the Pennsylvania Rock Show

the Pennsylvania Rock Show

William Domiano
Oct 23, 2020 59 min

Supermonkey PARS538

SuperMonkey joins Bill for episode 538 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show. SuperMonkey is a recording artist, guitarist, singer, producer, recording studio, and record label owner from Pittsburgh, PA. SuperMonkey was established in 2002. After releasing 7 albums & EP's with a variety acts and line ups SuperMonkey is currently touring as a stripped down 3 piece band in the vein of Jimi Hendrix & Stevie Ray Vaughn, preforming original songs from all of his recordings as well as a few choice covers like The Beatles, Prince, and Led Zeppelin. SuperMonkey has shared the stage with many acts like members of Guns ‘n Roses, Samantha Fish, White Denim, Quiet Riot, Fuel, Ace Frehley, The Fixx, The Biters, and Robin Trower. Owner of Pittsburgh Rock 'n Roll Record Label, Record Shop, Concert Production Company- ​SuperMonkey Recording Company, and is the Marketing Partner at Tonic Recording Studios. Where to find SuperMonkey: Segment 1 with SuperMonkey Can you tell us a little bit about SuperMonkey as a whole, I'd almost call it an industry of its own? You have played with a ton of Pittsburgh musicians that I'm familiar with, would you like to do some name dropping to start things off? If you could ask your musical idol just one question, what would it be? If you were on a tour and I tagged along, what would the soundtrack be? You can pick 1 album that you’ve already heard to erase the memories of having heard it, and go back to listen to it like it’s the first time again. What would it be? Segment 2 Can you tell us about the moment you realized that you wanted to be a part of the music scene? Who are your favorite bassist, guitarist, singer and drummer? What is one thing that your fans would be surprised to know about you? What is next for SuperMonkey and where can you be found online?
Oct 16, 2020 1 hr 1 min

Brady Novotny PARS537

Brady Novotny is back to discuss what he has been doing musically during the pandemic and upcoming happenings. Brady is becoming a regular on our shows making his 3rd appearance this year: 3 Questions and a Song #32 on 5/1/2020 & the Pennsylvania Rock Show #498 on 1/17/2020 being the other one. Where to find Brady: Segment #1 with Brady Novotny What is the status of your Guitar Freaks show? You mentioned your wife was recording an episode of Divas Dish Diz right now, who is she interviewing? What is your favorite Van Halen song? We talked a bit about Dave Granati, John Vento, Corbriwoodstock, and more Segment #2 What equipment you use? When you're playing for yourself, what songs do you play? What song made you decide you wanted to play guitar? We discussed various concerts. Which of your songs describes you the best as an artist? If you could join any band in the history of music, who would you join? If you were going to host a podcast, what would the title be?
Oct 09, 2020 1 hr 1 min

4 For Fall PARS536

4 for Fall released their new Single "Sometimes Less is More" on February 8th! They join Bill on episode 536 to introduce themselves to you and that new track. Segment 1 with 4 for Fall Where did your band name, 4 for Fall, come from? Where is your band based out of, and how did you form? Can each of you tell me when you decided you would be in a band? Who would you want to open for, and where? What cartoon series would they put you in, and what character would play each of you? Tell me a story about the song Sometimes Less is More, please? Segment 2 What do you sing about? Pick 1 album that you’ve already heard to erase the memories of having heard it, and go back to listen to it like it’s the first time again. What would it be? Who is your Dave Grohl? If you could ask your #1 influence just 1 question about being a musician, what would it be? Can you share your social media links with us and any upcoming shows or events that you may have happening?
Oct 02, 2020 1 hr 0 min

Maleena PARS535

Maleena joins us to talk about her fairly new release (July 2020), Bruises to Prove it and we delve a bit into life as a Freshman during Covid, as well as, life as a member of Chip and the Charge Ups. Segment 1 with Maleena Can you tell us about this weekend's Chip and the Charge Ups album release party? How does Covid affect you as a freshman in college? How did you come up with the title for the album, Bruises to Prove It. Can you tell us about the writing process for the album? I know you play bass and guitar, are there any other instruments that you play? I think we talked about this a little bit when we did the interview for Black and Gold Christmas, but how did you end up being the bassist for Chip and the Charge Ups. How did you convince the band to dye parts of their hair pink? The shoes? How did that come about? How have your creative parents influenced you to get you to where you are today? Do you want to talk about being in the school musical? Is that something that you might peruse? Have you had any embarrassing moments on stage be it musical or band related? How about during the recording of the video for the Tide is High? Did anyone go to Sara's for ice cream? What can you tell me about your song, Something More? Segment 2 with Maleena If you could go back in time and follow around any band for a year to learn from, who would you want to follow? If you could sit on a bench with any musician for a hour and ask them only one question, who would it be and what would you ask? Who would be your Dave Grohl? You are about to go out on a headlining tour, what local bands would you invite to open for you? If they are going to make a cartoon that involved you, what series would it be and what character would they turn into you? If you were going into management of bands and you were going to make a band from the local scene, who would you put in the band and what genre would you have them play? If you're out on tour and I'm tagging along, what would the soundtrack between shows be? Can you tell us where the listeners can find you and your band online and about any upcoming shows?
Sep 25, 2020 59 min

