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This American Life
This American Life
This American Life

Each week we choose a theme. Then anything can happen. This American Life is true stories that unfold like little movies for... more

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830: The Forever Trial

The trial for the men accused of orchestrating the September 11 terrorist attacks still hasn’t started yet. Family members of... more

19 May 2024 · 1 hour, 2 minutes
829: Two Ledgers

For years, Majid believed that if he could testify in court about what happened to him when he was held... more

12 May 2024 · 1 hour, 4 minutes
186: Prom

While the seniors danced at Prom Night 2001 in Hoisington, Kansas—a town of about 3,000—a tornado hit the town, destroying... more

05 May 2024 · 59 minutes
568: Human Spectacle

Gladiators in the Colosseum. Sideshow performers. Reality television. We've always loved to gawk at the misery or majesty of others.... more

28 Apr 2024 · 59 minutes
828: Minor Crimes Division

People taking it upon themselves to solve the tiny, overlooked crimes of the world. Prologue: Host Ira Glass bikes around Manhattan... more

07 Apr 2024 · 59 minutes
827: All the King's Horses

The things we break and the ones we can't fix. Prologue: Ira tells the stories of three things that broke–two of... more

24 Mar 2024 · 1 hour,
826: Unprepared for What Has Already Happened

People waking up to the fact that the world has suddenly changed. Prologue: Jackson Landers tells the story of a very... more

17 Mar 2024 · 1 hour, 2 minutes
825: Yousef

A series of phone calls to a man in Gaza named Yousef Hammash, between early December and now. He talks... more

03 Mar 2024 · 1 hour, 6 minutes
824: Family Meeting

Your mother and I have something we want to talk with you about. Prologue: A family sits down to discuss one... more

25 Feb 2024 · 58 minutes
823: The Question Trap

An investigation of when and why people ask loaded questions that are a proxy for something else. Prologue: Host Ira Glass... more

04 Feb 2024 · 57 minutes
This American Life
830: The Forever Trial
This American Life