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Expanding Mind
Expanding Mind
Erik Davis

Progressiveradionetwork.com presents Expanding Mind with Erik Davis. He explores the culture of consciousness: magic, spirituality, psychology, technology.

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Expanding Mind – Summer Pause

Erik reflects on a decade of podcasting, the learning curves of the show, the work of conversation, the uncanniness of... more

20 Jun 2019 · 58 minutes
Expanding Mind – Liminal Mind

A conversation with my wife Jennifer Dumpert about collaborative dreaming, iPad skrying, meditation, play, the problem with interpretation, and her new bookLiminal... more

13 Jun 2019 · 57 minutes
Expanding Mind – Deconstructing Yourself

A discussion with meditation teacher and author Michael Taft  about hardcore dharma, Buddhist modernism, shop talk, the soup of the sangha,... more

06 Jun 2019 · 58 minutes
Expanding Mind – Queering Psychedelia

An informative chat with psychedelic researcher Dr. Alexander Belser about qualitative research, the Mystical Experience Questionnaire, queer spiritualities, and the... more

23 May 2019 · 57 minutes
Expanding Mind – Sacred Matter

A conversation with philosopher of religion Mary-Jane Rubenstein about wonder, horror, animism, the multiverse, Heidegger, Einstein, Hawaiian telescopes, and her... more

16 May 2019 · 58 minutes
Expanding Mind – Patterns of Transformation

A talk with experience designer Ida Benedetto about transformative games, trespassing, rules for sex parties, active introversion, magic circles, funerals, and queer spirituality.

02 May 2019 · 57 minutes
Expanding Mind – Decriminalize Nature

Entheogenic and community activists Larry Norris and Kufikiri talk about decriminalizing entheogenic plant medicines within Oakland: blind spots, changing the... more

26 Apr 2019 · 56 minutes
Expanding Mind – Feral Poetics

Poet Janaka Stucky talks about guerrilla poetry, burlesque horror, mystical language, shame, prophecy, and the strange DMT experiences that inspired his latest book, Ascend... more

18 Apr 2019 · 57 minutes
Expanding Mind – Meditation Apps

Science and technology researcher Rebecca Jablonsky talks about consciousness hacking, tech ethnography, information ecosystems, media fasts, and the ups and downs of... more

11 Apr 2019 · 55 minutes
Expanding Mind – Ouija Board Poetics

Poet and literary scholar Stephen Yenser talks about James Merrill's poetic epic The Changing Light at Sandover (1982).

04 Apr 2019 · 57 minutes
Expanding Mind
Expanding Mind – Summer Pause
Expanding Mind