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Blank Check with Griffin & David
Blank Check with Griffin & David
Blank Check Productions

Not just another bad movie podcast, Blank Check reviews directors' complete filmographies episode to episode. Specifically, the auteurs whose early successes afforded... more

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Going In Style with James Urbaniak

After years of citing him as a potential series, we’re finally Brest men. In this inaugural episode of our “Podverly... more

09 Jun 2024 · 1 hour, 51 minutes
Furiosa with Kyle Buchanan

We return to the Wasteland this week with Furiosa, and we’ve got quite the tour guide. Kyle Buchanan - author... more

02 Jun 2024 · 3 hours,
Paprika with Emily Yoshida

Come join the dream parade, folks - we’re talking about Paprika! Mother of the Blankies Emily Yoshida is with us... more

26 May 2024 · 2 hours, 50 minutes
Tokyo Godfathers with Reece Feldman

They call them the Godfathers of Tokyo…and we call him the KING of TIKTOK (in an old man newscaster voice)... more

19 May 2024 · 2 hours, 12 minutes
Millennium Actress with Hoai-Tran Bui

Our Satoshi Kon series continues with his 2003 film Millennium Actress, a moving exploration of memory, history, and the magic... more

12 May 2024 · 2 hours, 24 minutes
Perfect Blue with Bowen Yang

Welcome to the filmography of Satoshi Kon - a thrilling series of funhouse mirrors and puzzlebox narratives that proved what... more

05 May 2024 · 2 hours, 1 minute
Basic with BenDavid Grabinski

Our McTiernan series concludes with 2003’s BASIC - a film that Griffin thinks should instead be titled “COMPLICATED” - get... more

28 Apr 2024 · 2 hours, 38 minutes
Rollerball with Zach Cherry

Finally, we arrive at the film that helped put John McTiernan in both “director jail” and “jail jail” - the... more

21 Apr 2024 · 2 hours, 31 minutes
The 13th Warrior with David Lowery

What if there was a 13th Warrior? What if there was a version of Beowulf so grounded in reality that... more

14 Apr 2024 · 2 hours, 26 minutes
The Thomas Crown Affair (1999) with Amanda Dobbins

A Fiji water bottle. “Sinnerman” by Nina Simone. That Magritte painting with the bowler hat. A SCINTILLATING, AGE-APPROPRIATE ROMANCE WITH... more

07 Apr 2024 · 2 hours, 22 minutes
Blank Check with Griffin & David
Going In Style with James Urbaniak
Blank Check with Griffin & David