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The Cinephiliacs
The Cinephiliacs
Peter Labuza

The Cinephiliacs is a podcast exploring the past and future of cinephelia. Film critic Peter Labuza has interviewed critics, programmers, academics, filmmakers,... more

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The Cinephiliacs - SF Silent Film Festival 2022

Three years of absence from the San Francisco Silent Film Festival has only left a longing in Peter's heart. And... more

23 May 2022 · 1 hour, 38 minutes
Framing Media #8 - Jennifer Peterson on Goverment Sponsored Environmental Awareness Films

Today's episode features Jennifer Peterson, Professor and Chair of the Department of Communication at Woodbury University and author of Education in... more

19 Jan 2021 · 31 minutes
Framing Media #7 - Anne Kaun on Prison Media Work

Today's episode features Anne Kaun, as Associate Professors at Södertörn University in the Department of Culture and Education, co-editor of Making... more

15 Dec 2020 · 35 minutes
Framing Media #6 - Christina Lane on Producer Joan Harrison, The Mistress of Suspense

Today's episode features Christina Lane, an Associate Professor of film studies and chair of the cinema department at the University... more

01 Dec 2020 · 45 minutes
Framing Media #5 - Chris Yogerst on the 1941 Senate Investigations into Pro-War Hollywood

Today's episode features Christopher Yogerst, an assistant professor of communication, at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and the author of From the... more

03 Nov 2020 · 46 minutes
Framing Media #4 - Hayley O'Malley on Kathleen Collins

Today's episode features Hayley O'Malley, a Mellon postdoctoral fellow for the Black Arts Archive Sawyer Seminar at Northwestern University, who... more

20 Oct 2020 · 38 minutes
Framing Media #3 - Eleni Palis on Rethinking Film Quotations Through Race

Today's episode features Eleni Palis, an assistant professor of English and Cinema Studies at the University of Tennessee, who researches the... more

06 Oct 2020 · 38 minutes
Framing Media #2 - Katie Bird on the Art and Labor of Steadicam Operators

Today's episode features Katie Bird, an Assistant Professor at the University of Texas, El Paso, who researches technology and craft histories... more

15 Sep 2020 · 35 minutes
Framing Media #1 - JD Schnepf on Drone Humanitarianism

Today's episode features JD Scnepf, a scholar of American Studies in Political Culture and Theory at the University of Groningen in... more

01 Sep 2020 · 37 minutes
TC #124 - Brian L. Frye (The Hart of London)

To suggest that Brian L. Frye has lived an eclectic life would be an understatement. A former experimental filmmaker,... more

01 Jul 2020 · 1 hour, 42 minutes
The Cinephiliacs
The Cinephiliacs - SF Silent Film Festival 2022
The Cinephiliacs
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