to do in between holidays this season, we’ve got you covered. On today’s episode, we’re... more

28 Nov 2023 · 23 minutes
From Hot Springs to Escape Rooms, Your Winter Bucket List

It can be hard to stay active in the late fall and winter in Portland, which can lead to feeling... more

27 Nov 2023 · 18 minutes
Cozy Restaurants and Bars to Get You Out of the House This Winter

In most cities, patio season ends once winter comes. But even before the pandemic, Portland was blessed with an abundance... more

22 Nov 2023 · 28 minutes
‘Simpsons’ Writer Bill Oakley’s Portland Fast Food Picks

Before Bill Oakley became Portland’s resident fast food expert, he was best known for his work as a showrunner for... more

21 Nov 2023 · 25 minutes
The World’s Best Comic Shop’s Fall Reading List

Portland has one of the best communities of comic book artists and writers in the world, so today we’ve got... more

20 Nov 2023 · 19 minutes
No More Required Bar Exams, Teachers’ Strike Updates, and the Weakened Police Oversight Board

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about how the bar exam is no longer the only way to become... more

17 Nov 2023 · 37 minutes
From Psychedelic Radicchio to Trendy Squash, Local Vegetables for Your Holiday Feast

Holiday cooking is right around the corner, so today we’re talking with farm-to-market expert (and sibling to our executive producer)... more

16 Nov 2023 · 21 minutes
What the Bike Lane Controversies Say about Portland Leadership

The Portland Bureau of Transportation recently made the news for its plans to alter — and in some cases even... more

15 Nov 2023 · 23 minutes
Best Places for an Alcohol-Free Night on the Town

Portland has plenty of incredible bars, but it’s sometimes hard to come up with fresh and fun ideas for sober... more

14 Nov 2023 · 16 minutes
Wait, There’s a Nuclear Reactor Company in Portland?

Portland-based NuScale Power has been leading the way for a new generation of nuclear power plants, called small modular nuclear... more

13 Nov 2023 · 15 minutes
New Police Oversight, PGE’s Major Price Hike, and Is Crime Really Down?

Today on City Cast Portland we’re talking about dubious crime rate data, the Portland Police Bureau’s new independent monitor, and... more

10 Nov 2023 · 33 minutes
Why Oregon’s Data Centers are Getting Millions in Tax Breaks

Since our lives basically run on computers, regional data centers handling internet traffic are a huge business: Companies are investing... more

09 Nov 2023 · 22 minutes
Is Measure 110 Finally Paying Off?

A new drug detox center opened in Portland this fall, and it’s notable for two reasons: It’s the first in the... more

08 Nov 2023 · 17 minutes
Portland’s Can’t-Miss Cocktail Bars

Today on City Cast Portland, host Claudia Meza and producers John Notarianni and Giulia Fiaoni are picking the best cocktail... more

07 Nov 2023 · 29 minutes
How Portland Changed Peeing in Public Nationwide

Cities across the country are investing in a different kind of public restroom. They’re sleek, accessible, and have our city’s... more

06 Nov 2023 · 18 minutes
Teachers Are Striking, Camping Ban Gains Teeth, and No Liquor at Grocery Stores

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about why Portland Public Schools teachers are now on strike for the first... more

03 Nov 2023 · 29 minutes
Why Hiking in the Rain Is Actually Kind of Awesome

Hiking during the rainy season can be a tough sell because let’s be real: No one likes getting soaked outdoors.... more

02 Nov 2023 · 19 minutes
Why You Should Visit This World-Famous Tree in Portland Today

Did you know that one of the world’s most photographed trees is in Portland? The famous Japanese maple is a featured... more

01 Nov 2023 · 17 minutes
The Tater Tot’s Oregon Origin Story

Tater tots are ubiquitous in Portland. You can get them specially seasoned and served with creative dipping sauces — or... more

31 Oct 2023 · 17 minutes
Why the Heck Is Oregon Still Doing Daylight Saving Time?

Clocks fall back an hour this Sunday, marking the end of Daylight Saving Time. State lawmakers passed a law years... more

30 Oct 2023 · 18 minutes
Millions More For New City Council and Trouble at PDX

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about the climbing costs of the city’s government overhaul, the off-duty Alaska Airlines... more

