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Feb 23, 2018 1 hr 4 min

Story Story Story Feat. Marcia Shandur

Marsha is the shit and my spirit animal! Growing up in a Russian family, stories were in Marsha’s blood, the currency of her family conversations. she received a psychology degree from the University of Edinburgh then did a 15-year stint as a Radio DJ, where I learned how to hone in on the best bits of a story and arrange them to make the most impact — in the 20 seconds between songs. She is a Networking Mentor and learned how to apply her instincts and storytelling skills to the business world, teaching people how to get to the heart of their business story and tell it in a way that had their dream clients lining up to work with them. Now, as a Storytelling Coach, Marsha helps everyone from solopreneurs to TED speakers craft their messages for maximum impact, empathy, and effectiveness. SHOW NOTES: Marsha’s Mother, “She knit a new career out of thin air…” Leaving a life you love because of love. Cultural Stealing Pulling the funeral card. Identity crisis after identity crisis. How to get upgraded on an airplane. I never play the acting card. What do you want your business to look like? Marie Forleo Marcia helps people learn to use stories to instantly create a deep connection with their readers and listeners. Being weird is a little bit funny, and we’re all a little bit weird. Whether it is networking or whatever else, it is all about stories. LINKS MENTIONED: Check out Marsha's website Check out Marsha's book Improv Find Marsha on Facebook Find Marsha on Instagram
Feb 16, 2018 57 min

Paleo Shcmaleo! Feed Me! feat. Cristina Curp

I ate chocolate covered Strawberries on Valentine’s day and woke with a migraine. I only ate four! My relationship with has interesting through the years. I don’t do well-eating grain and sugar. It messes me up, bloats me make me a miserable human… plus my sugar numbers always run high because I have PCOS. So, there is a lot I can’t eat! I am always looking for recipes. And then! Giant Fanfare!! I found Cristina Curp from The Castaway Kitchen on Instagram! And she changed everything! She is an amazingly prolific Chef that faces crazy health challenges and cooks around them creating amazing food that is super easy to make. I may love her! Truly! Cristina and get personal about food and health. She is funny and smart! You will love her too! SHOW NOTES: Healing and eating well is all about self-love. It re-learning how to cook. Cristina’s healing journey has shaped who she is and has allowed her to help people. No one should tell you that you just have to deal with it. Everything in your health can be figured out. You can help any health issue through diet. You need to apply clean eating principles to real food principles as much as possible. Health shouldn’t be just for rich people. LINKS MENTIONED: Check out Cristina’s website The Castaway Kitchen: https://thecastawaykitchen.com/about-me/ Cristina has great resources and information on her site: https://thecastawaykitchen.com/my-journey/ Check out Cristina’s article on starting a blog: https://thecastawaykitchen.com/2017/10/food-blogger-avoid-mistakes/ Great recipes at The Castaway Kitchen: https://thecastawaykitchen.com/recipes/ Nutritional Therapy Association: https://www.nutritionaltherapy.com/ Thrive Market: https://thrivemarket.com/food Swerve Sweetener: https://www.amazon.com/Swerve-Granular-Sweetener-Measuring-Spoons/dp/B004X71550?th=1 Monk Fruit Sweetner: https://www.amazon.com/Fruit-Servings-Paleo-Sugar-Sweetener/dp/B01DMCMO7O/ref=sr_1_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1516817439&sr=8-1&keywords=julian+bakery+sweetener Cristina on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thecastawaykitchen/
Jan 19, 2018 40 min

