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A Trip to Space
A Trip to Space
Ryan Morrison

An exploration of space, the orbital economy and the people involved.

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Episode 10: A Trip into the Deep Past

Space news Hubble still down: NASA is trying to fix the HUBBLE SPACE TELESCOPE after a memory module failure forced the... more

29 Jun 2021 · 28 minutes
Episode 9: A Trip to Strange Stars

This week in space news China in space: The Chinese Space Agency has sent a trio of astronauts to spend the... more

21 Jun 2021 · 35 minutes
Episode 8: A Trip Beyond the Edge

This week on the show we look at the European Space Agency’s planned trip to Venus, new competition for SpaceX... more

14 Jun 2021 · 1 hour, 4 minutes
Episode 7: A Trip to the Edge

NASA is going back to Venus, selecting the VERITAS and DAVINCI+ missions as part of the Discovery program, with both... more

07 Jun 2021 · 54 minutes
Episode 6: A Trip to the Edge

This week on the show we find that the Milky Way may not be all that unique, plasma from a... more

30 May 2021 · 26 minutes
Episode 5: A Trip back to the Moon

This week on the A Trip to Space podcast we take a trip back to the Moon, where ESA and... more

23 May 2021 · 41 minutes
A Trip to the Sun

This week on A Trip to Space we take a Trip to the Sun, exploring the where, why, how hot... more

18 May 2021 · 29 minutes
Episode 3: A Trip to Mars

In the latest edition of A Trip to Space we take a trip to Mars, wrapping up some of the... more

09 May 2021 · 16 minutes
Episode 2: A Trip to Venus

In the second episode of the ‘A Trip to Space’ podcast I look at a new study that explores why... more

06 May 2021 · 26 minutes
Episode 1: Interview with Ed Gibson

NASA astronaut Ed Gibson went to space in 1973 as part of the Skylab 4 mission, the final crew to... more

04 May 2021 · 14 minutes
A Trip to Space
Episode 10: A Trip into the Deep Past
A Trip to Space