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The LaFresian Chronicles
The LaFresian Chronicles
Nicole Tuttle edited by Mariah Clawson

The LaFresian Chronicles: Arsen Audio Drama follows a young woman named Aurelie who, after the death of her parents embarks on a... more

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Song of Shadows 8: Captive

Aurelie awakes in a strange new place, with a strange new figure. Kailen and Leslie’s animosity comes to a head.... more

11 Nov 2022 · 15 minutes
Song of Shadows 7: Arrival

The crew does whatever it takes to find this new realm. Thank you for listening. Today’s episode was written by... more

14 Oct 2022 ·
Song of Shadows 6: Goodbyes

Several members of the crew make tearful goodbyes. The mysterious visitors are becoming more threatening. Thank you for listening. Today’s... more

09 Sep 2022 · 20 minutes
Song of Shadows 5: Blank Slate

The team works hard to see if there are anymore clues to this strange new world in Pendrake’s Library. Thank... more

13 Aug 2022 · 21 minutes
Song of Shadows 4: A Frosty Welcome

Aurelie and Kailen are once again face to face. Dominic catches up with an old “friend”. And the disappearances are... more

08 Jul 2022 · 21 minutes
Song of Shadows 3: Back To Before

The Guard travels to Ramona’s and Aurelie lays out all the evidence she has. Thank you for listening. Today’s episode... more

10 Jun 2022 · 25 minutes
Song of Shadows 2: Blocked

The Guard assists Aurelie with the new and unwelcome visitor on Earth. Leslie gets a rude introduction into the world... more

13 May 2022 · 19 minutes
Song of Shadows 1: Just the Beginning

Time has passed and new challenges await our favorite Guard members. Kailen adjusts to life on the throne, Nyx struggles... more

30 Apr 2022 · 26 minutes
Song of Shadows: Trailer

The LaFresian Chronicles is back for a second season. Featuring the cast you’ve come to love, plus some incredible new... more

02 Apr 2022 · 1 minute
Arsen Episode 20: The End

Thank you for listening. Today’s finale was written by Nicole Tuttle and edited by Mariah Clawson, and featured the vocal... more

14 Jan 2022 · 34 minutes
The LaFresian Chronicles
Song of Shadows 8: Captive
The LaFresian Chronicles