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Chatting to a Friend
Chatting to a Friend
Catie Friend

Welcome to Chatting to a Friend. In this podcast I am chatting to incredible women from all walks of life about friendship,... more

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Season 1 Guest Bibliography

Thanks to my incredible guests for putting pen to paper and producing some incredbile books! Click on the link below... more

31 Jul 2021 ·
Chatting to Jenny Wordsworth about trekking solo to the South Pole, dealing with extreme pain and supporting women in sport

Jenny Davis is a lawyer turned professional athlete. She spends her time travelling the globe to compete in some of... more

30 Jun 2021 ·
Chatting to Veronica Rojas about movement, mindset and miscarriage

Veronica Rojas was born in Quito and raised between the Andes mountains and the Amazon jungle in Ecuador. She holds... more

23 Jun 2021 ·
Chatting to Cath Wallis about endurance sports and taking on your dreams regardless of body size or "fitting the mould"

Cath Wallis is an Australian ultra endurance athlete who has completed some of the world’s toughest foot races.  She is... more

16 Jun 2021 ·
Chatting to Mimi Anderson about endurance running, anorexia and talking to the Northern Lights during a race in the Yukon

Mimi Anderson began running at 36 very quickly discovery her love of running silly distances. Mimi is a multiple Guinness... more

09 Jun 2021 ·
Chatting to Rea Kolbl, Martina Valmassoi and Grace Staberg about planning and breaking world and national records

Rea Kolbl is a professional athlete, competing in obstacle course racing, adventure racing, trail running, mountain biking, and ski mountaineering.... more

02 Jun 2021 ·
Chatting to Annabel Abbs about women who walk and why we should embrace fear

Annabel Abbs is a writer and hiker, whose latest book, WIndswept: Walking in the Footsteps of Remarkable Women, looks at... more

27 May 2021 ·
Chatting to Emily Woodhouse about defining adventure and breaking a Guinness World Record in a heatwave

Emily Woodhouse is an award-winning adventure travel writer, published author and Guinness World Record holding adventurer.  Founder of Intrepid Magazine,... more

20 May 2021 ·
Chatting to Jo Moseley about menopause, finding joy and SUPping from coast to coast in England

Jo Moseley, 56, is a Mum of two sons, aged 24 & 20. She lives on the edge of the... more

12 May 2021 ·
Chatting to Rosemary Brown about journalism and following Nellie Bly around the world 125 years later

Rosemary J Brown is a London-based journalist and author. An avid traveller, she is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical... more

06 May 2021 ·
Chatting to a Friend
Season 1 Guest Bibliography
Chatting to a Friend