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Chatting to a Friend
Chatting to a Friend
Catie Friend

Welcome to Chatting to a Friend. In this podcast I am chatting to incredible women from all walks of life about friendship,... more

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Chatting to Amy Aed about walking the length of the Danube River

Amy Aed walked the length of the Danube River. It was not the journey she planned. In fact, she hadn’t... more

23 Feb 2023 ·
Chatting to Laura Collett MBE about horses, a life threatening accident and winning eventing gold at Tokyo 2021

Since recording this with Laura, more months ago than is polite to still not have published, she has gone on... more

21 Feb 2023 ·
Chatting to Victoria Evans about taking on the Atlantic and becoming the fastest solo woman to make the crossing

Listen as Victoria Evans relives her voyage across the Atlantic to become the Guinness World Record holder. Recorded quite some... more

19 Feb 2023 ·
Chatting to Preet Chandi about defying expectations, breaking barriers and getting to the South Pole

Preet Chandi was a tennis prodigy from a traditional British Punjabi family, living away from home from a very early... more

03 Dec 2022 ·
Chatting to Ursula Martin

Ursula Martin is also known as “One Woman Walks” after she walked thousands of miles across Wales and then across... more

23 Nov 2022 ·
Chatting to Cathy O'Dowd

South African mountaineer Cathy O’Dowd was the first woman in the world to climb Mount Everest from both sides. Her... more

12 Jul 2022 ·
Chatting to Frankie Dewar about podcasting, being a young carer and how to protect yourself when your job is linked to your identity

Freelance Social Media goto and lover of big days outside, Frankie Dewar is a climber, hiker, skier and general fun... more

21 Apr 2022 ·
Chatting to Lucy Bartholomew about ultra distance running, a sustainable healthy body and what is your "why"

Running began for Lucy when she was 15 years old as a way to spend time with her Dad. When... more

25 Feb 2022 ·
Chatting to Victoria Evans before she sets off to row solo across the Atlantic and about equality for women in sport

At the time of the episode release (January 2022) Victoria Evans is about to depart in February to become the... more

13 Jan 2022 ·
Chatting to Monika Sattler about cycling the Vuelta and being brave enough to make your own decisions despite what others may think

Originally from Germany, Monika moved after high school to the US to play volleyball for a university team. After an... more

07 Jan 2022 ·
Chatting to a Friend
Chatting to Amy Aed about walking the length of the Danube River
Chatting to a Friend