Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood

Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood

Karen O'Connor
Oct 23, 2020 43 min

The Big Reason Why Most Aspiring Coaches Fail (plus rape of both women AND men, and lots of other stuff)

Join me and the amazing Dawn Bates, best selling author, business and author coach, as we discuss topics from what it takes to be a world class leader and coach/mentor to rape, of both women AND men.Find out more, connect with both Dawn and I, and buy Dawn's books here:
Oct 20, 2020 55 min

Why We Need To Free The V! with Danielle Dal Cortivo

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT As a midlife mother of four, as far as I'm concerned, my relationship with my vagina is a kind of mild awareness that it's had a few intense moments and it's done its job quite nicely, thank you. That's about it. So, why has Danielle Dal Cortivo created a project called Free The V... with the "V" being Vagina? Find out more here:
Oct 16, 2020 45 min

The Illogical Order Of Life #1

Meet the inimitable Dawn Bates: prolific author, human rights activist, and a personal and business mentor that gets the most incredible results in a really short space of time. Joins us as we talk (and laugh) our way through the coaching industry, religion, living overseas and toxic relationships.
Oct 13, 2020 48 min

Why You Need To Write Your Life Story

When Jo's daughter was diagnosed with cancer and the doctors started asking for family medical history, Jo realised how little they actually knew about it all. She also began to realise just how much information and experience is lost when someone passes. Now she's building a platform for people to record their stories.Find out more here:
Oct 06, 2020 38 min

How To Lose Weight Permanently with Shari Ware

Shari Ware spent almost her entire life morbidly obese. By the time she left High School, she weighed 100kgs. At her maximum weight, she was over 180 kgs. After spending decades on the dieting roller coaster, she realised that she needed to go about things in a different way. Find out more here:
Sep 29, 2020 44 min

How To Use Yoga To Help Relieve Menopause Symptoms

Amrit Kendrick shares her knowledge on yoga, why yoga helps with things like menopause, the effects that it has on the body, and what you can do to help relieve the symptoms of menopause (or any other imbalance/disability/injury).Go here to find out more:
Sep 22, 2020 57 min

How To Rescue Children From The Sex Trade

Imagine if your daughter went to the local town to find some casual work and ended up being held hostage, gang raped by four men then being forced to work as a prostitute and if she refused to do the work, she was gang raped until she submitted. That’s a real story from one of the children that the charity Destiny Rescue have saved. Marc Nuss tells us how they work undercover in seven countries, pretending they’re ‘Dirty Johns’, searching out children, gaining their trust and then rescuing them, giving them their destiny back. Find out more here:
Sep 15, 2020 41 min

How To Have A Relaxed And RAUNCHY Relationship with Ingrid Galloway

Bringing a bit of pizazz back into our relationships can sometimes seem a bit, um, tricky, but Ingrid Galloway has come up with a unique and intriguing way of doing exactly that. Not only that, she also helps people trying to find a new partners to help them make sure they get it right this time!Click here to find out more and to claim your FREE 30 minute session with Ingrid:
Sep 08, 2020 35 min

How To Do Online Dating (Successfully!) In Your 40's

When Kylie decided to get back on the dating scene when she was in her mid-40's, she knew that unless she got some help, she was never going to find the right guy. So she educated herself on how to attract the man of her dreams, including which photos to use and which to avoid. Kylie & me in our Facebook Group (the level of fun, love and laughter is unbelievable!):
Sep 01, 2020 42 min

Why Community is Crucial

I think that we often forget just how important community is to us and we're left feeling isolated and alone. Listen to how this woman - Casey Zhang - is creating a massive global community that is dedicated to making a difference in people's lives.Come and join our facebook community (you won't believe the fun we have!) - with Casey here:
Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood
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