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The New Yorker: Politics and More
The New Yorker: Politics and More
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A weekly discussion about politics, hosted by The New Yorker's executive editor, Dorothy Wickenden.

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Why Do Conservatives Love Hungary’s Viktor Orbán?

When the New Yorker staff writer Andrew Marantz first heard that the Conservative Political Action Conference, the flagship event of the American conservative movement,... more

27 Jun 2022 · 19 minutes
What the January 6th Committee Uncovered This Week

Two hearings this week laid out the stark implications of President Trump’s efforts to stay in office. On Tuesday, members... more

24 Jun 2022 · 30 minutes
Dexter Filkins on the Rise of Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has shown himself uniquely skilled at attracting attention beyond the borders of his home state. Just this month,... more

21 Jun 2022 · 18 minutes
The Bombshell Moments at the Second Week of the January 6th Hearings

This week, the House select committee held two more hearings to review its astonishing findings on the events of January... more

17 Jun 2022 · 26 minutes
Putting the Backlash Against Progressive Prosecutors in Perspective

A widespread view that cities have become less safe in recent months is transforming local politics. Eric Adams became Mayor of New... more

16 Jun 2022 · 31 minutes
Jane Mayer and Evan Osnos on the New January 6th Revelations

For months, the House Select Committee on January 6th has examined Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the results of the... more

10 Jun 2022 · 26 minutes
Sara Nelson on the Drive to Unionize Delta Flight Attendants

Before the pandemic, Sara Nelson had emerged as one of the most visible leaders in the labor movement. The Association... more

06 Jun 2022 · 13 minutes
Why a Weakened N.R.A. Still Gets What it Wants

The National Rifle Association has been one of the most feared groups in Washington, D.C., for decades. It profoundly reshaped... more

02 Jun 2022 · 24 minutes
What Makes a Mass Shooter?

In America, unthinkable violence has become routine.  In the wake of the Buffalo and Uvalde mass shootings, David Remnick speaks... more

31 May 2022 · 19 minutes
Normalcy Returns to Kyiv as Russia Doubles Down in Eastern Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine grinds on into its third brutal month, with no end in sight. But, in ways large and small,... more

26 May 2022 · 28 minutes
The New Yorker: Politics and More
Why Do Conservatives Love Hungary’s Viktor Orbán?
The New Yorker: Politics and More