27 Oct 2023 · 33 minutes
How to Make Sense of the Sprawling City Council Election

We’re more than a year out from our next City Council election, but we already have upwards of 25 candidates... more

26 Oct 2023 · 20 minutes
Why Oregon’s Mental Health System Ranks Among the Worst

A recent nationwide survey ranked Oregon as the second worst state in the country at addressing residents’ mental health needs.... more

25 Oct 2023 · 21 minutes
What Makes Portland’s Beer Scene So Special

Portland’s beer scene frequently gets credit for being one of the biggest and best in the country: Oregon breweries won... more

24 Oct 2023 · 19 minutes
Will Portland’s Latest Plan to Stop Gun Violence Work?

This year, Portland dropped its pursuit of controversial gunshot detection technology and embraced data-driven, culturally-specific community outreach programs that focus... more

23 Oct 2023 · 22 minutes
Rats in Classrooms, Housing as Healthcare, and Runners Nix Nike

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about the impending Portland Public Schools teachers’ strike, Nike losing their prominence with... more

20 Oct 2023 · 37 minutes
Portland’s Flu Season Forecast

Now that fall is here, experts expect that cases of COVID-19, RSV, and flu will rise. How worried should we be... more

19 Oct 2023 · 17 minutes
The Best Nachos in Portland Might Surprise You

Today we’re talking with Eater Portland editor Brooke Jackson-Glidden about the best nachos in Portland. Which restaurants have the craziest... more

18 Oct 2023 · 20 minutes
Why You Should Make Space for Native Plants in Your Garden

Environmental researchers say that gardens full of native plants can help combat climate change by supporting pollinators and protecting wildlife,... more

17 Oct 2023 · 20 minutes
A Mental Health Checklist for the Rainy Season

We’re getting to that point of the year where Portlanders start to batten down the hatches for the seemingly never... more

16 Oct 2023 · 16 minutes
Police Drones in the Sky, Ferry Dream Sinks, and Alaska Dumps Timbers

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about police drones in the sky, the proposed Willamette River ferry hitting a... more

13 Oct 2023 · 32 minutes
Portland Karaoke Do’s and Don’ts

During the rainy months, karaoke is a favorite pastime for many Portlanders. There are at least 15 bars dedicated to... more

12 Oct 2023 · 19 minutes
Is the Real-Life Treasure From ‘The Goonies’ Still on the Oregon Coast?

The upcoming documentary film “The True Quest for Fabled Treasure on the Oregon Coast” tells the fascinating history of the... more

11 Oct 2023 · 13 minutes
Insider’s Guide to Mushroom Hunting

Now that the rain has come, it’s prime mushroom hunting season in Oregon. But serious foragers are super-secretive about their... more

10 Oct 2023 · 23 minutes
Kaiser’s Historic Workers' Strike, Dame Ditches Blazers, and Live Music at Providence Park Is Back!

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about Kaiser Permanente workers’ historic strike, Providence Park's transformation back into the largest... more

06 Oct 2023 · 37 minutes
The Portland Origins of Rock and Roll’s Most Notorious Recording

Back in 1963, five Portland teenagers recorded one of the most important songs in all of rock and roll history.... more

05 Oct 2023 · 23 minutes
Why Fall Is the Best Time to Hike in Oregon

We’re smack dab in the middle of the best season for hiking in Oregon. Forget peak summer. Right now, there... more

04 Oct 2023 · 16 minutes
The Most Haunted Spots in Portland

Now that we’re into October, it’s the season of ghosts, apparitions, and all things haunted. Today in the second installment... more

03 Oct 2023 · 24 minutes
How to Make the Most of Portland’s Coziest Season

In case you somehow missed last week’s rains, fall is officially here! For the next three days, we're here with... more

02 Oct 2023 · 20 minutes
Millions Cut From PBOT, Neighborhoods’ Charter Issues, and the Broadway Bike Scandal

Today on City Cast Portland we’re talking about the proposed $32 million budget cut for our city’s transit system, the... more

29 Sep 2023 · 32 minutes
How Oregon Will Turn $200 Million Into Housing

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking with someone who is working to fix Oregon’s massive housing shortfall. Andrea Bell... more

