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the Pennsylvania Rock Show

William Domiano
May 22, 2020 59 min

Meatlocker Recording PARS516

Jim Harpel of the band Meathook and Meatlocker Recording studio joins Bill to discuss both on Episode 516 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show. Segment 1 with Meatlocker Recording Studio How did the studio get its name? Who are some of the bands that we might know that have recorded with you? Can you tell us a bit about your equipment, please? How did you get started in the recording business? If you could be in the studio while any album was being recorded, which one do you wish you got to witness? If you can sit on that proverbial bench for a hour with anyone from music history, who would you sit with and what would you ask them? When you were in high school, did you imagine that you'd be doing this? Can you remember who the first band was that you recorded? Tim Doverspike from Unbroken Soul asked, "Where is the studio located and do you have a website and Facebook page?" Jim tells us about the Butler Boys' song "The Cap" and Meathook's song, "Better Off, Over" Segment 2 with Jim Where did the name Meathook come from for the band? How did the band meet? Is there a story that involves the studio? If you were in the movie Rockstar, what band would you end up in? What cartoon character would play you in a cartoon series? What actor would play you in a rockumentary? If you ended up headlining an international tour, what 2 local bands would you take with you to open the shows? On that international tour, what are some the venues that you'd like to play? What is something embarrassing that has happened to you or a bandmate on stage? If there is an apocalyptic event on Earth, which song from Meathook should survive? During your internationally tour, I hang out between shows, what would the traveling soundtrack include? Are there general hours that you try to schedule recording sessions? How can a band get a hold of you to schedule sessions? What is one song that you wish you had written? What is something interesting about you that people would be surprised to know? Have you met any of your musical idols? Is the wood in the drum room a specific type of wood? Was that room selected for drums from the beginning or did you figure out as time went on? What are some of your favorite songs that have been recorded there? Livestreaming from the studio?
May 15, 2020 59 min

Unbroken Soul PARS515

Shawn, Tim, and Jr of Unbroken Soul stop by to chat with Bill about what they have been up to, the release of their track from the upcoming Rattle Clack compilation, writing for their upcoming disc, and more. Interview Segment 1 with Unbroken Soul What have you guys been up to, and how have you kept playing throughout the pandemic? Who else is playing on the Rattle Clack Entertainment compilation? How is the experience of playing live on facebook for you? Were there any problems sound-wise that you've noticed with the live streaming? What does Unbroken Soul have planned? Which cartoon series would your band be in, and what character would play you? Who would play you in a rockumentary about Unbroken Soul? What is something that your fans would be surprised to know about each of you? Ten years from now, in the section about about the pandemic in a social studies book you guys are included, why? If you could sit on a bench for 1 hour and speak to anyone in music history, who would you sit with and what would be the only question that you can ask them? Do you think all of this is going to change live music? We talk about the bands that have been livestreaming often. We learn a bit about the song on the Rattle Clack Entertainment compilation track that we got to play, Maelstrom. from the upcoming Rattle Clack compilation, writing for their upcoming disc, and more. Interview Segment 1 with Unbroken Soul What is the bass player situation? Who would you like to open for, and where would you like to open the tour? If we get back to some semblance of normalcy, how long do you think it will take for you to get onto a stage? If you guys were going to do your own podcast, what would it be about? …
May 08, 2020 59 min

The Art of Burning Bridges

The Art of Burning Bridges, which includes 2 members of the former band Fountain Infinity (and one member of September Mourning), who came and performed live in our studio back in 2005. The Art of Burning Bridges - Segment 1 You were on a bit of a hiatus, what is going on album wise? We do a little catch up on the history of the band. We talk about the video that they were working on when the call took place. Hear the band's take on how the pandemic has affected them as musicians, after I ask about shows. Pat offers $5 shows on Wednesday nights, sarcastically. Pat tells us the "story" behind their song Walls. Segment 2 We go off on a tangent about Chux Beta and if they named the band TaObB, and we talk about the Hard Rock Cafe for a second. If there was an apocalyptic event on Earth, hich tAoBB song should survive? What cartoon character would play each of you? Who would play you in a Rockumentary? If you could go back in time, what band would you follow around for a year to learn from? If you were the main character in the movie "Rock Star" what band would you end up a member of? If you were in the role of a reporter doing their first freelance article like the kid in "Almost Famous", what band would you want to write about? If you had to build a band from the PGH scene to manage, who would you put in the band? What has been your favorite venue to play in? If you could open for any internationally touring band, who would you open for and where would the tour start? Embarrassing moments? 10-15 years from now, TaObB is in Social Studies books, why?
May 01, 2020 59 min

