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Tech Radio Podcast
Tech Radio Podcast

The No.1 Irish tech news podcast since 2006. A new podcast every Friday keeps you up-to-date-on all things tech or get hourly... more

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937: Battle of the Ultralights

Niall and Dusty offer a review on their new ultra-light devices.

23 Sep 2022 · 26 minutes
936: Techfire and Remote Working

All this weeks tech news plus a great chat about the pros and cons of remote working.

16 Sep 2022 · 40 minutes
935: Apple Special

Apple’s new iPhone 14 presentation has split the team.

09 Sep 2022 · 29 minutes
934: Grey Swan Events

This week, how AI won an art contest, high profile tech jobs gone and what are grey swan events in... more

02 Sep 2022 · 32 minutes
933: True Wireless Heads

Niall has tried everything from the cheapest to the most ridiculously expensive. Today he gives us ten top pointers on... more

26 Aug 2022 · 38 minutes
932: Digital Formats

From photographs to MP3s, the way we engage with media formats has changed our relationship with content, from how it's... more

19 Aug 2022 · 31 minutes
931: Mid Year Review

What do you think were the top tech stories of the year so far? Our own selections surprised even us!

12 Aug 2022 · 25 minutes
930: EIRmersive

There is a lot of talk about the Metaverse and how augmented and virtual reality are finally going to become... more

05 Aug 2022 · 28 minutes
929: How AI Can Fleece You

Surge pricing for concerts is not a thing. Find out how companies are using AI to fleece you. We also... more

29 Jul 2022 · 29 minutes
928: Web 3.0

If Web 1.0 was about the first static websites and Web 2.0 was about interactivity and social media, what will... more

22 Jul 2022 · 32 minutes
Tech Radio Podcast
937: Battle of the Ultralights
Tech Radio Podcast