28 Sep 2023 · 19 minutes
What’s Next for Portland’s Iconic Doug Fir Lounge

After nearly 20 years of shows on East Burnside, the iconic music venue the Doug Fir Lounge will be shutting... more

27 Sep 2023 · 17 minutes
A Simple Explanation for Portland’s Homelessness Crisis

It can be tempting to conflate the opioid epidemic and Portland’s homelessness crisis, but researchers say homelessness has a lot... more

26 Sep 2023 · 22 minutes
What Will It Take to Solve Gun Violence in Portland?

A trial is underway challenging Measure 114, a recent Oregon state law that set some of the toughest gun restrictions... more

25 Sep 2023 · 26 minutes
Baristas Roast Mike Bennett, Anti-Drug Bags For Kids, and Wheeler Takes The Wheel

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about why you might have seen picket lines in front of Mike Bennett’s... more

22 Sep 2023 · 36 minutes
Why Portland is a Comic-Lover’s Heaven

Portland is home to one of the largest comic book and graphic novel communities in the nation. We’re not just... more

21 Sep 2023 · 33 minutes
What We Know About Portland’s Abandoned Buildings

You might have noticed, in the past few years, a number of large buildings have been left standing empty or... more

20 Sep 2023 · 27 minutes
Is Portland Actually a National BBQ Hub?

A few years back, Texas Monthly proclaimed Portland had the best Texas-style barbecue scene outside of Texas, which is pretty... more

19 Sep 2023 · 19 minutes
Why Fall Is Portland’s Most Underrated Gardening Season

Many people think vegetable planting season comes once a year, in spring and early summer. But that’s not true! The... more

18 Sep 2023 · 18 minutes
Unregulated Airbnbs, Measure 110’s First Detox Center, and Teacher Strikes

Today on City Cast Portland we’re talking about the very possible Portland Public Schools teacher strike, the first Portland detox... more

15 Sep 2023 · 32 minutes
Portland's Must-Try Dumpling Spots

One type of food we do exceptionally well — but doesn’t get enough love — is the dumpling. Last month,... more

14 Sep 2023 · 17 minutes
Car-Free Trips Outside of Portland

We’ve had a lot of conversations on the show involving hikes and out-of-town trips in the past. But pretty much... more

13 Sep 2023 · 17 minutes
Teacher Strikes, School Safety Concerns, and Relocating Jefferson Students

Kids across the Portland area have returned to school. Though remote learning, social distancing, and mask mandates may be in... more

12 Sep 2023 · 21 minutes
The Great Portland Doughnut Throwdown

We’re quickly approaching fall weather and the season of pumpkin-spiced everything. But one of our favorite fall treats is the... more

11 Sep 2023 · 35 minutes
Banning Public Drug Use, Dying Trees, and A Long Commute for Students

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about Portland’s push to ban drugs again, the city’s inability to keep its... more

08 Sep 2023 · 30 minutes
Getting to the Bottom of Oregon’s Sinkhole Problem

Imagine you’re going about your day, minding your own business, and then all of a sudden — whoops — there’s... more

07 Sep 2023 · 14 minutes
A Big Part of Oregon’s Legal System Is Grinding to a Halt

Oregon’s public defense system relies on court experts to weigh in on cases: people like private investigators and forensic accountants.... more

06 Sep 2023 · 16 minutes
Why It’s So Damn Hard to Fix Housing in Oregon

Oregonians are facing an extreme housing shortage across the state. We have one of the lowest supplies of rentals that... more

05 Sep 2023 · 21 minutes
Squabbling Over Skyscrapers, Sidewalk Dining Becomes Permanent, and Is the DA’s Race Just Vibes?

Today on City Cast Portland we’re talking about the district attorney’s race heating up, the skyscraper that may — or... more

01 Sep 2023 · 32 minutes
Remembering the 2020 Protests Through the Lenses of Two Photojournalists

It’s been three years since chanting protesters clashed with police clad in body armor, taking over Portland streets during the... more

31 Aug 2023 · 16 minutes
The Best End-Of-Summer Sunset Date Spots

This week’s rain showers are a sign that the final weeks of summer are upon us. So what better way... more

30 Aug 2023 · 17 minutes
Will the Steel Bridge House the City’s Newest Skate Park?

Skating is the ultimate DIY sport: All you need is a board or a pair of skates and a creative... more