Black Ridge PARS534

Paul Cha and Mike Conrad of Black Ridge join Bill on episode 534 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show to talk about the band, rock for life, and more. Segment 1 with Black Ridge How has the pandemic affect your band? We chat a bit about Rock for Life, Matt Ferrante, and other scene history. Do you have any cool stories from the recording of the upcoming album, Beware? We talk Fubar's newest EP. Segment 2 with Paul & Mike Tell me about an embarrassing moment on stage... How did Paul Guerrini, get Bill in trouble? years ago... We talk about Paul's contribution to Black Ridge. If we played a Black Ridge song backwards, what would we hear? If you could play with any musician in the history of the world and in between shows you could sit on a bench with them; who, what would you ask them, and where would you want to play? Who is your Dave Grohl? Why doesn't Bill get recognized on stage at shows... well...
Sep 18, 2020 59 min

Seethe PARS533

Patrick McElravy of seethe, 9 Stitch Method, Brutal Business Entertainment, and more joins Bill for Episode 533 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show. Segment 1 with Seethe Is the new album, Abstract Thoughts, an EP or an LP? How did your involvement in Brutal Business Entertainment happen? Can you give us a little incite on what BBE does? Seethe seemed to come out of nowhere to me... Tell us about the song, Piece by Piece... Segment 2 with Patrick Do want to name drop the bands on the Brutal Business Entertainment Label? If you could meet any musician in the history of time and ask 1 question, who would you want to meet and what would you ask? Who is your Dave Grohl? We go off on a tangent about the GOD FATHERS of metal in Pittsburgh, Skell... If I play a Seethe song backwards, what would I hear? Do you like any Fallout Boy songs? What is a song that you hate and you immediately turn it off when it comes on the radio? What is a song that you want to cover, that you haven't had a chance to do yet? If you were going to interview me on a music podcast, what question would you ask me?
Sep 11, 2020 59 min

Modern Fossils PARS532

On episode 532 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show, Modern Fossils make their debut to talk about the band and their album "Incredible Edibles". Segment 1 with Modern Fossils Where did your band name, Modern Fossils, come from? If there was a catastrophic event that erased almost all the humans off the earth, which Modern Fossils song should survive and help with the repopulation of the Earth? Tell me about an embarrassing moment that someone else in the band had on stage? If you were headlining a worldwide tour, what bands from the Pittsburgh Scene would you take with you to open? If you could open for any band in the history of music, what band would you want to open for and why? If you could sit down on a bench for 1 hour and speak to a musician, but only ask them one question, who would you talk to and what would you ask? If I was flipping through a social studies book, why would I find Modern Fossils in it? Who would be your "Dave Grohl"? If you were on tour and I was following you around, what would the soundtrack to our trip be? Segment 2 with Larry, Billy, Danielle, & Brendon Do you have any shows coming up? If someone was trying to book you, how would they do that? Besides not having shows, how else has the pandemic affected your band? What is something your fans would be surprised to learn about you? If I were to play one of your songs backwards, what would we hear? What is something that you absolutely love about the music scene and something you hate about it? If you band was secretly a group of superheroes, what superpower would each of you have?
Sep 04, 2020 59 min

