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Universe of Art
Universe of Art
Science Friday and WNYC Studios

Meet artists who use science to bring their creations to the next level.

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How video game devs and musicians are processing climate change

How does our changing climate get expressed in a folk song versus a video game?

19 Sep 2023 · 22 minutes
How scientifically accurate are the sharks in "Meg 2: The Trench"?

The new monster action flick plays fast and loose with ancient shark science, but this megalodon researcher doesn’t mind that... more

05 Sep 2023 · 12 minutes
Pregnancy goes high-tech in "The Pod Generation"

The new film follows a couple as they find out what it’s like to grow their baby inside a pod.... more

22 Aug 2023 · 13 minutes
How NASA translates space data into sparkly and haunting songs

NASA’s Sonification Project aims to turn astrophysics data into sound, enabling visually impaired people to engage with outer space.

08 Aug 2023 · 22 minutes
Star Trek’s science advisor reveals the real astrophysics on screen

Astrophysicist Dr. Erin Macdonald talks about consulting on the famous series and the real (and fictional) science on screen.

25 Jul 2023 · 30 minutes
Changing parasites’ bad reputation with monster girl art

From ‘Alien’ to ‘The Last of Us,’ parasites have a gruesome reputation. But this parasitologist is using anime-inspired art to... more

11 Jul 2023 · 15 minutes
Why this sound artist recorded nature and human life for 40 years

Jim Metzner, a pioneer of science radio, looks back on his lifetime of nature recordings, now heading for the Library... more

27 Jun 2023 · 23 minutes
The surprising ways the arts transform our brains and bodies

A new book, ‘Your Brain On Art,’ examines new research about the effectiveness of art in healthcare and the benefits... more

13 Jun 2023 · 15 minutes
This violinist is making ultra-affordable 3D-printed violins for kids

A concert violinist is developing a 3D-printed violin that costs $7, in hopes of lowering the barrier to getting kids... more

30 May 2023 · 22 minutes
Soak in the sounds of a river with this composer’s sound maps

Composer Annea Lockwood uses stereo microphones and underwater hydrophones to create detailed “river maps.”

16 May 2023 · 11 minutes
Universe of Art
How video game devs and musicians are processing climate change
Universe of Art