29 Aug 2023 · 17 minutes
Portland’s Best Historic Taverns for a Nostalgic Pint

Did you know that Portland has some of the oldest drinking establishments on the West Coast? Today on City Cast... more

28 Aug 2023 · 22 minutes
Wheeler Asks for Troopers and Workers Downtown, Plus Audit Highlights Homeless Services’ Dysfunction

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about what the audit of the city and county’s Joint Office of Homeless... more

25 Aug 2023 · 34 minutes
What the OHSU/Legacy Health Merger Means For You (And Your Doctor)

Two of our area’s largest medical institutions are planning on merging: OHSU is seeking to absorb Legacy Health before the... more

24 Aug 2023 · 18 minutes
Eating Our Way Through Burger Week 2023

We’re currently smack dab in the middle of the Portland Mercury’s most popular themed food week: Burger Week 2023. Every... more

23 Aug 2023 · 20 minutes
How to Protect Oregon’s Native Pollinators, From Parasitic Invaders to ‘Tickle Bees’

Beekeepers celebrated World Honey Bee Day this past weekend, celebrating all the work that pollinators do for us every day. But... more

22 Aug 2023 · 14 minutes
From Panang Curry to Pho, Portland’s New Pizza Scene

It’s no secret that Portland has a lot of great pizza, but there’s a new class of pizzerias trying to... more

21 Aug 2023 · 20 minutes
County Fails Shelter Plans (Again), No Arts Money, and PGE’s Outage Tips

Today on the show we’re talking about the county’s inability to follow through on plans to tackle homelessness, how state... more

18 Aug 2023 · 36 minutes
How to Backpack in Oregon (And Not Become Bear Food)

The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the country’s best backpacking trails. But hiking and camping for days can... more

17 Aug 2023 · 20 minutes
Portland’s Renters Are Sweltering, But This New Program Could Help

Since the 2021 heat dome, there’s been a ton of interest in helping Oregonians prepare for a warming climate, with... more

16 Aug 2023 · 15 minutes
Biking 101: How to Stay Safe in Portland

Even though Portland has recently seen a significant drop in cycling, our city still has the highest number of bike... more

15 Aug 2023 · 21 minutes
Why Oregon Needs Sea Otters

It’s been over 100 years since sea otters lived on the Oregon coast, but recently there are new efforts to... more

14 Aug 2023 · 17 minutes
The DMV In Hot Water, the Police Chief’s Memo, and the County’s Broken Promises

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about Multnomah County bailing on promises made to the city, the dozens of... more

11 Aug 2023 · 29 minutes
Your Last-Minute Summer Road Trip Guide

A short road trip can be a great way to soak in the last weeks of an Oregon summer. Getting... more

10 Aug 2023 · 16 minutes
Must-Try Portland Happy Hours

The pandemic might have brought a few of our favorite restaurants down, but we’re seeing a resurgence of eateries bring... more

09 Aug 2023 · 18 minutes
District Attorney Mike Schmidt on Dealing With Record Crime

When Mike Schmidt was elected district attorney in 2020, he said, “Multnomah County has just embraced the most progressive DA... more

08 Aug 2023 · 29 minutes
The Most Beloved Madman With a Chainsaw in Portland

Last Friday was sunflower night at Providence Park, and any diehard Portland soccer fan knows that’s a celebration of Timber... more

07 Aug 2023 · 18 minutes
Catching Auto Thieves, Shady City Contractors, and Portlanders' Biggest Concerns

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about the city’s recently launched auto and retail theft task force, a Portland... more

04 Aug 2023 · 37 minutes
The Paddler’s Guide to Exploring the Willamette

Today we’re talking with Noa Rubin, a community organizer for the paddle boarding group SUP PDX. Noa has also been... more

03 Aug 2023 · 21 minutes
Hot Tips for Staying Cool in Portland

The Portland area has already had another hot, dry summer, and we still have a month to go. So today... more

02 Aug 2023 · 21 minutes
The Plan to Fix Portland’s Troubled Emergency Response

Several stories this year have documented Portland’s slow emergency response times, but what is the city doing about it? A few... more

01 Aug 2023 · 28 minutes
How Oregon Blessed the World With Tater Tots

Tater tots are ubiquitous in Portland. You can get them specially seasoned and served with creative dipping sauces — or... more

