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Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert
Oct 19, 2020 1 hr 19 min

435: Magic, iPad Sidecar, Getting Unstuck, Image Compression, and The Website

Show Description Chris is nostalgic for Magic the Gathering, Dave's wishing he hadn't added drawings to his blog, they're both mouthblogging about image compression and AVIF, and Jeremey Keith is back with chapter 3: The Website. Listen on Website →Links Sidecar on iPad A quintessential blogging mistake ZText Cloudinary Cloudflare Workers AVIF has Landed Sqoosh Chapter 3: The Website Sponsors
Oct 12, 2020 56 min

434: Natalya Shelburne on Design Engineering

Natalya Shelburne is out guest to talk about her work at the New York Times, the importance of job titles, design engineering, design systems, and 2020 hot takes and soapboxes: childcare in the pandemic, education, and conferences.
Oct 05, 2020 1 hr 9 min

433: Garbage PRs, Wayfinding on the Web, and Chapter 2 of the History of the Web

The spookiest month of the year brings discussions of handling pull requests on open source projects, wayfinding on the responsive web, how would having to pay for frameworks change the web, relying on social media for promotion, and chapter 2 of the history of the web as read by Jeremy Keith.
Sep 28, 2020 1 hr 5 min

432: SWYX

Shawn Wang, known as Swyx, talks with Dave and Chris about his career path from finance to coding, and now in developer experience. They chat about serverless functions, React, getting a broad sense of technology, Wang's Coding Career Handbook, what's next for SSR, checking out Vite, and what exactly is DevX / developer experience?
Sep 21, 2020 1 hr 13 min

431: Weaving Tangled Webs, Web Workers, and the History of the Web: Part 1

This episode Dave's been blogging about the tangled webs we weave with dependancies and the internet, we talk more about web workers, and making peace with production code written by your earlier self. And Jeremy Keith kicks off part 1 of a reading of the history of the web.
Sep 14, 2020 46 min

430: Smashing Conf Live Webinar

Chris and Dave are coming to you live (recorded) from Smashing Conf's Live Webinar riffing on the talks and presentations, as well as their own Marketing Cloud Webinar Presentation.
Sep 07, 2020 58 min

429: Cognitive Bias with David Dylan Thomas

David Dylan Thomas stops by to talk about his new book, Design for Cognitive Bias, recently published by A Book Apart. We talk about the illusion of control, confirmation bias, capitalism as a bias, culture fit, bias blindspots, the myth of the self-made man, move fast and break things, dark patterns, and what can we takeaway from learning about bias?
Aug 31, 2020 54 min

428: This is 40, Code Health, Firefox Follow Up, Accessible Text Labels, and Minifying your Project

We're reflecting on turning 40, code health and integration testing, Mozilla Firefox conversations, the best way to provide an accessible text label to a button, and finding an application that minifies Javascript and images files.
Aug 24, 2020 1 hr 7 min

427: Browsers Built for Designers, Firefox Farewell, Spinning up a Quick Website, and Gutenberg Experiences

We're talking addendum's and corrections, updates on Chris' text game, browsers built for designers, saying farewell to Firefox?, the best way to spin up a brochure website, and how Gutenberg in WordPress is these days.
Aug 17, 2020 55 min

426: Backlogs, Issues vs Discussions vs Chatting, and Trying Not to Waste Your Shot

Dave's gave a talk on backlogs, Chris has issues with Issues vs Discussions vs Chatting (and GIFs), and trying not to waste your time on ideas and projects when you have limited time to do them in.
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