I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere

I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere

Scott Monty & Burt Wolder
Oct 15, 2020 1 hr 11 min

Clive Merrison

Clive Merrison is the first actor to have played Holmes in adaptations of every single Conan Doyle short story and novel about the character. He played the role on BBC Radio beginning in 1989 and concluding in 2010.
Sep 30, 2020 1 hr 9 min

Remembering Jeremy Brett

Twenty-five years after Jeremy Brett passed away, we remember him (as well as Peter Cushing and others) with David Stuart Davies.
Sep 15, 2020 1 hr 0 min

Enola Holmes

Author Nancy Springer talks to us about the creation of Enola Holmes and her other literary work.
Aug 30, 2020 1 hr 17 min

Sherlockian Dynamo

David Marcum is a veritable Sherlockian dynamo. He has edited over 600 stories for various anthologies and has written dozens of his own.
Aug 15, 2020 1 hr 22 min

The Baker Street Irregulars' New Wiggins

"step up, Wiggins" [STUD] Earlier this year, Mike Whelan, BSI ("Vincent Spaulding") passed the gavel to Michael Kean, BSI ("General Gordon") as the latter assumed the position of "Wiggins," or head administrator of the Baker Street Irregulars. It was a momentous occasion, as Kean is only the sixth head of the BSI since its founding in 1934. Burt and Scott had an opportunity to speak with Michael on a wide range of topics, including his Sherlockian origins (which were induced rather than pursued), his career in the publishing industry, early days in Sherlockian scions, and his role with the BSI Press. Michael also takes us behind the scenes to give us the story of his selection as the next BSI, going back a number of years. We discuss his vision for the role of a literary society in the twenty-first century and more pointedly, the difficult decision to make the 2021 BSI Weekend a virtual affair. Also covered is our upcoming 200th episode: we are looking for your feedback. And of course, the latest round of Canonical Couplets. We had a record number of submissions in the last episode; the prize this time is a copy of Sherlock Holmes: The Writings of John H. Watson, M.D., compiled by Edgar W. Smith and printed in 1962 by the Baker Street Irregulars. Entries are due by 11:59 pm EDT on August 29, 2020. Information on sponsors, links, and notes available below. Please do consider becoming a . Your support helps us to ensure we can keep doing what we do, covering file hosting costs, production, and this year, transcription services. Sponsors is the premiere publisher of books about Sherlock Holmes, including the Sherlock Holmes Reference Library, scholarly work, and titles dedicated to the stage and screen, including Terence Faherty's . has the largest collection of new Sherlock Holmes novels, biographies, graphic novels and short story collections in the world. Their Kickstarter for ends on September 1. Would you care to advertise with us? You can find . Let's chat! Links This episode: Previous episodes referenced on this show: and : Michael Whelan, Wiggins of the Baker Street Irregulars : A Conversation with the Head of the BSI : Commissionaire: Julian Wolff and His Baker Street Irregulars Many more links, articles and images are available in our Flipboard magazine at as well as through our accounts on , , , and . Please subscribe on the podcast provider of your choosing: And would you consider leaving us a rating and review? It would help other Sherlockians to find us. Your thoughts on the show? Leave a comment below, send us an email (comment AT ihearofsherlock DOT com), call us at (774) 221-READ (7323). Transcript Transcript costs have risen and you can help us to reach the level on Patreon to cover these costs. Please consider signing up by clicking the link, for as little as $1 an episode. Transcript will be here soon (if you can contribute to making that happen). --
Jul 30, 2020 57 min

The Art of Deception

An interview with USA Today bestselling author Leonard Goldberg, creator of the Daughter of Sherlock Holmes series.
Jul 15, 2020 1 hr 6 min

Commissionaire: Julian Wolff and his Baker Street Irregulars

Interview with Sonia Fetherston, BSI on her biography of the BSI's third leader and his efforts to save the organization from near extinction.
Jun 30, 2020 1 hr 5 min

MX Publishing

Steve Emecz from MX Publishing joins us to talk about what drove him to start the imprint and what's going on there now.
Jun 15, 2020 58 min

The Worst Man in London

An interview with Costa Rossakis and Dan Stashower, editors of the BSI Press Manuscript volume about Charles Augustus Milverton.
May 30, 2020 1 hr 7 min

Doings of Doyle

The Doings of Doyle podcast is filled with surprises that go well beyond the world of Sherlock Holmes.