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Boxcutters recommends: This is Modern Living

From Boxcutters founding co-host, Josh Kinal, comes a new podcast: This is Modern Living. This is the pre-release episode where... more

31 Aug 2015 ·
Ep 364: Les Revenants (The Returned)

Things get a little bit Frenchy/Sexy this episode as Lauren Rosewarne joins us for a review of the spooky Canal+... more

31 Mar 2014 ·
Ep 363: The Wrong Mans

This week we take a look at the thriller/comedy from the BBC, The Wrong Mans, created by and starring James... more

06 Mar 2014 ·
Ep 362: Lucas Testro & True Detective

It may not be strictly all about TV but it’s a big one and it’s full of entertainment. And it’s... more

18 Feb 2014 ·
Ep 361: Hello Ladies

Don’t call it a christmas show or even an end-of-year wrap up – we will be touching on that in... more

03 Jan 2014 ·
Ep 360: Hostages

It’s a hard and fast episode of Boxcutters this week. Steele Saunders is back as we take a look at... more

03 Dec 2013 ·
Ep 359: Masters of Sex & Lauren Rosewarne

We have a very smart-sexy Boxcutters for you this week after our short hiatus (sorry about the delay). Masters of... more

26 Nov 2013 ·
Ep 358: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. & Steele Saunders

Hey you guys. Steele Saunders joins the team on Boxcutters as we take a look at Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.... more

31 Oct 2013 ·
Ep 357: The Blacklist

In this Dave Lawson filled episode of Boxcutters we take a look at the new James Spader starring, thriller series,... more

24 Oct 2013 ·
Ep 356: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This episode of Boxcutters feels like we went to the hairdresser and they were a little over-exuberant… it feels a... more

16 Oct 2013 ·
Boxcutters recommends: This is Modern Living