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TouchPod is the podcast for TouchRadio, which offers a selection of recordings, live or otherwise, from artists who are affiliated to or... more

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TouchRadio 150

Buildings, and the spaces and atmospheres that they enclose, are primarily experienced through seeing them and hearing them. Visions of... more

28 Jul 2020 · 13 minutes
TouchRadio 149

This is a composition of field recordings taken at various wind turbine farms over the last year. They are recordings... more

12 Nov 2019 · 18 minutes
TouchRadio 148

If the mainstream media (MSM) won't broadcast this, then we will.

30 Sep 2019 · 24 minutes
TouchRadio 147

Sifting through his archive of live recordings, Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek) chose this performance from 2015 (in a very cold church... more

09 May 2019 · 22 minutes
TouchRadio 146

Whilst on holiday in Sicily Stuart wanted to capture the sound of the local church bells. Choosing to record at... more

08 Apr 2019 · 1 hour,
TouchRadio 145

"Between the City and the Forest" collects field recordings made between 2015-2018 in areas around Los Angeles, Mojave, and the... more

28 Feb 2019 · 12 minutes
TouchRadio 144

Estonia has a rich and powerful nature orchestra, and this might be because two thirds of the country is covered... more

12 Jan 2019 · 1 hour, 13 minutes
TouchRadio 143

This recording was made at the Block Gallery in New Cross on May 27th 2018 to mark the closing of... more

12 Oct 2018 · 12 minutes
TouchRadio 142

Through the Night was recorded on June 10th 2018 at Glenshee, Scotland during ‘Murmurations’. Mixed with Rob Aitken, with thanks to... more

13 Sep 2018 · 43 minutes
TouchRadio 141

An extract from Zachary Paul's live scoring to the 2013 movie "Under the Skin" (dir. Jonathan Glazer, original score by... more

27 Jul 2018 · 37 minutes
TouchRadio 150