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This American Life
Apr 05, 2020 1 hr 0 min

699: Fiasco!

Stories of when things go wrong. Really wrong. When you leave the normal realm of human error, fumble, mishap, and mistake and enter the territory of really huge breakdowns. Fiascos. Things go so awry that normal social order collapses.
Mar 29, 2020 1 hr 1 min

698: The Test

The coronavirus has now fully arrived in the United States. This week, stories of people trying to rise to that challenge, in some pretty extreme situations.
Mar 22, 2020 1 hr 1 min

697: Alone Together

This week, as the staff creates the episode from their apartments and houses, with our host in quarantine, in this moment when everyone’s reaching out to the people they love, we put together a collection of family stories, with some timely stuff at the top.
Mar 15, 2020 1 hr 4 min

696: Low Hum of Menace

Things do not seem fine at all, but it’s hard to say why.
Mar 01, 2020 1 hr 0 min

695: Everyone's a Critic

People squirming in a world where everything is rated and reviewed.
Feb 16, 2020 1 hr 4 min

694: Get Back to Where You Once Belonged

People looking everywhere to find a place—any place—where, for once, they don't have to be the odd man out.
Feb 09, 2020 1 hr 4 min

693: Abdi the American

We return to our story about Abdi Nor from 2015, with some big news about his life today. When we first broadcast the story, Abdi was a Somali refugee living in Kenya desperately trying – against long odds – to get to the United States. Then he got the luckiest break of his life: he won a lottery that puts him on a short list for a U.S. visa. But before he could cash in his golden ticket, the police started raiding his neighborhood, targeting refugees.
Feb 02, 2020 1 hr 4 min

692: The Show of Delights

In these dark, combative times, we attempt the most radical counterprogramming we could imagine: a show made up entirely of stories about delight.
Jan 12, 2020 1 hr 6 min

691: Gardens of Branching Paths

Stories of other universes that are just like our own, but with one small difference.
Dec 29, 2019 59 min

690: Too Close to Home

For the holidays, stories of families finally addressing the thorny thing they’ve never really talked about.
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