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How To Do Everything
How To Do Everything

We're half advice show, half survival guide. We answer all your questions, from how to find a date, to how to find... more

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Beefily Ever After

In our last episode, we learn how to drink tea, build human towers, watch the sunset forever and find the... more

18 Nov 2016 · 22 minutes
Freedom, Justice, or Peter Sagal

We learn what happened to a two-thousand year-old toe, and what to do when our voices make you sick.

11 Nov 2016 · 20 minutes

Devil In The White City author Erik Larson helps us write gooder, and we tell you how to snack silently... more

04 Nov 2016 · 17 minutes
We Accidentally Made A Halloween Episode

Mark Bittman helps us answer a very creepy question, and we learn who's helping the Obamas move.

28 Oct 2016 · 20 minutes
Romancing The Cod

How to talk to fish and protect your yard signs.

21 Oct 2016 · 10 minutes
Trust Him On The Frustum

We help you brush that dirt off your shoulder and get the most out of your Reese's.

13 Oct 2016 · 16 minutes
The Never-Ending Cave

We tell you how to get deep and how to fake childhood memories.

07 Oct 2016 · 16 minutes
The Sound of Silence

A listener needs help opening his Velcro bag quietly, so we call in the military.

30 Sep 2016 · 11 minutes
Fiddlin', Gruntin', Snorin' and Carlin'

How to get people to remember your name and find thousands of worms. Note: this episode talks about curse words... more

23 Sep 2016 · 22 minutes
The Champ

We tell you how to keep your fries crispy and make your friends cry.

16 Sep 2016 · 23 minutes
How To Do Everything
Beefily Ever After
How To Do Everything