Episode Put Your Money Where Your Self-Love Is! Feat. Denise Duffield-Thomas

“Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.”Epictetus I have struggled to make enough money my whole adult life and when I had money I spent it, and not well. I grew up very comfortable and so I don’t where I developed this weird story with money. I have read so many books on money blocks and manifestation! Still, I have not truly gotten a handle on it. Now, I always try to make it through and it always comes at the last second, but I am not where I want to be at all. I don’t want just enough to get by anymore! I do want enough to pay my bills, travel, buy cute shoes once in a while and not to panic from the 20th until the end of the month and live paycheck to paycheck. It’s so hard to be honest with myself. Getting Denise on my show felt like a real coup! I was so excited and what I learned was she is super real, full-hearted and very vulnerable. The other thing I learned was I need to take her course and get full on Denise support and take the maybe painful deep dive. Denise is not about magical thinking she is smart and practical. It’s not about saying a million mantras and listening to subliminal money meditations. It’s about knowing your worth and value and believing it! Looking at what you have and grow it and be honest with yourself. Really fucking honest! Now with all that said, I learned a lot in our hour together and you will too. SHOW NOTES: Denise helps people get their money stories straight. People really ignore the obvious and try to earn money doing something that isn't their true passion. We are being called to let go of what isn't working anymore. It takes courage and a leap of faith. We need to give ourselves the permission to change and move into what we want. You have to declutter your life before the Universe can give you more. The core of Denise's work is self love and acceptance. There aren't any rules anymore about anything. We can look at our culture and see our money blocks reflected back to us. Quit saying what you DON'T have. LINKS MENTIONED: Check out Denise's book Lucky Bitch: https://www.amazon.com/Lucky-Bitch-Exceptional-Outrageous-Success/dp/1466322241 Check out Denise's site: https://luckybitch.com/ Information about Money Bootcamp: http://denisedt.com/bootcamp/
Jan 12, 2018 51 min

Episode Epic Danger feat. Nick McArthur

Every once in a while you find someone you know you have to be friends with and for me that's Nick. He is kind, tough, romantic, evolved and super real and cool. And this is why I love Nick, in Nick's words, "I’m a dude, with a wife, five kids an online business. I also happen to have a history of living as a woman. This little piece of the internet is where I’ll attempt to tell you all my secret views of the world as someone who has lived fully on both sides of the gender coin. I believe in soul mates and destiny and so many hippie things. I believe in morning sex and donuts for breakfast and Thursday night concerts in dives with beer in plastic cups. I also believe in the word Mother Fucker… try it, it feels good as it rolls off the tongue." Nick was born with ovaries and lived as a woman, married a man, and gave birth to 4 children and then fell in love with the beautiful Anna and now lives as a transman with Anna. Together they have 5 children, Brave and authentic! Show Notes & Links Epic Danger The Very Best Man Nick has given birth to five babies. If I going to be a girl I am going to be the best at it. Trans-friendly people Hormones change the way you smell and taste. Listen to the first to the first time. Men listen to men differently than women... they actually listen to men. I stopped in the middle of the podcast to yell at my cat. Hormones give Nick more energy that needs to be put somewhere. I need to fight someone or fuck someone. Do mothers take more ownership of their children? Why does their house always look clean on Instagram when they have 5 kids. Anna is a professional organizational coach. Declare Dominion. Nick's Instagram Nick is studying to be a paramedic. I don't have to go to my kid's holiday concerts anymore. Nick's favorite swear word is fuck. Favorite Bush is lilac. Nick changes would be to grow a beard and end child marriage. We discuss hairy bodies in depth. How the hormone changes your body and how it's like puberty. Lost masturbater on my porch.
Nov 24, 2017 25 min

Every Little Thing She Does is Magic Feat. Michelle Simkins

Michelle is one of those cool people who is unapologetically herself…. created her life the way she wants it & walks her talk. Growing up witches were either Bewitched or the Wicked Witch of the West, not the cool chick your friends with. That’s why I dig Michelle because she breaks the mold because her intention is to help people through her practices and craft. Listen in and you learn what it is to be a modern-day witch. Actually, I think most women are modern-day witches. Michelle is magical! SHOW NOTES: Michelle makes amazing talisman. A lot of people carry family and ancestral patterns. The deeper the wound the harder it is to remove. Being a witch for Michelle means: an inner knowing, making magic for healing, tuning into the earth and seasonal cycles. There is a magical and spiritual component to being a witch. The less apologetic you are, the less flack you get. It is all about boundaries. LINKS: Check out Michelle’s Etsy Shop Check out Michelle’s website …A Witch’s Path What is Reiki? What is a talisman? okcupid Check out Michelle’s Patreon Page Check out Michelle on Facebook Check out Michelle on Instagram
Nov 17, 2017 1 hr 16 min

