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Eeler's Choice
Eeler's Choice
Daisy McNamara, Lou Sutcliffe

"No respect for the sea, for the living things in it, for what's owed. They're fishing in the eel breeding grounds now,... more

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Interview with The Surprised Eel Historian

On this bonus episode, we have with us the one and only Surprised Eel Historian, John Wyatt Greenlee!John’s Website: https://www.jwgreenlee.netBuy a... more

09 Apr 2024 · 54 minutes
Ask The Eelers- Season 1 Q&A

This month, we sit down with a few of our actors to answer your burning questions!Transcript is available HERE:  https://cytochromehear.wordpress.com/home/eelers-choice/ask-the-eelers-season-1-qna/Buy... more

12 Mar 2024 · 1 hour, 21 minutes
Morning at the Sawbones Surgery

This month, enjoy a recording of our Live Show at the Audio Drama Podfest in High Wycombe! Content Warnings-Medical procedures... more

13 Feb 2024 · 12 minutes
Eeler's Bloopers - Season 1

Swearing (lots)Mentions/Discussions of: Sex, Alcohol/drunkenness, Elon Musk, OceanGate, Guns, submersible disaster,SFX: Loud clapperboardTranscript is available HERE: https://cytochromehear.wordpress.com/home/eelers-choice/eelers-bloopers-season-1/Support us on Bandcamp:... more

09 Jan 2024 · 33 minutes
Episode 6- Shoaling Night

The ocean never gives back what it takes unchanged.CW: “Natural” Disaster, Injury and infection, Rot/decay, Violence, Alcohol/Drunkenness, Loss of assistive... more

12 Dec 2023 · 36 minutes
Episode 5- Shoaling Eve

Episode 5: The ocean takes her vengeance. CW: Supernatural threat, Shipwreck, Loss of assistive technology, Death/dying, Drowning, Harm to animals/the environment, Pain,... more

28 Nov 2023 · 30 minutes
Episode 4- Nama

The winds may be strong for a day out Eeling, but the ocean grows ever darker….You can now support us... more

14 Nov 2023 · 26 minutes
Episode 3- Prin

Prin gets into mischief.... to absolutely no one’s surprise.Content warnings: Medical procedures, Rot/decay, Classism, Violence Mentions/Discussions of: Fighting, violence, alcohol,... more

31 Oct 2023 · 32 minutes
Episode 2- Merry

Merry attends the finest Scrimchanting academy in the country.CW: Disablism, Worms, Mentions/Discussions of: Harm to animals, SFX: Rain and wind, whistles,... more

17 Oct 2023 · 36 minutes
Episode 1- Ran

It’s a nasty day in the Rotting Pits. Well, all days are nasty days in the Rotting Pits…CW: Rot/decay, Harm... more

03 Oct 2023 · 31 minutes
Eeler's Choice
Interview with The Surprised Eel Historian
Eeler's Choice