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Boycott Society
Boycott Society
boycott society

Boycott Society. break free of the standard interactions that you've grown accustom to. watch one man's struggle with stuff.

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Another Brokeback remix

Another Brokeback remix.It's been a while for me to do the whole video thing. And it's sad that it... more

10 Mar 2006 ·
In Memoriam: Lizard.

In Memoriam: Lizard.In a previous video, I had featured some clips from our bearded dragon, Annie. Over the past... more

30 Nov 2005 ·
Oscar in SF

Oscar in SFThis is an Oscar the Grouch toy I've had for about 26 years... and it's still solid as... more

30 Nov 2005 ·
Jumping Bunny

Jumping BunnyI've been calling this cheap, Happy Meal toy a "jumping bunny", but I'm now starting to think it may... more

28 Nov 2005 ·
Civil War Re-enactment Pt. 3

Civil War Re-enactment Pt. 3 Here we're talking to Brady. He's acting as a Navy Surgeon. He talks about the... more

21 Nov 2005 ·
Civil War Re-enactment Pt. 2

Civil War Re-enactment Pt. 2 Just after the "battle", they did a re-enactment of what surgery would be like during... more

21 Nov 2005 ·
Civil War Re-enactment Pt. 1

Civil War Re-enactment Pt. 1About an hour outside of Houston is a little town called Hempstead. Over this past weekend,... more

21 Nov 2005 ·
Blowin' in the Wind.

Blowin' in the Wind.Bob Dylan wrote the best war-protest song ever. These shots were all taken from Archive.org... I... more

15 Nov 2005 ·
50th Wedding Anniversary.

50th Wedding Anniversary.I found this 3rd generation VHS tape that my Uncle Jimmie had made for my grandparent's 50th Anniversary.... more

15 Nov 2005 ·
Play-Doh Man hates Boxing Kangaroo.

Play-Doh Man hates Boxing Kangaroo.I couldn't think of anything to shoot. So I created a fight between Play-Doh Man... more

09 Nov 2005 ·
Boycott Society
Another Brokeback remix
Boycott Society