Naked Talk feat. Karly Nimmo

I kind of feel naked with a bloated belly in this episode. I was so lost in my own negativity spiral when I recorded this episode. Then I found Zofie and Relax Me Happy and my perspective has really shifted. Maybe I was not ready or maybe I did not have the right teacher. I know it sounds simple, but since then I have been so focused on ye old proverbial phrase “glass half full”. Anyhow, this is a very honest interview with Karly Nimmo, who is so lovable, honest and smart and makes you feel like her instant best friend. I feel like she and I are spiritual/podcasting soul sister and we both also have voice over careers! I dream of having a podcast with Karly! And going on retreats with her in Thailand. Or maybe Karly and I meet in Thailand every 6 months and record 20 episodes at a time! Dreamy! Meet Karly Nimmo! You will love her! SHOW NOTES: We are often looking for that place when we are free of struggle…that fairy tale place. We’re just where we need to be at any given moment. Leaning in means allowing and trusting instead of resisting. The judgement of others doesn’t matter. People are generally uncomfortable with other’s pain. They want us not to feel that pain, because it makes them feel uncomfortable. We are already the person we are meant to be, we are just not seeing it because we are over complicating it. Thinking about dying makes shit very real. It’s all about choices, and taking responsibility for ourselves. Be okay with it, own it. The world is just the mirror to what is going on inside. Judgement is always about us. When you strip away all the other voices and other people’s stories about you, you get to the real you. The love we crave is there ALL THE TIME. Your version of success can only be defined by YOU You can’t be all things to all people. You can only be you. LINKS: What the Bleep Do We Know – Native Americans not seeing the ships story Check out Karly’s Podcast HERE
Nov 02, 2017 58 min

Stalking Happiness feat. Zofie Lloyd-Kucia

Since my divorce, over 15 years ago I have been on a quest for happiness and enlightenment. Books, podcasts, audio tapes, audiobooks, mantras, yoga, prayer, meditation, therapy, retreats, seminars, grateful apps, A Course of Miracles (I’ve done the first two weeks a half dozen times), a cord cutter (don’t ask), a shaman, many Super Souls Sundays and list could go on! I was chasing it away! Get rid of those negative thoughts! Do it right now! Do it! And then I met Zofie, practical, real and so funny, she gives a relaxed easy approach to letting go of those negative thoughts and finding your own happy place. I use her mediations on a daily basis these days. And they are knocking the shit out of my ancient stories about myself and life and I am seeing the forest through the trees. She has one on her website you can get for free! So, meet Zofie Lloyd-Kucia… this is her first time but won’t be her last on Honestly Lisa. And FYI, in the not too distant future, we are going to do about three sessions ala Katy Perry style for you all to hear. SHOW NOTES It’s all about using relaxation to find happiness or success. Live without love, laughter, and fun doesn’t make sense. Living with Faith and Trust helps things work out. Our thoughts really matter. You don’t need to make yourself happy. You just need to stop fucking things up. It’s not about what you do, but how you feel. Life is a big mirror. When you shift how you feel, your life will reflect that. You are born on this earth to have fun, so get on with it! The less we judge, the freer we are. Life feels easier when we just state things factually. Goodness is flowing to us all. The questions is how much will you allow? Be mindful of where your focus is. Don’t say I’m afraid, say I’m excited! It’s the same in your body. Take the pressure off. Seeking your happiness should be stressful. Ever. LINKS: Visit Zofie’s site Relax Me Happy Check out John Cleese’s talk on Creativity Siri Check out Lisa’s Be Silly Now Course Check out Honestly Lisa’s other Podcasts Check out Zofie on Instagram The Snow App This episode was also supported by Amazon. Click on this link Amazon any time you need to make an Amazon purchase. A small percentage of your purchase will support the show (no extra cost to you).
Oct 13, 2017 44 min