Wounded Moose PARS513

Dan joined Bill for a second go at it, for Episode 513 to discuss what's been going with his solo act and his band, Wounded Moose. What have you been up to, besides the quarantine situation? What have you missed out on due to the stay at home order? Have you used this time to do any writing? Tell me what Wounded Moose is going to once we can get out? What is the game plan? Are you calling venues that you haven't played at before? Tell me a bit more about Wounded Moose. What is your favorite place to play? Least favorite? How would you describe the sound of Wounded Moose? Where can we find Wounded Moose online? What is your favorite cover to play? Least favorite? If they were to make a cartoon episode about you, what character would play you? What actor would play you? When you put out music, do you think the CD is still the way to go, or digital and streaming? What would be something you fans would be surprised to know about you? What is your dream gig? What is the big venue, that if you played it, you'd know you've made it? What band would you end up in, if the movie Rock Star was about you? If you were going to build an allstar band to manage, who would you put in the band? If you could sit on "that bench" for a hour and talk to one person, who and what would you ask? If you were in my position, what big rock star would you want to interview? What is the first thing you are doing, once we're allowed to do "things" that are non-essential?
Apr 24, 2020 1 hr 2 min

The Drunk Rock Show PARS512

Neil Donnelly of The Drunk Rock Show and Drunk Rock Reacts came to chat with Bill to talk about the scene, candy, and answer some questions. Neil provides Podcasts and YouTube content focused on music, film/television, and pop-culture. Neil, why don't you give the listeners an idea of what The Drunk Rock Show is about? Recently, you started doing some videos. What exactly are you doing there? How do you come up with the questions that you are going to ask the bands? If you could forget an album that you love so that you could you hear it again for the first time, which album would you forget? If you could back in time for a year and follow a band around, who would you follow? If you could sit on a bench with anyone from the history of the world, who would you sit with and what one question would you ask them? Find out why DC's Legends of Tomorrow characters are really just sidekicks and not superheroes. If you could interview any musician, who would you pick? You become the CEO of a record label, what band from the Pittsburgh scene would you sign first? Who made your logo? We talked about about getting kids to go to sleep, which took us into a tangent about candy, yes candy! What is your favorite movie about music? What sponsors would you love to have? What is Neil's "stupid" degree? Why/How did Bill decided he wanted to be a 4th grade teacher? Find out why Neil took a hiatus with his shows. What is one thing that fans of The Drunk Rock Show would be surprised to learn about you? (You might not believe this one) How can we find you on social media?
Apr 17, 2020 1 hr 1 min

For COS and Country – Mick Michaels PARS511

Mick Michaels of the band Corners of Sanctuary out of Philadephia Joins Bill on Episode 511 to talk about their new EP For COS and Country, how the Cornonavirus has affected the band, the shortening of their European tour, trying to play live and practice over the internet, Judas Priest, KISS, Vinnie Vincent, Cartoon characters and actors portraying the band, and more... Corners of Sanctuary were previously on Episode 495. Segment 1 Questions: For COS and Country How has the stay at home order blown up the bands plans? (HINT: Keep an eye out for free downloads) We talked about the possibility of new music coming out of the current situation and hopes that people are handling it well. Mick tells us a bit about the band and some of their influences and what they are "labeled" as. Mick talks about their European tour being shortened due to the Coronavirus. They had been told that the next flight out from Manchester was going to be May 6. They are working on on rescheduling the tour, possibly around some tentative dates that they have scheduled for February of 2021. We learn about the track, The Raid (For God and Country), which you can download for free off of their website. We talk about their video that was recorded in Germany, and 2 new ones for "Victoria" and "Sandstorm Salvation" that they recorded while they were in England (see below). They premiered on the Lockdown Rockdown on Saturday, April 11, 2020 (see below). Segment 2 Questions with Mick Michaels If I was flipping through my Social Studies book and we get to the pages about what happened during this time in history and the Coronavirus, and there is a section on your band. What would that section be about? If there was an apocalyptic situation on Earth and a handful of people and one song from each band survives, which Corners of Sanctuary song should survive? If you could sit down on a bench and talk to any musician and pick his/her brain, who would you pick and what would you ask? If someone was going to make a movie about your band, what actor would play each of you? Carrot Top? Tom Cruise? At this point, Mick shares their social media accounts for you to follow. If a major band comes to you after the stay at home order is rescinded, who do you wish it would be? Christina from The Shadow Event asks: How would you describe your sound, and which cartoon characters would you pick to play your band in a video? If you could join a band that you idolized, not necessarily replace anyone just join as a new member, what band would you want to join? What would your KISS face paint be? This leads to a long conversation about the band. …
Apr 10, 2020 59 min

