Relationship Power at work

Relationship Power at work

Ric Lindberg
May 30, 2020 12 min

Distributed Culture, Diversity and using Game Mechanics in current Game windows

May 24, 2020 11 min

Humble is not thinking less of yourself

Humble is not thinking less of yourself, it's thinking of yourself less. Be the hardest working in the room, not the loudest
May 17, 2020 16 min

Different yet Normal

May 10, 2020 18 min

Serious Play

May 03, 2020 14 min

Knowledge is power yet only imagination and Action creates impact

Apr 26, 2020 28 min

Doing IT

OK to fumble while learning just intentionally keep practice and evaluate for those you care about
Apr 18, 2020 19 min

Living in Replay Simulation Mode

Living in Replay Simulation Mode, What is Normal, Intentionally Act Now
Apr 13, 2020 17 min

Clarity and Confidence = Status Quo, uncertainty ahead is for making better things

Apr 05, 2020 20 min

Kindness to Self and Others Urgently needed

Mar 29, 2020 18 min

Intentionally positioning yourself for generosity is what builds culture

Relationship Power at work
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