the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

Dec 03, 2020 1 hr 2 min

Why Stay With A Cheater?

On this show, we'll discuss why some people give cheaters 2nd and 3rd chances.Ok, so you have a significant other, right? And you suspect that something is going on and that they're possibly cheating on you. So, you put on your CSI hat and do your investigation for weeks and you find out that it's true. That person did cheat on you. So, you curse your mate out and put them in the dog house for a while. Two weeks later, you all are lovey-dovey again. We all know multiple people who have been through that scenario. The question is: why? That's what we're discussing on this episode of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show. "No experts. Just opinions."Show
Nov 29, 2020 10 min

Q-on-1 w/Podcaster, Nikky Niche

Nikky Niche started The NicNac Show six months ago and she hasn't looked back since! The Windy City resident has been on her grind as she brings her viewers guests to each show on top of discussing a wide range of topics. I had the pleasure to sit down with her to talk about her inspiration for starting a show. We also discussed some of the guests who have appeared and what direction she wants to see the show go into 2021. Follow her on IG: Show #886
Nov 27, 2020 2 min

Dating Is Extinct

People don't take dating seriously any more. It is no longer the informal interview process to determine if someone is a long-term option or not. It's just something to do. Some people do it for free food. Some people do it for easy sex. The art of courting has gone the way of the dinosaur. What can we do to get it back? How can we refocus society on taking their relationships seriously these days?Show
Nov 26, 2020 4 min

There Are Still Good People Out There

Contrary to the foolishness we see on a daily basis on social media, there are still some good people in the world. People who are willing to inconvenience themselves to lend a helping hand to others.As you sit around on this turkey holiday, be sure to reflect on all of the good things that have happened in 2020. Let those things carry you into 2021.Oh, and one last thing: show the world that there are still decent people in this country. Do something for someone without being asked to do it.Show
Nov 26, 2020 10 min

Spotlighting Local Talents And Events

I am joined by two fellow podcasters from the Jackson, Mississippi area. Paris and Ashley are the hosts of the YouTube show, A Seat At The Table. Their show spotlights some of the talented people and events that you can find in the city of Jackson. They were inspired by a passion to do something for the community. The show touches on a lot of issues as well that are occuring within the city. You can watch their show here: Follow them on IG at: Show #883
Nov 21, 2020 6 min

Breaking The Glass Ceiling

Are women finally breaking through the glass ceiling in society?So many girls see themselves in Kamala Harris. What kind of impact will she have on the young ladies in this country who want to better their position in life?Joining me to discuss Kamala Harris being the Vice President-elect and what it means is Shamira Ervin-Parker. Shamira is a career woman who has elevated herself in Corporate America through hard work and dedication. And she has managed to do all of that while balancing being a wife and a mother. I ask her a few questions about how this election may have accelerated the growth of equality in this country for women. Have the ladies finally broken the barrier to bigger and better things in the United States? We'll discuss that in this Q-on-1 edition of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show.Show
Nov 18, 2020 1 hr 14 min

Should Men Get Money From Women?

On this show, our main topic will revolve around guys asking women for money. Is that okay in your eyes? Is it a case-by-case basis type of thing for you? What's your take? The dating game has a ton of obstacles. Dealing with someone who may cheat is hard enough. But what about dealing with someone who is financially needy? And by someone, I mean dudes. Should guys... ask women... for money? We'll also discuss why there now appears to be so many women over 30 years old who have never been married as opposed to 25 years ago. Do they choose not to be married or are they less desirable than they once were? The answer probably depends on who you ask! All of this and more on this live recording of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! "No experts. Just opinions." Show #881 Today's show has been brought to you by The Mermaid and The Lion Podcast! Check them out at
Nov 15, 2020 51 min

Jackson State vs. Alcorn: Life In The SWAC

You can find an HBCU in Atlanta or you can find an HBCU in California. But there's something about the South that seems to appeal to people of color.I'm joined by Curtis Burroughs (JSU) and Charles Helom (Alcorn) to discuss the Southwestern Athletic Conference, better known as the SWAC by those familiar with HBCU schools. We discuss what made attending a SWAC school different than the larger, public four year colleges like the University of Mississippi or LSU. We chat about dormitory life, homecoming week, Greek life, the rivalries between the schools (sports and band) and more!It's a fun discussion that takes us back down memory lanes at times about college life. Enjoy this Q-on-2 podcast with two guys who share a special rivalry that will never be broken thanks to the longstanding traditions of the SWAC.Show
Nov 12, 2020 27 min

Single Mom Dating Struggles

Do men know what a single mother goes through just to have a dating life? I'm joined by Schemeka Bowrin to discuss the difficulties women who have children experience when it comes to dating.There are many reasons a woman may be a single mom. This is an opportunity for guys to have some insight into their world when it comes to finding a significant other.Enjoy this Q-on-1 podcast with Schemeka and follow her on social media.Visit her website at and follow her on IG at
Nov 08, 2020 37 min

From Prison Suit to Power Suit

She went from prison suit to power suit. My guest recalls her exaggerated business strategy that led her to a federal prison for over two years.Rojonah Harris is the epitome of making the most of a second chance. She had her whole life ahead of her and it all came to a screeching halt one faithful day. Before she knew it, she was being taken away from her children and found herself with a new family, that wasn't of her choosing, at a correctional facility.Instead of falling apart, like most inmates do, Rojonah came out better than she was when she went in. Her story is a true tale of redemption and motivation! I hope that you enjoy my Q-on-1 discussion with her!Follow her at