Shut It Down, The Bar Rescue Recap Show on Radio Misfits

Shut It Down, The Bar Rescue Recap Show on Radio Misfits

Jim Search and Max Cohen
Dec 11, 2019 20 min

Shut It Down – The Last Call

This is it Taffertins! We embraced every possible solution we could…but they called last call and it’s time to close the bar. Check out Jim and Max recap all of the highlights from 4 years of covering all things Bar Rescue. From all of our guests, interviews to the time we were ON the show. It’s worth a dive. We love y’all peace! Go find all the episodes on our Patreon…we shall live on! [EP154]
Dec 04, 2019 53 min

Shut It Down – Russell Davis Interview

Check it Taffertins! We got ANOTHER Bar Rescue expert interview. With none other than Russell Davis (@MrRussellDavis) Skypin in with us. And boy does he have a story to tell. From rising through the bar scene in Texas all the way to becoming Bartender of the Year in 2012 to his Bar Rescue run…he has seen it all behind the stick. Get ready for it! [EP153]
Nov 27, 2019 49 min

Shut It Down – Vic Vegas Interview

Taffertins! We got a special treat for you…it’s not a regular recap episode. It’s an interview with Vic Vegas, Bar Rescue expert! (IG: @chefvicvegas) That’s right y’all…an exclusive talk with the amazing chef himself. And get this…we talked to Vic, while he was getting a tattoo! Crazy! We go over his story, how he linked up with Jon and even his dogs. You don’t wanna miss this one! [EP152]
Nov 20, 2019 1 hr 9 min

Shut It Down – Crappy Cantina

Hola Taffertins! Another great recap is on deck…for this adventure, we head to Tempe, AZ to the Rocky Point Cantina. Things are just that, rocky. The owner Scott has turned the bar into a death metal venue…that is only open on “show” nights. Well, this is not a recipe for success at all. Also should point out that his parents bought him the bar…can’t get more metal that! Jon is fully prepared to step in make some changes…enjoy! (S3: E21) [EP151]
Nov 14, 2019 47 min

Shut It Down – Barely Above Water

A BONUS EPISODE! That’s right Taffertins…we got you a nice extra treat this week. It’s not overpouring…we promise. For this special episode, we head to Warwick, RI to a bar called Marley’s On The Beach. Boy, does it have drama, Kevin, a man with an IT background took out a loan from his wife, Michelle to open the place, ran it into the ground and then when Michelle tried to help, dumped her with all the responsibility and started just chillin at the bar…whaaa? On top of that, Michelle hires her friend to assistant manage and she fights with the cook all the time. So much mess…this is a gold mine! Get ready for all of it. (S3: E20) [EP150]
Nov 13, 2019 44 min

Shut It Down – A Bar Full Of Bull

Yo Taffertins! We got another one comin for ya…on this journey we head to New Bedford, MA to the bar Libad’s. It’s run by Jessica and her brother Dave. Jessica got a loan from her dad to get it started and things went great…until their cousin, who ran the kitchen, passed away…all hell breaks loose! Friends start working there and steal, bartenders drink out of shoes?! It’s a madhouse. Lucky for us, Jon is here to save the day. (S3: E18) [EP149]
Nov 06, 2019 1 hr 10 min

Shut It Down – Muscle Madness

Check it out Taffertins! We got a special request from a Good Friend of the show Lane! That’s right Lane, this one is for you! So check it out. We head right outside of Houston, TX and hit the bar called “The End Zone.” It’s owned Justin, a former stripper. After some time he brings in his friend Shawn, a fellow former stripper and MMA fighter to help him hold down the fort. Between male strip club nights, toxic brawls amongst staff and Shawn smashing a computer screen…things are not chill…until Jon comes on the scene. Good pick Lane, this one is a whole lot of mess! (S3: E40) [EP148]
Oct 30, 2019 1 hr 0 min

Shut It Down – Corking The Hole

We are still at it Taffertins! We are not the ones to let you down. We have a service we take seriously…and that service is to bring you the highlights and recaps of Bar Rescue. On this mission, we are deployed to Hope Mills, NC to a bar called Cliques. It is owned by a former Marine and blockhead named Todd. And boy does Todd not wanna own any of his shit, but Jon owns it! Over and over again. Get into it! (S3: E17) [EP147]
Oct 23, 2019 1 hr 4 min

Shut It Down – Don’t Mess With Taffer’s Wife

EP146: Yoooo Taffertins! Check it out, we got a special request episode from our good friend of the show Lane…and we deliver. This episode is a crazy one. Taffer heads to his hometown Vegas to the legendary Sand Dollar. A joint being ran by Lisa, a single mother. It’s also being run by a certified creep named Paul. And the title certainly lives up to its name. Get after it!
Oct 16, 2019 50 min

Shut It Down – Characters Assassination

EP145: Here it is Taffertins! We got a special request episode from our good friend of the show Jonathan F. This one is for you my friend! Enjoy it! On this run, we head to Garner, NC to a bar called Characters. It’s run by a gentleman named Guy, a strong personality from Long Island. He is bringing his love of having his staff dress up as different characters to sell alcohol and food. But brings a New York attitude that the south does not appreciate. And oh yeah, he screams at and berates his sister Alex the entire time. Family love! Jon will have none of this behavior. Check it out.(S3: E16)
Shut It Down, The Bar Rescue Recap Show on Radio Misfits
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