This is Product Management

This is Product Management

Feedback Loop
Nov 30, 2020 20 min

265 Large and Small is Product Management

Patrick Wesonga, head of product for Lighter Inc., discusses the ins and outs of working in regulated industries, as well as the differences between product management in a large company and product management in a small company. Get the latest updates from the show at
Nov 16, 2020 28 min

264 Ethics is Product Management

Carey Jenkins, CEO of Substantial, a digital innovation and build studio in Seattle, talks about embedding ethics and integrity into product development, as well as connecting innovation and ethics, and how product managers can have a real impact in creating a transparent, ethical ecosystem. Get the latest updates from the show at
Nov 02, 2020 23 min

263 Transformation is Product Management

Katie Kemmerer, a product manager at GE Healthcare, talks about how GE Healthcare has been transforming into a product management organization. Get the latest updates from the show at
Oct 19, 2020 27 min

262 Learning Lessons is Product Management

Ryan Graciano, co-founder and CTO at Credit Karma, talks about navigating financial crises, testing assumptions, and building trust and credibility into a product. Get the latest updates from the show at
Oct 05, 2020 26 min

261 Feedback and Flexibility is Product Management

Rob Holland, CEO of Feedback Loop, talks about the role of feedback as a fundamental building block of products and businesses, and as a core element of all learning and growth. Rob has built and led product teams at large organizations like Nielsen, and has been at the helm of high-growth startups, taking them through to successful exits. Get the latest updates from the show at
Sep 21, 2020 34 min

260 Mindsets and Metrics is Product Management

Blair Ethington, VP of Product Management at Sam’s Club, talks about the challenges and opportunities that come with introducing the product management mindset to enterprise companies. Get the latest updates from the show at
Sep 07, 2020 31 min

259 Value Exchange is Product Management

Dipesh Sanghrajka, Innovation Intrapreneur at Experian, talks about what it takes to drive change from within an organization while understanding both the customer and the competition. Get the latest updates from the show at
Aug 24, 2020 37 min

258 Turning Wants Into Needs is Product Management

Clint Sand, VP of Product at NortonLifeLock, shares the complexities and considerations involved in building cybersecurity products, and how to get consumers to invest in products they need, but don’t necessarily want. Get the latest updates from the show at
Aug 11, 2020 32 min

257 Modern Research is Product Management

Karen Kranack and Scott McDonald, co-founders of Modern Accelerator, discuss how product teams can use agile research to drive product evolution and stay closer to their customers, plus how researchers can embrace this new approach. Get the latest updates from the show at
Aug 03, 2020 44 min

256 Unconventional Wisdom is Product Management

William Trump, Consumer Behavior Consultant at Swiss Re, discusses how applying behavioral science when developing insurance products can help organizations understand what drives consumer behavior and motives them to buy. Get the latest updates from the show at
This is Product Management
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