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Jenn and Trin

How do I quit feeling so jealous of successful friends? Can I befriend my ex? Should I ask my coworker why she... more

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Jenn I Love You

A large group of my friends and I rented an Airbnb, and the host requested that we please do this... more

23 Jul 2021 · 41 minutes
Let Me in Your Freakin' Van

So I just turned 30, and I still can't drive. What's the best way to explain this to my friends?... more

16 Jul 2021 · 39 minutes
Lie to Kevin

My friend asked me to look over his novel, and I have some Opinions about it. Is it possible to... more

08 Jul 2021 · 36 minutes
No Saving This Friendship

My friend and I were very close in grad school, but drifted apart after we graduated six years ago. Because... more

24 Jun 2021 · 28 minutes
Bad Faith Contrarian

My friend has discovered White Liberal Youtube, and it's pushing all of his friends away, including me! He believes his... more

17 Jun 2021 · 26 minutes

I took a semester off from undergrad to be with my family during a difficult time. Now, all my friends... more

10 Jun 2021 · 27 minutes
Inconsiderate Doofuses

I have religious dietary restrictions, and some of my friends have been pretty crappy about it. How should I handle... more

03 Jun 2021 · 37 minutes
Fun Looks Different

Is it okay for friends to shift away when we aren’t in the same classes? I have been friends with... more

27 May 2021 · 34 minutes
Keep it Fresh in the Bedroom

Two people in my friend group had a big fight after years of tension. One wants to make up, and... more

21 May 2021 · 39 minutes
Just Some Freakin’ Guy

I'm fixated on one friend who doesn't seem as invested as I am. In fact, I find myself obsessing about... more

15 May 2021 · 37 minutes
Jenn I Love You