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Walking On Air
Walking On Air
Dawn Endico

Glimpses of wildlife and wilderness, captured on video by a wide-eyed city slicker.

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Snowy Egret Chick

Click To Play play_blip_movie_261632();Snowy Egret Chick on blip.tv A snowy egret chick thinks real hard about the next branch, which... more

12 Jun 2007 ·
Egret Family

Click To Play play_blip_movie_261505();Egret Family on blip.tv Snowy Egret parents feed their chicks at the Baylands Nature Preserve in Palo... more

12 Jun 2007 ·
Armless Duck Wrestling

Click To Play play_blip_movie_261483();Armless Duck Wrestling on blip.tv While I was at the duck pond to see the egrets I... more

12 Jun 2007 ·
Juvenile Black Crowned Night Herons

Click To Play play_blip_movie_261435();Juvenile Black Crowned Night Herons on blip.tv Juvenile Black Crowned Night Herons (Nycticorax nycticorax) in their nests... more

12 Jun 2007 ·
Cliff Swallow Nests

Click To Play play_blip_movie_257666();Cliff Swallow Nests on blip.tv Cliff Swallows (Petrochelidon pyrrhonota) have built a number of nests at the... more

11 Jun 2007 ·
Broken Legged Stilt

Click To Play play_blip_movie_256779();Broken Legged Stilt on blip.tvWhen I first saw this Black Necked Stilt he had one knee bent... more

11 Jun 2007 ·
Streaming in Ten Seconds

Click To Play play_blip_movie_46302();Streaming in Ten Seconds on blip.tvAt the Lukens Lake trailhead water falls over a log and a... more

22 Jun 2006 ·
Taft Point In Ten Seconds

Taft Point In Ten Seconds on VimeoDownload taftpoint.mp4 , 1.2mbLooking down from Taft Point to the floor of the Yosemite... more

16 Jun 2006 ·

Long Water on VimeoDownload: longwater.mp4 ,1.8mbTwenty three seconds of birds chirping and water dancing in the sun in the reflecting... more

06 Jun 2006 ·

Beached on Vimeo (4:16 minutes)Download: beached.mp4, 28.3MBElephant seals lounge on the beach at Point Reyes National Seashore in California. Music... more

31 May 2006 ·
Walking On Air
Snowy Egret Chick
Walking On Air