UltraViolent PARS531

UltraViolent is a four-piece metal band based out of Pine Grove, Pennsylvania. Joins Bill for Episode 531 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show. Segment 1 with UltraViolent Where did the band name, UltraViolent, come from? You started your band in your teens, 6 years ago, what is the story behind that? If there was a catastrophic event and it wipes out almost the whole human race; Which one of your songs survives and helps get the population back up? 10 years from now, kids open their Social Studies book and find a section on UltraViolent, why is the band in the book? If you could sit on a bench and talk to any musician in the history of the world for a hour, but you could only ask them one question, who and what question? What band do you wish you could open for on your firs world tour, and which venue would you want to start it off at? We're on that tour and I'm part of the road crew. What would the soundtrack to that tour sound like? Tell us some recording studio stories and work your way towards the song we're going to play tonight. Segment 2 with Brett Can you tell us about the song, Hay in the Needlestack? What is something fans of UltraViolent would be surprised to know about you? Tell me about an embarrassing moment you had on stage. If you were in the movie Almost Famous, what band would you want to write your first article on? How many hard boiled eggs can you fit in your mouth at one time? (asked by Brandon, the drummer haha) Where can the listeners get a copy of your album and find you online? What is your take on Mac Sabbath? Current Members: Brett Anspach, 20, Guitar/Vocals Avery Levan, 20, Bass/Vocals Danny Koury, 22, Guitar Brandon Babcock, 21, Drums Formed in September 2014, UltraViolent had a goal in mind to create music they love and share their message with the world as young upcoming artists. UltraViolent started out by performing covers locally to earn the respect of their small hometown. Once UltraViolent knew their direction was taking a more original and heavier turn, they decided to play in cities that catered more to their style of music. In 2016 the band recorded, mixed, and mastered their first EP, “Five”, all by themselves at the age of 16. The band then branched out into cities such as Harrisburg, Lancaster, and Reading to perform their original music. Eventually they were to expand to the surrounding states to perform their captivating live show. By earning the respect of fans with explosive performances and anthem-like riffs, UltraViolent was a name that quickly became recognizable throughout their local scene. In late 2018 the band released their first music video for the song “Insult to Injury”, the first single from their full length release, “Eviction”. The video gathered over 32k views and 200 shares on Facebook within two weeks. UltraViolent followed up their hit with a lyric video for the next single from Eviction, “Hay in the Needlestack (feat. Merritt Frownfelter)”, their first release of 2019. This video gathered over 15k views on Facebook. UltraViolent released their debut album “Eviction” on June 20th, 2019. Eviction is a concept album that describes the timeline between the inception of humanity, our current state of society, and its inevitable end, ultimately done by our own hand. As a result of the album’s successful reception, UltraViolent signed with DI Records in early June of 2020.
Aug 28, 2020 59 min

Aqua Dementia PARS530

Episode 530 features Matt and Earl of Aqua Dementia. Sludge and blue collar shenanigans out of western PA. Consisting of Earl T. Pearl, Matthew Morton and Troy Theileman. While searching for the perfect hot wing recipe and spray foaming an 85 camaro, Earl and Matt decided to start a band. Shortly after they found Troy behind a dumpster and asked him to play drums in exchange for food. New EP coming soon. Segment 1 with Matt and Earl of Aqua Dementia How did forming a band as the pandemic affected you? ..Hear us talk about car "luck" in the video below, too What do you write your songs about? Some more car talk turns into a possible EP title... If you could sit on that proverbial bench for a hour and talk to any musician in history, who would you talk to and what question would you ask him? We talk about covers of The Devil Went Down to Georgia recently released by Nickleback, K0rn, and The Hellfire Club. What song would you like to take and convert to your style? We talk about country music and artists that we would see live. What artist have you not seen live in concert, that you wish you would have? What was the worst concert you went to? If you could go on tour with any band, who would you want to tour with and what venue would you want to start the tour at? You guys headline a world tour, what local bands do you take with you? On your "Hotrod Frankenstein" EP, what car would grace the cover? If Aqua Dementia was going to be into a cartoon series, what series would you be injected into, and what characters would play you?
Aug 21, 2020 1 hr 15 min

Rattle Clack Compilation Pt. 2 PARS529

Get the Album The Pennsylvania Rock Show is pleased to release the second part of this special episode (see part 1), where we chat with members from each band featured on the Rattle Clack Compilation 2020 disc. You can get a copy of the physical disc from one of the bands, or order it online. We talk about the tracks a tad bit out of order. Segment 3 features: Ralph McCartney & Nick Phelps 03. Homicide Black - Behind 10. Six Speed Kill - Sin to Win Segment 4 features: Doug Carnahan & Terry Blair 06. After the Fall - Suicide March 11. Among Thorns - Hollow Segment 5 features: Danny Corso, Kyle Matovcik, & Jason Milone 04. Union of Souls - Queens of the New Age 02. A Common Crown - If You Want 09. Skarlett Sky - Battle Within
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