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Fundamental Shift Podcast
Fundamental Shift Podcast
Rob Scott

Bringing our awareness to some small things can bring a fundamental shift in awareness and understanding. This shift can deeply transform our... more

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A Bit About Relationships

This talk is about being in relationships with others. It describes mistakes we make that end up leaving us hurt... more

03 Jun 2007 · 17 minutes
Big Things From Little Changes or How to Have a True “Identity Shift”

Why is it so hard to make big changes in our lives? We all seem to want things to be... more

15 May 2007 · 13 minutes
Do You Have A Practice

This talk is meant to suggest the importance of a regular meditation practice. The pull of the world, and the... more

29 Apr 2007 ·
A Rainy Day in Philadelphia

Something a little different today. No talking. Just watching. What do the faces say to you? Where do our minds go... more

13 Apr 2007 · 2 minutes
Looking Through Other Peoples Eyes

What is the difference between a healthy perspective shift, and losing oneself in another through co-dependent behavior? The difference is... more

31 Mar 2007 ·
Introduction to States and Stages

This talk is an introduction to states and stages of consciousness. States of consciousness are our now experience, and stages... more

19 Mar 2007 ·
Learning to be Detached

I was recently having a discussion with a good friend of mine. He mentioned that people who have had trauma... more

08 Mar 2007 ·
Do We Change The World Or Accept It

Integral theory and spiral dynamics talk about the difference between states and stages. And while a full explanation of the... more

26 Feb 2007 ·
Fearlessly Feeling Fear

The worst thing I see in people, and myself, is when we resist what is. When I am resisting life,... more

17 Feb 2007 ·
From Clutter to Clarity

External clutter is linked to your internal state of mind. Ownership of things is part of what the self is... more

06 Feb 2007 ·
Fundamental Shift Podcast
A Bit About Relationships
Fundamental Shift Podcast