Wolf’s Customs PARS510

Chris Thunderwolf Dodson joins Bill for Episode 510 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show. They discuss his business Wolf's Customs. You can see an example of his holoflash finish on the guitar to the right. Segment 1 He talks about his first time he did a holoflash design on a drum kit for Keith Hawkins formerly of the Loudini Rock & Roll Circus podcast. We learn that they do custom paint jobs as well. We did have a bit of trouble using the internet to do this podcast, so we went a bit old school and used an iRig, cell phone, and a mixer to record this episode. Segment 2 with Wolf's Customs If you had an hour to sit on a bench with anyone in the history of the world, and ask them anything, who would you sit with and what would you ask them? (He is a Steelers fan!) If I was flipping through my Social Studies book, and I found a page in it about Chris Thunderwolf Dodson, what would that section of the book be about? If you could go back in time and follow any 1 band around for a full year, which band would you choose and why? We talk a bit about genres at this point... If you were in the movie Almost Famous, what band do you wish you were doing your first article on? If you could take an album that you love and forget about so that you can listen to again for the very first time, what album would you want to do that with? Tell us about how we can find you online. Has Lou sent his guitar to you yet?
Apr 03, 2020 1 hr 0 min

Keep the Scene Alive PARS509

Jana, from First Angel Media, joins Bill to talk about ways that musicians can keep the music alive during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Some ways that First Angel Media can help you.. A Look at the Lyrics - e-mail [email protected] Find your Muse(ic) - e-mail [email protected] Check out all the services that FAM can offer here. How Build the Scene can help Send your music to us to be featured on our radio station. Send your music to us to be played on our podcast the Pennsylvania Rock Show. Send your music to us and submit your band to be on our podcast 3 Questions and a Song Some things to look into for your Facebook live setups? Video? Audio? SJ4000 wifi - this is the camera that I use to make my live videos Open Broadcaster Software How to Do Live Streams that Your Fans Will LOVE! - This is a great video from Lou Lombardi and friends. Use an iRig to take audio from your mixer to your cell phone for FB Live Send Audio from a Mixer to Your iPhone X Best Way to Connect a Phone (iPhone, Android) to a Mixer. HOW TO LIVE STREAM YOUR DJ SETS How to use an iRig to record phone interviews Skype Mix Minus with a mixer to stream audio/video
Mar 27, 2020 59 min

Abandon All Hope PARS508

Skarlett Sky's Ash and Greg stop in to talk a little about their new EP, Abandon All Hope, and the world as it is today. We also end up talking about cars and other things. Segment 1 - Abandon All Hope How has the virus affected your band schedule? The timing of the dropping of Abandon All Hope is kind of fitting? If there was an apocalyptic event and only one song off of Abandon All Hope can survive it, which song should it be? If you could sit on a bench with any musician, who would you sit with and what would you ask about? If you could go back in time and follow any band around for a year, who would you follow and why? What can you tell us about the song "Pain Inside"? Segment 2 What is the cd release date on the EP? We discuss small business and how it has been affected lately. We talk about about their rescheduled Whisky a Go Go show that is now scheduled for 9/11/2020. We talk about cars, favorite cars, car trips, and what car they would put on an album cover like ZZ Top's Eliminator album. They talk about writing and rehearsing during this time off from gigs. We talk a little bit about how to treat fans. The topic off everyone starting as a garage band and I pointed out that September from September Mourning (click for the interview) was signed before she ever performed in a band.
Mar 20, 2020 1 hr 0 min

Filthy Music PARS507

Jesse from Filthy Music Entertainment joins Bill. FME's services include a wide variety of press and promotional services such as single reviews, album reviews, music promotion and more. The bigger you buy the more you’re guaranteed! We have something for just about any band’s budget. Segment 1 with FILTHY MUSIC Entertainment I haven't heard from you in a while, what have you been up to? You were talking about film, what is going on with that part of the company? You were recently banned on Facebook, without getting into detail, do you think you deserved it? I know you've been in bands yourself, are you currently in a band? Segment 2 Where do you see FME in the next 5 years? What kind of bands do you listen to when you're relaxing? We talk a little bit about Greywalker and Start the Beat with Sikes... If you were able to sit on that bench and talk to anyone from music history, who would you sit with and what would you ask them? Who bought your first guitar? Are you still going to do some booking? How can everyone find you online? Is there anything else you want to talk about? Please give out your social media links.
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