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Brains On! Science podcast for kids
Brains On! Science podcast for kids
American Public Media

Brains On!® is a science podcast for curious kids and adults from American Public Media. Each week, a different kid co-host joins... more

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The Mosties!

Raise a curtain. Cue the lights. It’s the most most-tacular night. It’s The Mosties! The Brains Brains On favorites, Bob,... more

24 May 2022 · 37 minutes
Forever Ago is back June 1!

We are so excited to share that our podcast, Forever Ago, is returning for a brand new season! If you didn’t get... more

20 May 2022 · 2 minutes
Dreams: The science of a sleeping brain

You dream every night, even if you don't remember them. But why? We'll hop on a wild ride to go... more

17 May 2022 · 36 minutes
Tongue twisters: Terribly terrific and truly tantalizing

Why is it so hard to say sentences like: she sells sea shells at the sea shore? This episode cracks the... more

10 May 2022 · 32 minutes
How does a caterpillar become a butterfly?

Caterpillars go through a striking transformation from a crawly, tube-like creature into a soaring, beautifully-winged butterfly. This process is called... more

03 May 2022 · 26 minutes
What makes tiny tardigrades tick?

You can find micro-animals just about everywhere. They’re on your face and in your hair. They’re in puddles and in... more

26 Apr 2022 · 29 minutes
Into the eye of a storm: How hurricanes form

How do hurricanes form? This episode dives into the eye of the hurricane to track down that answer and so... more

19 Apr 2022 · 33 minutes
Is mind-reading real?

Can people actually read minds? Can we move objects with our brains like in the movies? We're exploring the history... more

12 Apr 2022 · 30 minutes
Owl about Owls

We’re headed off to an owl sanctuary to meet up with Nolan the know-it-owl for a special night owl Tour.... more

05 Apr 2022 · 26 minutes
How are we related to stars?

Forget those fancy awards shows. This episode of Brains On is exploding with the stars. Find out how each of us is... more

29 Mar 2022 · 26 minutes
Brains On! Science podcast for kids
The Mosties!
Brains On! Science podcast for kids