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The Paranormal Podcast
The Paranormal Podcast
Jim Harold

America's Top Paranormal Podcaster interviews the best known names in the paranormal about UFOs, Ghosts, Bigfoot, and everything paranormal! Guests have included... more

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The Paranormal In Latin America

Mario Gongora is the host of a very popular podcast, Yes, This Happened | Esto Si Ocurrio, focusing on Latin... more

26 Mar 2023 · 38 minutes
True Tales of the Afterlife - The Paranormal Podcast 773

Steph Young joins us to share her true tales of the afterlife! You can find her book on the subject,... more

21 Mar 2023 · 39 minutes
Crystal Basics

Crystal expert Nicholas Pearson joins us to talk about these beautiful stones and the powers that they hold! ... more

15 Mar 2023 · 41 minutes
Talking To Spirits - Paranormal Podcast 771

Medium Sterling Moon shares practical advice for how to communicate with spirits! You can find her recent book, Talking to... more

07 Mar 2023 · 44 minutes
Uncertain Places with Mitch Horowitz

Mitch Horowitz has delved into the mysterious corners of the Occult and shares his thoughts on this edition of... more

28 Feb 2023 · 45 minutes
Sorting Out The UFO-UAP Shootdown Mess

We try to sort out the recent UFO shootdowns that have happened over North America. Ryan Sprague joins us to... more

21 Feb 2023 · 42 minutes
Ouija Obsession

He's created the largest Ouija Board in the world and that is just the beginning of his obsession with Ouija... more

14 Feb 2023 · 44 minutes
Sasquatch Canada

Sasquatch in Canada are not just seen in British Columbia as many might think but they are seen all... more

07 Feb 2023 · 52 minutes
A Little Bigfoot

Do you wonder what rat tastes like? Do you question what it is like to hunt a small Bigfoot in... more

31 Jan 2023 · 50 minutes
Raging Robots and Hi-Tech Horrors

Scarier than any ghost story is the question of our future with AI and robots...are robots going to take over?... more

24 Jan 2023 · 48 minutes
The Paranormal Podcast
The Paranormal In Latin America
The Paranormal Podcast