Till Death Do Us Plan feat. Michelle Pante & Reena Lazar

I have Michelle Pante & Reena Lazar on this episode from the glorious inspiring Willow EOL. They help us look at the things that may be scary but important to grasp because ultimately, looking at the end of our lives can inspire us to live fully right now. Honestly, this is a pretty funny interview and not a downer at all… you will laugh ass off and maybe cry a little. Like a good romcom. ♥ I remember calling my mother about a week before she died to ask her what color Crocs(the shoes) she wanted. My sister said to me, Lisa she is dying and does not need shoes. I argued with my sister to not be such a Debbie Downer and then bought my mom a leopard pair Crocs. I arrived at my moms’ house with leopard Crocs in hand to find my whole family sitting with her. My mom still able to talk said thank you and looked at me with a mom look and I began to sob, really sob. And I could not stop crying until… well… I am still crying now writing this. It’s been almost 10 years and I still cry out of nowhere. I still have the crocks. They are my go-to yoga shoes and every time I look down I see my mom. I want to be buried in the leopard Crocs, they will be super comfortable to wear in the afterlife. SHOW NOTES Willoweol It’s about the legacy you leave in the world. If you take care of things now, it will make a huge difference in the future. Do it yourself home funerals Green burials Community Based Death Caring Community Based Learning Inspires people take charge of their lives by taking care of their death Death as a cool adventure The Ultimate Transformation Most people are fascinated by what they do There is something empowering about planning your death Departure directions: understanding the scope of your options Love letters and heart wills: take time to write lasting messages to those they love and legacy letters. here is the link to WillowEOL to download your free guide and write your heart will. Talking about death and dying changes your life and how you show up What do I want people to remember? An ass-backward way to find your truth. Expect that your choices will be respected and treated with compassion and responsibility Citizens at birth and consumers at death. You have the right to ask for what you want The DIY yourself world brings us back in touch and has the potential for growth and healing Your death is the greatest autobiographical act you will create A Will for the Woods Natural burial/Green burial This episode was also supported by Amazon. Click on this link --> Amazon any time you need to make an Amazon purchase. A small percentage of your purchase will support the show (no extra cost to you). I receive an affiliate commission from some of the links above.
Oct 04, 2017 59 min

We're Moving in Together feat. JP Sears

When I first saw JP Sears I fell in love with him, laughed my ass off and then I thought with a giant pause... WAIT! Woah, Nellie! Spiritual comedy is my bag! Then the more I watched the more I loved the door he opened! Then the more I watched the more I loved the door he opened! Then I sent him a note asking him to be on Honestly Lisa and he said yes! Talking to JP was like talking to a brother from another mother. I felt like we had been playing in the same sandbox for many lifetimes. I had a bit of the nervous giggles in the beginning... fangirling all over him. Listen in and see if you can hear the giggles... also you can head over to my patreon or youtube to watch the video. JP SEARS SHOW NOTES: Breathing is not an essential part of deep breaths How to be Ultra Spiritual JP is humorous and serious at the same time There is some truth in all jokes and a joke in all truths. Current girlfriend Amber thinks he is funny, his last girlfriend didn’t think he was funny Amber and JP are engaged! The victim is who we think we are. Lisa does her chanting in Sanskrit and English…San-Linguish Kundalini starts where your doo doo comes out When I’m not in denial I feel blessed…JP Success is basically that you are nice to people You have to be nice to yourself and other people to be successful Being nice to yourself isn’t taking yourself to a spa. It’s the fucking comments in your head The inner critic has endless material, it’s even in alphabetical order One of the ingredients of being nice to ourselves is being nice to the parts of us that aren’t nice to us (inner critic) Bulletproof coffee JP is going on a comedy tour on the East Coast JP’s Book How To Be Ultra Spiritual You can also get JP Book free when you join Audible with Lisa’s special URL! audiblefreetrial.com/honestlylisa Lisa should be opening for JP on his comedy tour.(Tell JP! Email him!) Lisa’s recommendation for JP’s comedy tour: playing theaters and not comedy clubs, bill it as the Unfunny Comedy Tour, an opening act Say your fucking truth in every moment. Is my truth that I’m not saying my truth right now. What is my truth and will no one like me if I say my truth? Comedy is science to Lisa JP started as a life coach and emotional healing Keep growing using the same means that got us to grow to a certain point We need to let go of what has served us well to keep growing. Whether we need to let something go or life seemingly takes it from us it is a form of letting go. The more stubborn we are and are not willing to let us go, life will make us let it go. The unknown is the greatest mystery. The three C’s…Creativity, Connection, Curiosity Austin, Texas a high vibe, high consciousness place Laying in bed like Willy Wonka’s grandparents Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is about what they didn’t show you Walmart is close to heaven JP prefers Target over Walmart Willy Wonka When we listen to other people tell us what our truth is, we will go crazy. Funny thing about people is that we are not all the same. If someone is trying to treat us all the same, they are full of shit. Lisa doesn’t do well on a vegan diet, but feels guilty about eating meat. JP eats a strict vegan diet, and a meat-eating diet simultaneously. Everyone is very different in the same way. Being yourself is being just like everyone else trying to be themselves. There is strength in words that sound like numbers. Many people can only find purpose when they are broken and have a problem to solve. Let me not show up so something can go wrong. The path that serves us will eventually disserve you if you stay on that path. Vegan La La Land Cucumber cat videos bridging to fainting goat videos…A good idea? Funny isn’t something you have to apologize for. It doesn’t hurt anybody. JP dreams of the day when there is no more people on the internet, only funny animal videos If fainting goats were people Bunny Channel Awaken with JP Women don’t need to get paid in comedy unless they are talking about sexuality and how slutty they are You shouldn’t prepare for life, it’s just silly. Nature grows a lot of powders JP’s Answers Levis-weird red-headed kid I went to high school with… Love-Amber Peanut Butter-Peter Pan Carnation Instant Breakfast-What I should buy right now Tires-Zephyr What is your favorite bush- Justin Timberlake Justin Timberlake is everything that a bush symbolizes Timberland shoes
Sep 22, 2017 1 hr 4 min

