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6 Minute English
6 Minute English
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Learn and practise useful English language for everyday situations with the BBC. A weekly instruction manual for saying or doing something in... more

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Finding your way in space

What’s up and what’s down for astronauts who are floating in zero gravity?

20 May 2022 · 6 minutes
Can VR treat fears and phobias?

VR is helping people overcome phobias and even tackling more serious problems.

12 May 2022 · 6 minutes
Life in the modern office

Great or awful? How do people rate office working? We talk about it and teach vocabulary.

05 May 2022 · 6 minutes
Remembering Desmond Tutu

Deep convictions and a sense of humour - we talk about a man who helped end apartheid.

28 Apr 2022 · 6 minutes
Discoveries of the Deep Sea

We talk about an extreme environment, and teach you vocabulary along the way.

21 Apr 2022 · 6 minutes
Rhetoric: How persuasive are you?

We talk about an art that started with ancient Greek philosophers

14 Apr 2022 · 6 minutes
Britain's love affair with coffee

It's not all about tea - Britons like coffee too. Learn vocabulary to talk about it.

07 Apr 2022 · 6 minutes
Optimists vs Pessimists

Which one you are may be linked more to your birthplace and age than attitude.

31 Mar 2022 · 6 minutes
The world of Agatha Christie

We discuss one of her most famous characters and teach you related vocabulary.

25 Mar 2022 · 6 minutes
Mars: Mysteries of the Red Planet

Neil and Sam discuss our fascination with the 'Red Planet' and teach you related vocab.

17 Mar 2022 · 6 minutes
6 Minute English
Finding your way in space
6 Minute English