framework radio

framework radio

produced and hosted by patrick mcginley
Jul 26, 2020 59 min

framework #724: 2020.07.26

regular edition featuring world listening day on the aporee maps, jen kutler, anna friz and absolute value of noise, hamed mafakheri, and an intro by james bailey
Jul 19, 2020 59 min

framework #723: 2020.07.19 [lucio haeser]

framework:afield produced in brazil by lucio haeser. for more info see
Jul 12, 2020 59 min

framework #722: 2020.07.12

regular edition featuring vanessa rossetto, éric la casa, jd zazie, mark vernon, heitor alves, matilde meireles, sounds from the aporee maps, and an intro by richie warburton
Jul 05, 2020 59 min

framework #721: 2020.07.05 [brad brace]

framework:afield produced by brad brace, and featuring sounds from the project ‘belize revisited’
Jun 28, 2020 59 min

framework #720: 2020.06.28

regular edition featuring michael lightborne, chra, france jobin, simon šerc, urban eden, sounds from the aporee maps, and an intro by tomasz pizio
Jun 21, 2020 59 min

framework #719: 2020.06.21 [keith de mendonca]

framework:afield produced in the uk by regular contributor keith de mendonca, entitled ‘loops, phases, repetitions’
Jun 14, 2020 59 min

framework #718: 2020.06.14

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! 18th b’day extravaganze featuring saša spačal, peter wullen, charu mistry, rod stasick, judith hamann, marco dibeltulu, sounds from the aporee maps, and an intro by richard bentley
Jun 07, 2020 59 min

framework #717: 2020.06.07 [margarethe maierhofer-lischka]

framework:afield produced in graz, austria by margarethe maierhofer-lischka. for more info see
May 31, 2020 59 min

framework #716: 2020.05.31

regular edition featuring sandra boss, hagith, christina kubisch, fieldwave vol. 1, emmanuel mieville, sounds from the amplify 2020 online festival by éric la casa and maile colbert, and an intro by michael northam
May 24, 2020 59 min

framework #715: 2020.05.24 [d. l. lutz]

‘earscape: freeze’, produced in germany by architect, writer, sound artist and regular contributor d.l. lutz