That Kind of Nerd

That Kind of Nerd

TKoN Productions
Aug 03, 2020 42 min

Nerdy Toaster Reviewers?

Episode 250! Tom Cruise has $200 Million to go to space! G4 may be coming back [hire us please] Is there room in the world for a $350 touchscreen toaster?
Jul 20, 2020 44 min

Screen to Streamanza

Episode 249! Butterhub people, Let's talk! We talk about the all the new movies and shows coming to a screen near you! Quibi needs to rebrand as the pooping app SPOILERS for The Old Guard after our main topics.
Jul 06, 2020 50 min

What? You Thought You Could Fool Me?

Episode 248! Sorry in advance for CJ's audio Josh follows up with the Butter Bub and introduces CJ to the Bread Omelet Josh and CJ talk about Hamilton! All this and more...
Jun 22, 2020 1 hr 5 min

I’m Requesting You Bring Blankets

Episode 247! Weird note This episode should not be taken as investment advice (never thought we would have to make that note) DC breakup with Diamond Distributers DC is launching a "Fandome" event. Josh is obsessed with a "butter hub" All this and more
Jun 15, 2020 0 min

Programming Note

Right now the nerdy world is obviously preoccupied. Rather than flood you with stories like HBO Max doing another crazy thing, we’re going to switch to a biweekly schedule. This will allows us to bring you stories we actually care about so we can be your escape from this stressful world. Don’t worry we are not going anywhere. We’ll be back next week! Thank you for being the best listenerds we could ask for.
Jun 08, 2020 38 min

Dynamic Duo

It's Brian and CJ this week. Brian is still angry about the Snyder Cut Will pulling kids movies out of theaters kill theater chains? Also is SEGA ok?
May 26, 2020 56 min

Let's Talk About The Snyder Cut

Episode 245! You asked for it you got it! Let's talk about the Snyder Cut Plus the return of Cape Talk and Screen to Screen!
May 11, 2020 37 min

Looking at Brian's Incomparables

Episode 244! We're still taking things in a relaxed setting but nerdy world had some topics this week.
May 04, 2020 35 min

Someone Buy The World A Thesaurus

Episode 243 During these unprecedented times, we wish people would stop overusing the phrase unprecedented! Like the last few weeks, we're just having casual conversations about what's going on in the nerdy world. But this week we have a special guest...
Apr 27, 2020 40 min

That Quibi Lifestyle

Episode 242! Brian is now adopting the Quibi model to ALL his media watching Josh is excited about Leverage returning to "TV" CJ.... well he's doing the BEST INTROS in the business. Stay for the after-show Josh gives a cooking lesson.
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