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Musings of the Living
Musings of the Living
Joel Penner, Erik Berg

A podcast containing a wide variety of subject matter. It usually consists of creative writing, creative songwriting (more on the experimental, instrumental... more

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Forgiven Faults

In this edition of Musings of the Living, we cover a wide range of stories in relation to accidents and... more

01 Jan 2007 ·
Subtle Epiphany

This edition is moving back to the basics, we include our standard sections with a general bend toward understated discoveries.... more

12 Aug 2006 ·
Deceiving Appearances

This edition of Musings of the Living includes a perspective on how things aren't always as they seem from a... more

01 Aug 2006 ·
Minute to Magnanimous

This edition is the celebration of the one year anniversary of the lifespan of Musings of the Living. It looks... more

10 Jul 2006 ·
Returning to a New Time

In this edition a lot of our sections are trying to look back at things we've done in the past... more

24 Jun 2006 ·
Exploring the Wire

This edition of Musings of of the Living is quite revolutionary. It's a testing of our musical skill including a... more

13 Jun 2006 ·
Disguised Revelations

We incorporate a great new feature in which we interview a local personnel who in this case works for the... more

18 May 2006 ·
The Lonely Famous and the Famous Lonely

This edition contains an interview with the undeniably famous Bob Jackson as well as one of his hit songs "I... more

21 Apr 2006 ·
Acoustic Minds

This edition focusses on the mind, including a guest appearance by two philosophers on the meaning of life. We also... more

16 Mar 2006 ·
Fluctuating Octaves and Oscillating Falsettos

In this edition of Musings of the Living, we experiment with pitch, hence the title. We include an opening song,... more

09 Mar 2006 ·
Musings of the Living
Forgiven Faults
Musings of the Living