31 Jul 2023 · 18 minutes
Kids Selling Fentanyl, City Abandons The Regional Arts and Culture Council, and Portland's Hottest Blocks

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about the latest developments in downtown’s open-air drug markets, heat mapping the east... more

28 Jul 2023 · 32 minutes
Portland Bars’ Unspoken Rules of Etiquette

There are plenty of places to grab a drink in our city, and nowhere is as quintessentially Portland as the... more

27 Jul 2023 · 19 minutes
Should Oregon Decriminalize Sex Work?

A coalition of sex workers, their allies, and lawmakers are encouraging Oregon to decriminalize sex work. They say current laws... more

26 Jul 2023 · 18 minutes
The Best Day Trips to the Oregon Coast

We made it to the dog days of summer! There’s nothing more tempting than catching some cooler, fresher air on... more

25 Jul 2023 · 29 minutes
It’s Not Just Wildfire Season Polluting Portland’s Air

We often think of Oregon as a verdant wonderland, which is why it’s surprising that Portland has some of the... more

24 Jul 2023 · 18 minutes
Opening Mass Shelters, Cleaning Up the Clean Energy Fund, and Messing With the City Charter (Again)

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about the first rollout of Mayor Ted Wheelers’ Alchemy-managed shelter sites, the wrangling... more

21 Jul 2023 · 33 minutes
Why Portland Youth Are Leading the Anti-Highway Expansion Fight

Last month when Oregon Gov. Tina Kotek announced that the state wouldn’t toll highways until at least 2026, the Oregon... more

20 Jul 2023 · 18 minutes
McMenamins: The Best (And Worst) of the Ever-Present Brewpub

McMenamins, the ubiquitous chain of brewpubs, is turning 40 years old! Did you know many of their locations are in... more

19 Jul 2023 · 32 minutes
Behind the Scenes at Portland’s 911 Dispatch

Our 911 line has come under fire recently for long hold times and slow emergency response. But the city’s Bureau... more

18 Jul 2023 · 17 minutes
Portland’s Best Restaurants That Are Actually Open on Monday

Searching for restaurants to eat at earlier in the week, especially on a Monday, can feel impossible. Staffing shortages, inflation,... more

17 Jul 2023 · 19 minutes
Police Officer Apology, Mayor Mapps (?), and No Foil For Fentanyl Smokers

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about the county backtracking on a fentanyl harm reduction initiative, Commissioner Mingus Mapps... more

14 Jul 2023 · 36 minutes
How Petty Crimes Add Up For Small Businesses

Small businesses across Portland have been struggling: first with the pandemic, then with inflation, and now with the rising number... more

13 Jul 2023 · 19 minutes
5 Summer Restaurant Pop-Ups You Can’t Miss

Portland’s food scene is so tuned into our changing seasons that we even have seasonal restaurants in the form of... more

12 Jul 2023 · 25 minutes
How Bad Will Oregon’s Wildfire Season Be?

After a hot, dry spring, Oregon has a long wildfire season ahead: a new report says all of Northwest Oregon... more

11 Jul 2023 · 23 minutes
Portland Pizza Ranked Among the Best in the USA (Again)

Portland pizza is strangely controversial. Not because of how it tastes but for how highly rated it has become. Ken’s... more

10 Jul 2023 · 15 minutes
An Actual Housing Solution, a Nasty Mosquito Season, and Portland as a Haven

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about a century-old downtown building being renovated to help people move out of... more

07 Jul 2023 · 31 minutes
Portland Drag Set to Break Another World Record

At the peak of drag performance being criminalized across the country, the downtown clothing store Wildfang has partnered with the... more

06 Jul 2023 · 20 minutes
Will Portland Street Response Survive?

Today on City Cast Portland, host Claudia Meza is talking with Willamette Week city hall and politics reporter Sophie Peel... more

05 Jul 2023 · 19 minutes
What’s Going On at the Lloyd Center?

Big changes could be coming to the Lloyd Center now that Mayor Wheeler is backing a proposal to turn it... more

03 Jul 2023 · 23 minutes
What Passed, What Didn’t, and What Still Needs Work in the 2023 Legislature

Today on City Cast Portland, host Claudia Meza wraps up this year’s legislative session with Oregon Public Broadcasting’s politics and... more

