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Oct 18, 2020 --

Gospel Giving

Oct 11, 2020 --

Live Your Calling

Oct 04, 2020 --

Gospel Identity

Sep 28, 2020 --

Gospel Community

Sep 22, 2020 --

The Two Tools for Mission

http://risesermons.s3.amazonaws.com/ For House Church launch Sunday, Pastor Jason looks at two tools the Apostle Paul used when he was planting churches. These two are what we need to use and live out if we are going to be effective in our mission during this new season.
Sep 06, 2020 --

United By Connection

Jason Clarke - United By Connection Unity is hard in a season like this. Many of us are on edge for a variety of reasons. It can even make us feel skeptical of eachother. That's why personal connection is so important. Lean in to this teaching by pastor Jason Calrke to explore 1 Peter 3.
Aug 31, 2020 --

United In Purpose

Scott Bean | Unity With Purpose Unity is a great idea in theory. But practically, how does it work when you're genuinely bothered by, angry with, or annoyed around someone else? What do you do when you disagree? In Philippians 2, we find the power to set aside differences and come together. It's purpose. Purpose is not something that originates in us but comes to us in and through Jesus. Listen to this teaching by Scott Bean as he explores the breath-taking humility of Jesus because of His unwavering purpose.
Aug 24, 2020 --

Love Unites

Nolan Tjaden - Love Unites What would make you feel like an accomplished person? Success, money, like-ability, influence, or power? In 1 Corinthians 13, Paul argues that without love any capability or competency is worthless. So, what is so special about this love Paul is talking about? As english speakers, we're at a disadvantage. The english word for "love" is sloppy" and too broad. We need to enter the world of the bible and engage with a fresh vision for love. Agape, one of the biblical concepts of love is something powerful and life-altering. What is it like, and how could it change you? Listen to this teaching to learn more.
Aug 18, 2020 --

Vision Sunday

Jason Clarke - Vision Sunday Are we ever going to re-gather as a church? Have you asked that question at any point? Some wonder if it's safe to gather large groups. Others question whether it's even necessary to remain closed. These are both important questions. Yet, the biggest and most essential question remains: "What is Jesus calling His Church to do?" That's exactly what the Rise Leadership team has been wrestling through for months. Out of that wrestling has come clarity. We are convinced that there is a clear, safe, Jesus-exalting, vulnerable-honoring, community-building, city-elevating, mission-advancing path forward. Listen to this vision cast by Jason Clarke for the full plan.
Aug 09, 2020 --

Unity Across Lines

Josh Howeth - Unity Across Lines Question for you: Do you really WANT unity in our church? Do you want unity amongst various churches? And if your answer is yes, why? The truth is that when we take a hard look at what Jesus’ heart is in terms of unity for His church, sometimes we’d rather just keep things as they are. Sure, we like unity with the people around us who we like the most, who think like us. But unity across lines, across opinions, across divisions? Much harder to do. Join us as Pastor Josh from Gresham Bible Church talks about how it’s not our similar thoughts that unite us, but it’s Jesus who is the center of everything, drawing all believers into unity as we look to Him.
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