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ShopTalk » Podcast Feed

Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert
Mar 30, 2020 59 min

406: Jamstack with Divya Tagtachian

Show DescriptionDivya Tagtachian stops by the ShopTalk studios to answer questions about Jamstack and Netlify. What's open authoring? Can a SPA be Jamstack? Can a site be too large for Jamstack? Is SSR the same thing as Jamstack? What's happening with WordPress and Jamstack? Links Netlify Discourse Netlify Build Plugins Zeit ShopTalk 403 Serverless Architecture at Begin with Brian Leroux Gatsby That’s My Jamstack podcast Shift Snipcart VuePress Gridsome RedwoodJS JS Party Prisma Sponsors
Mar 23, 2020 58 min

405: Cross-Cultural Design with Senongo Akpem

Show DescriptionSeneongo Akpem talks with us about his new book, Cross-Cultural Design, and how building websites for people all over the world and from different cultures can be done better. Links Cross-Cultural Design Who I wrote Cross-Cultural Design for Mina Markham’s talks Sponsors
Mar 16, 2020 1 hr 10 min

403: Serverless Architecture at Begin with Brian Leroux

Show DescriptionBrian Leroux chats with us about building modern web apps using Begin and other cloud services like it including a deep dive on AWS Lambda. Links Begin / Brian on GitHub Heroku Linode Netlify CodePen Stackbit ClaudiaJS Serverless Amazon Route 53 EC2 Firecracker Arc Codes Phone Gap Phone Gap Build Sanity Contentful Sponsors
Mar 09, 2020 1 hr 7 min

402: New Website!

Show DescriptionWe're talking the redesign of The ShopTalk Show website, including some of the issues and technical challenges we faced designing a podcast website for 2020. Links Derek Featherstone Dave’s GitHub TimeJump Logitech MX Master 3 VueConf ErgoDox Keyboards Sponsors
Mar 02, 2020 1 hr 6 min

401: Dreaming About Foldable Phones, RSS, and SEO

Show DescriptionWe're pontificating on foldable phones and what that means for the web, automating and finding things we like with RSS, talking about a new CodePen feature, and trying to figure out SEO. Links Spanning CSS Polyfill NetNewsWire Feedbin Marvel Unlimited CSS Tricks: Pages for Likes Who you follow on CodePen Get Stream Cassie Evans on CodePen Feedly Zach Leatherman Zeit Eleventy Netlify Gulp Sawbones Podcast Framer X Sponsors
Feb 24, 2020 1 hr 10 min

400: Talking with Jen & Adam about Firefox & Chrome

Show DescriptionJen Simmons & Adam Argyle stop by to continue our conversations about where browsers are at, and what's coming up for browsers - specifically Firefox & Chrome. Links Firefox Chrome Microsoft Edge Sponsors
Feb 17, 2020 1 hr 0 min

399: The Browser Show

Show DescriptionChris and Dave talk hot browser drama, CSS4 ideas and thoughts, moving HTML & CSS forward, and lazy loading - and a whole lot more! Links Chrome update 1Password Why Javascript is Eating HTML Sponsors
Feb 10, 2020 1 hr 5 min

398: An Event Apart, Subgrid, Grid, Chrome engine, & more with Eric Meyer

Show DescriptionEric Meyer joins us to talk about An Event Apart's 2020 season, subgrid shipping, the rumored rewrite of Chrome's engine, where HTML and CSS are headed, browser development, developing for giant screens and giant browser windows, and whatever happened to CSS 3? Links An Event Apart Sponsors
Feb 03, 2020 55 min

397: Fixing Hardcoded Issues, Tooling for your Job, and Picking an Editor for a Job

Show DescriptionChris & Dave give an update on the website redesign project and then dive into your question: What kind of gear should you ask for from a new job? How do you fix a hardcoded issue in a project? And how is life using IntelliJ? Links Apollo GraphQL Without Javascript Alpine JS Architects, gardeners, and design systems The Hoof and the Horse The Web is Industrialized and I helped industrialize it Performance Budgets, Pragmatically Panic Nova IntelliJ VS Code Sponsors
Jan 27, 2020 1 hr 2 min

396: Edge Goes Chrome, Edge VM’s, and Designing a Website to Last

Show DescriptionChris & Dave talk about Edge going Chrome, a bit of follow up from last episode about Virtual Machines, thoughts on designing a website to last, a question about Rails plus React, and a question about how to move from CoffeeScript to something current. Links Goodreads: The Wizard and the Prophet / The Wizard and the Prophet The End of Indie Web Browsers Flow Browser / @FlowBrowser Opera accused of predatory loan apps This page is designed to last Virtual Box Virtual Machines AlpineJS Decaffeinate Playwright Sponsors
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