30 Jun 2023 · 34 minutes
Taste Testing Oregon’s Sweetest Strawberries

Did you know more than 15 varieties of strawberries were invented in Oregon? From May through September, we actually became... more

29 Jun 2023 · 29 minutes
The Most — and Least — Liked Lawmakers in the Portland Area

For the past 46 years, Willamette Week has published an anonymous survey where our state capitol’s lobbyists and staff members... more

28 Jun 2023 · 24 minutes
Portland’s Best Diners

When you think of a classic diner, what comes to mind: A counter? Cozy booths? Never-ending coffee refills? This month... more

27 Jun 2023 · 21 minutes
Portland Tourist Traps Every Local Should See

Part of the fun of going to a new city is experiencing it all for the first time and learning... more

26 Jun 2023 · 25 minutes
City Council Gets a Raise, I-5 Bridge Gets $1B, and A.I. Answering the City’s Phones

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about the last-minute billion-dollar amendment for the I-5 bridge expansion, the city testing... more

23 Jun 2023 · 32 minutes
What You Need To Know About Fentanyl Addiction in Portland

Fentanyl has led to a record number of overdose deaths in Portland. But it’s not just the risk associated with... more

22 Jun 2023 · 24 minutes
Debunking the Biggest Misconceptions About Portland

When we started this podcast last December, it felt like we were at the height of stereotypes and misconceptions about... more

21 Jun 2023 · 19 minutes
Your Quick Guide to Portland Pride Celebrations

For the next installment of our Summer Entertainment Guide, where we help you make the most of this short sweet... more

20 Jun 2023 · 20 minutes
Ambulance Shortages, Portland’s Problematic Batman, and New Police Drones

Today we’re talking about our dismal ambulance response times, a controversial lawyer striking once again, and the newly-launched PPB drone... more

16 Jun 2023 · 33 minutes
Portland’s Best Summer Events, From Soapbox Derbies to Canine Fashion Shows

Summer’s nearly here, and so too is the stress of trying to fit in every warm-weather activity you dreamed about... more

15 Jun 2023 · 16 minutes
Why Portland is a World-Renowned Animation Hub

When the film “Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio” won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature this year, it greatly validated... more

14 Jun 2023 · 17 minutes
Would a Public Ferry System Ease Portland's Traffic Woes?

Today, we’re looking into the very real possibility of a public passenger ferry operating on the Willamette River. Susan Bladholm,... more

13 Jun 2023 · 19 minutes
Why the Heck is Everybody Drinking Natural Wine?

This year, Portland won more James Beard Awards than any other city. All in all, our food scene is killing... more

12 Jun 2023 · 16 minutes
Willamette Sewage Spill, Dangerous Train Crossings, and Approved Camping Ban

Today we’re talking about updates on the daytime camping ban now that it’s passed, the growing wait times at train... more

09 Jun 2023 · 31 minutes
This Juneteenth, Portland Is Getting Its First Black Rodeo!

Frontier times were much more inclusive and interesting than many of our Western films have led us to believe. And... more

08 Jun 2023 · 24 minutes
Where to Find an Inspired Portland Brunch

Portland loves brunch so much it has its own “Portlandia” skit. Our brunch scene was once mighty and line-worthy, but... more

07 Jun 2023 · 20 minutes
How Safe Is It ACTUALLY to Swim in the Willamette River??

Even after decades of work to make the Willamette River a safe place to swim, lots of Portlanders still refuse... more

06 Jun 2023 · 18 minutes
Four Songs That Define Award-Winning Writer Casey Parks’ Portland

Today, award-winning writer and reporter Casey Parks gives us her personal history of growing up as a young adult in... more

05 Jun 2023 · 28 minutes
Culture Clash in the Fire Department, The Looming Camping Ban, and Republicans Still Skipping Work

Today, we're talking about the momentum building for the city's proposed daytime camping ban, the filing of a legal notice... more

02 Jun 2023 · 35 minutes
The Great Portland Doughnut Throwdown

Friday is National Doughnut Day! So today, we’ve got a few dozen of the freshest doughnuts from four different shops.... more

01 Jun 2023 · 36 minutes
Millennial and Gen Z Portland Go Head-to-Head

A couple of weeks ago, West Linn voted in their youngest elected mayor ever: 23-year-old Rory Bialostosky. As Gen Z... more

