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Tech Radio Podcast
Tech Radio Podcast

The No.1 Irish tech podcast since 2006 with the latest in tech from around Ireland and across the world. A new... more

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901: Show Time

We look at the two biggest shows kicking off 2022. Ireland’s own Young Scientists Expo and CES in the States... more

14 Jan 2022 ·
900: Older Than Twitter

We start the new year with a landmark show number 900! We look back at the incredible amount of change... more

07 Jan 2022 ·
899: What A Year!

We look back on the stories and trends which made the biggest impression on us and wonder what lies ahead... more

24 Dec 2021 ·
898: Red Hat

There is a little controversy between Niall and Dusty over the tech titan just named as Time magazines Person of... more

17 Dec 2021 ·
897: Storms Outages and WFH

We look at Irelands biggest Google searches for 2021, how quantum computing tracked Storm Barra, what lesson the AWS outage... more

10 Dec 2021 ·
896: Toy Show 2021

This is our favourite show of the year. The ‘real’ toy show where we go through the best tech toys... more

03 Dec 2021 ·
895: Black Friday Scam

Are the Black Friday deals a scam? You’ll be surprised at what we have uncovered with scams and real deals. We... more

26 Nov 2021 ·
894: We Know Your Password

The Top 200 Worst Passwords in Ireland list is out. You probably know #1 and have used #86 but would... more

19 Nov 2021 ·
893: Overload

Just how bad is the world of communication overload that we live in? How many friends or contacts can your... more

12 Nov 2021 ·
892: Meta

We chat briefly about the Facebook name change to Meta, find out exactly what a metaverse is and discover Microsoft... more

05 Nov 2021 ·
Tech Radio Podcast
901: Show Time
Tech Radio Podcast