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ShopTalk » Podcast Feed

Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert
Jul 06, 2020 1 hr 1 min

420: CSS Tricks, Old Tech, Apple Goes Arm, and Building an Image Machine

We're talking about Chris' new book of CSS Tricks, building support for old tech on the web, Apple going Arm and what that might mean for Parallels, and building Dave's magical image machine.
Jun 29, 2020 1 hr 1 min

419: Hey! What About Email, Scroll Triggers, Mobile First vs Desktop, and more?

We're talking email, custom properties to tame the CSS stack, scroll trigger animation, WordPress blocks, mobile first vs desktop first design, and getting stuff to look nice on mobile Safari. And MORE!
Jun 22, 2020 1 hr 6 min

418: LH, RLH, Shadow DOM, Developer Experience, and RUM

Show Description We read some blogs and have some questions of our own: LH vs RLH? What about styling the shadow DOM with CSS shadow parts? Should you focus your work on what's loaded in your brain already? What is the Developer Experience? RUM and making decisions with or without data. Listen on Website →Links Webplatform News Styling in the Shadow DOM With CSS Shadow Parts The Road to Burnout is Paved With Context Switching What is the Developer Experience DX? Tradeoffs and Shifting Complexity Twitter’s audio tweets revealed an accessibility miss, and now the company wants to fix it Cassidy’s audio test CodePen Radio #273: Assets Keep Getting Better Sponsors
Jun 15, 2020 59 min

417: RSS Feeds, MMO Games, DnD, and Custom Fields

We're talking RSS feeds, Gemstone 4, MMO games, DnD, Jekyll vs Eleventy performance, email newsletters, Github and Microsoft, and strategies for dealing with Jamstack page jank.
Jun 08, 2020 1 hr 3 min

416: Banjos, Google Performance Updates, and Static Site Generator Perf

Show Description We're talking about what's going on in the world and in our worlds, a bit of banjo talk, building in WordPress and the fancy world of workers, new web performance details from Google, and answering a question about static site generator performance. Listen on Website →Links How to Make this Moment the Turning Point for Real Change Cloudfront Netlify Andy Bell Optimizely Legend of Zelda on Gamepedia Contentful Fauna Core Web Vitals 11ty Clean CSS Cloudflare Netlify Large Media Setup Cloudinary Sponsors
Jun 01, 2020 1 hr 14 min

415: CSS Aspect Ratio, Rendering Engines, and More with Jen Simmons

Jen Simmons is back on the show to talk with us about her new HTML Essentials course, CSS Aspect Ratio, rendering engines vs browsers, and a big announcement from her personally!
May 25, 2020 58 min

414: The Front-End Ceiling, Emacs, Permissions, and Writing Better Words

Is there a way to control text in the prompt for user permissions? Have we tried Emacs? How do you write better words? When is it appropriate to add a new framework to your resume? Do you think there is a front end ceiling?
May 18, 2020 1 hr 6 min

413: World Wide Waste with Gerry McGovern

Gerry McGovern talks with us about the amount of energy used sending the bits and bytes around the internet, the cost of storage, new phones vs old phones, the scale of data, and how do we adjust our process and culture to make changes?
May 11, 2020 1 hr 9 min

412: RedwoodJS with Tom Preston-Warner

Tom Preston-Werner joins the show to talk about his latest project, RedwoodJS, and the decisions made about how it works, public APIs, how tied to Netlify RedwoodJS is, and why they're using Prisma.
May 04, 2020 1 hr 6 min

411: Vitaly Friedman and Smashing Magazine in 2020

Show Description Vitaly Friedman talks with us about the changing landscape of publishing on the web, the changes seen in web conferences, the difference between a workshop and a webinar, and keeping up with all the technology in front end development. Listen on Website →Links A Smashing Magazine An Event Apart Smashing Conf Environments for Humans Christopher Schmitt ShopTalk Show 150 Vitaly Friedman Davie504 YouTube LifeHacker Sponsors
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