31 May 2023 · 21 minutes
Why Portland Should Invest in Gun Violence Intervention

We’re getting into summer, which historically is when gun violence picks up in our city. Last summer, Portland launched the... more

30 May 2023 · 27 minutes
TriMet's Fare Hike, Sidewalk Camping Lawsuit Settlement, and MLB at the Lloyd Center

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about how a lawsuit against the city over tents blocking sidewalks has reached... more

26 May 2023 · 30 minutes
Will This Tiny Bar Convince the WNBA to Move to Portland?

Portland takes its women’s sports very seriously, so it’s surprising we still don’t have a WNBA team of our own... more

25 May 2023 · 20 minutes
Where to Take Your Portland Visitors

Now that it’s finally stopped raining, it seems like everyone wants to visit us! Today, we’re talking about where you... more

24 May 2023 · 27 minutes
How to Shop Like a Farmers Market Pro

It’s farmers market season! And did you know that in the Portland area alone, we have nearly 40 farmers markets... more

23 May 2023 · 20 minutes
Portland, Oregon vs. Portland, Maine

About a month ago, a banner went up in downtown Portland, Maine, that read, “We were here first, Oregon. You’re... more

22 May 2023 · 19 minutes
A Daytime Camping Ban, The Gen Z Mayor’s Pickleball Kingdom, and Goodbye Conservative School Boards

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about Mayor Ted Wheeler’s proposed daytime camping crackdown on city property, West Linn’s... more

19 May 2023 · 31 minutes
Warnings Against a Nuclear-Powered Future in the PNW

The Pacific Northwest has a long and complicated history with nuclear power. We have two decommissioned power plants, not to... more

18 May 2023 · 22 minutes
How a Portland Company Is Bringing Back Nuclear Power

A Portland area company is leading the way for a new generation of nuclear power plants. Earlier this year, the... more

17 May 2023 · 17 minutes
Oregon Wants To Help You Buy a New E-Bike

The city and state are looking at offering rebates for people who purchase bikes with pedal-assisted electric motors. They can... more

16 May 2023 · 18 minutes
Definitive Guide to Portland’s World-Class Wine Scene

It’s Oregon Wine Month! Our state has over 700 wineries and nearly a dozen of them are located in Portland.... more

15 May 2023 · 18 minutes
Traffic Patrols Are Back, Portland’s Sky-High Taxes, and Scorching Weekend Temps

Today on City Cast Portland, we’re talking about the return of the traffic enforcement division, our unexpected spring heatwave, and... more

12 May 2023 · 29 minutes
How to NOT Kill Portland’s Backyard Bees

All those springtime flowers — not to mention the food you’re eating — are all thanks to the work of... more

11 May 2023 · 14 minutes
Your Ballots Are Due Next Week! Here’s What’s On it

Ballots are due on May 16 in Multnomah County, but no judgment if you’re like, wait: what am I voting... more

10 May 2023 · 15 minutes
Is Portland Ready For the Ritz-Carlton’s Ultra-Luxury?

The 35-story, $600 million Ritz-Carlton Portland is preparing to open this summer. It will be home to some of the... more

09 May 2023 · 21 minutes
Portland’s Leading Human Extinctionist

A lot of the news headlines on the rapid growth of artificial intelligence have prophesized a doomsday scenario where computers... more

08 May 2023 · 18 minutes
Reporter Sophie Peel on Breaking the Fagan Scandal and Republican Walkouts

Today we’re talking about the dramatic, sudden fall of Oregon Secretary of State Shemia Fagan, plus the no-show shenanigans that... more

05 May 2023 · 30 minutes
How Oregon Made Food Writer James Beard Legendary

Many Portlanders don’t know that one of the most influential chefs and food writers of the 20th century was born... more

04 May 2023 · 20 minutes
How to Stay Safe While Hiking This Spring

Now that we’re finally seeing a little bit of spring weather, it’s time to get outside and enjoy everything Oregon’s... more

03 May 2023 · 17 minutes
City Cast Portland
Oregon Wants To Help You Buy a New E-Bike
City Cast Portland

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The city and state are looking at offering rebates for people who purchase bikes with pedal-assisted electric motors. They can help you... more