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Raising Godly Boys Minute
Raising Godly Boys Minute
Trail Life USA

The Raising Godly Boys Minute is a daily 60-second broadcast designed to help you learn to raise boys to become godly men.... more

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#684: Let's Talk

I will make a bet that your cell phone is within reach right now!The first cell phone weighed 2.4 pounds... more

19 Jul 2024 ·
#683: He is No Fool

Are you hanging on …too tightly?In 1956, Jim Elliot was murdered by Indians in the jungles of Ecuador. Newspaper reporters... more

18 Jul 2024 ·
#682: Grit and Determination

In today’s society, we expect immediate results. When we try something new, we want instant success. But life doesn’t always... more

17 Jul 2024 ·
#681: Trust Your Instruments

“Trust your instruments.” This mantra is repeated all through flight school. While flying, it’s easy to get disoriented visually, especially... more

16 Jul 2024 ·
#680: Treasure Hunt

In 2010, a man named Forrest Fen buried treasure in the Rocky Mountains, and published a book with clues to... more

15 Jul 2024 ·
#679: Not Only a Flashlight

In 1899, an inventor put batteries in a tube and created a portable electric light. There was only one problem–... more

12 Jul 2024 ·
#678: Nothing is Impossible

A college student accidentally solved an impossible math problem. George Dantzig arrived late to class to find his peers working... more

11 Jul 2024 ·
#677: Manhood Rituals

Cultures all around the world have rituals to signify a boy becoming a man, and they range from straightforward to... more

10 Jul 2024 ·
#676: Walk Worthy

Do you remember the day your son took his first step? Perhaps he had already been standing for a few... more

09 Jul 2024 ·
675: Up a River Without a Paddle

Boys love action and adventure. That’s why paddling a canoe across a lake or along a river is a time-tested... more

08 Jul 2024 ·
Raising Godly Boys Minute
#684: Let's Talk
Raising Godly Boys Minute