Are you a good Daughter? feat. Kelly Carlin

I have the thoughtful, smart, talented Kelly Carlin in the studio today! We have a ton in common, both tendered & raised by professionally funny men. Chickenman & The Hippy Dippy Weatherman I am not sure I have discussed the fact my dad was Chickeman. He was local radio personality in Chicago and dressed up in feathers and tights and went to malls on weekends to meet people. After the feathers, he became a national radio guy and advertising guru as well. I always thought kelly's dad was much cooler, truly the comic's comic that spans generations with his humor and brilliance. I was lucky enough in my Comedy Store days to watch him put together shows. All that being said, they are still just our dad's, that we love, and try are best to be the good girl for... or the good daughter. Kelly and I unpacked our lives as daughter's, showbiz struggles and finally how to be your own women. Kelly is doing full force... me I am a bit behind. I think we both dove deep in this conversation and held nothing back, talked about everything from Carl Jung to money, to Carol Burnett. Show Notes! Here is a link to Kelly’s website. Kelly Carlin And if you want to Unplug With Kelly go check her course. She will teach you how to use meditation and MINDFULNESS and easily fit it into your life. Kelly got her degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Jungian Psychology in 2001 at Santa Barbara’s Pacifica Graduate Institute She lost her mom a few years before the entered Pacifica Graduate Institute Kelly’s dad was a bit uncomfortable with the autobiographical work and that created pause. Carl Jung You may be visiting the same part of the circle in your life but you are a little higher up so you have a little more consciousness Life Coaching Lisa is up for anything, but her follow through in life is sucky Kelly needed to get on stage These negotiation we make inside of ourselves with our parents is interesting. Kelly is writing her second book about daughter-hood. None of the stories we tell ourselves are true. You get to rewrite your story. This is where follow through comes in. What if there is no safety net? The safety net does you a disservice. Kelly’s father’s legacy is really important to her. She wanted to participate in the world as his daughter. She needed to walk the fire of being her father’s daughter in public. Lisa hears’ all the time, you’re just like your Dad, but not quite… We’ve all felt like we’re drowning, we’ve all been lost and confused, overwhelmed by tragedy. We need to tell our stories. Kelly needed to get over her stage fright. Carol Burnett Lucille Ball Lily Tomlin Spalding Gray Kelly needed to prove to herself she could do it A Carlin Home Companion Entertainers Who Died on Stage Rain Pryor Marianne Williamson Rick Shapiro Eddie Pepitone We live in a world that has no set path anymore unless you are in technology. How do you monetize this??? It’s not so much about what you want to do. It’s more about the needs of the people out there that you align with. Ruzuku B School Jen Louden How many pots are on your stove and what are the pots. You only have so much fuel for so many burners in your life. Honestly Lisa The only way we get things done is by incremental baby steps each week. Unplugged Class audiblefreetrial.com/honestlylisa Danielle LaPorte Louis C K There is no competition. It is abundance. Jim Carrey Fashion Week The Wonder Of Life is Kelly’s Spiritual Path Kelly Carlin.com Contact for Kelly
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