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The Sloane Elizabeth Show
Sloane Elizabeth

The Sloane Elizabeth Show is for women who are ready to Eat, Move and Live with Love & Intuition! Hosted by holistic... more

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Identifying Your "5 Layers Deeper" WHY You Want Food Freedom & The Fear of Freedom

Join Sloane Elizabeth as she delves into the heart of what drives your quest for food freedom and tackles the... more

19 Apr 2024 · 22 minutes
Using Astrology to Uncover Your Soul Gift with Yvonne Irene

Step into the universe of your inner self with Yvonne Irene, a spiritual astrologer and soul purpose coach, in today's... more

12 Apr 2024 · 1 hour, 2 minutes
Exactly How to Stop Binge Eating For Good

In this episode, Sloane uncovers the nuanced steps to overcome binge eating. She emphasizes the importance of making intuitive, clear... more

05 Apr 2024 · 26 minutes
Exercising Intuitively & Reaching Your Fitness Goals Through Different Phases of Life as a Woman with Victoria Hudson

Join us on this empowering episode as we welcome Victoria Hudson, a renowned personal trainer, body confidence coach, and the... more

22 Mar 2024 · 38 minutes
How to Heal Feeling Out Of Control or Obsessively Controlled By Food

Step into a new episode with Sloane as she opens up about her battle with the scales, her relationship with... more

15 Mar 2024 · 26 minutes
Building Unshakable Confidence & Pushing the Envelope on Living Your Authentic Truth with Madi Maple

Welcome to another epic conversation on the Sloane Elizabeth Show where we dive deep into conversations that ignite your soul... more

08 Mar 2024 · 42 minutes
Being Smart and Logical Is Making Your Food Struggles WORSE! (How to solve the illogical struggles of bingeing and restricting)

This episode dives into the surprising ways that our reliance on logic and intellect might actually impede our progress toward... more

01 Mar 2024 · 22 minutes
Healing The Subconscious Roots of Self-Love, Self-Worth, and Body Image with Jessica Hayes

Welcome to a new episode of the Sloane Elizabeth Show, where we dive into self-discovery with Jessica Hayes, exploring the... more

23 Feb 2024 · 40 minutes
The Importance of Self-Love and Self-Worth to Stop Binge Eating and Yo-Yo Dieting So You Can Eat Intuitively

In the latest episode of the Sloane Elizabeth Show, we dissect the undeniable link between self-love, self-worth, and our eating... more

16 Feb 2024 · 22 minutes
The Missing Key to Healing Your Relationship with Food and Ending The Back-And-Forth Binge-Restrict Cycles (Ady's Success Story)

In this heartwarming episode of the Sloane Elizabeth Show, we continue our inspiring "Where Is She Now" series by spotlighting... more

09 Feb 2024 · 27 minutes
Uplevel your LIFE Freedom Through Food Freedom (Elizabeth's Success Story)

Elizabeth had always struggled with food, but things got worse when she reached her 30’s. She noticed how food affected... more

02 Feb 2024 · 33 minutes
Creating a Magical, Intuitive Life Through Rituals, Routines, and Healing in the Realms with Riya Rose

How can we live a magical and intentional life? How can rituals help us create the life we truly deserve?... more

26 Jan 2024 · 50 minutes
Putting the INTUITION into Intuitive Eating (the 3 types of intuition you need to activate)

Intuitive eating is everywhere, but it isn’t working for everyone. That’s because so many programs talk about intuitive eating without... more

19 Jan 2024 · 23 minutes
How to Naturally Eat Intuitively - Without Having to Think About It! (Grace's Success Story)

In the second part of our "Where Is She Now" series, we are thrilled to feature Grace's success story, a... more

12 Jan 2024 · 28 minutes
The EXACT Steps to Take to Heal Your Relationship with Food and Eat Intuitively in 2024 (super detailed!)

Welcome to the first episode of the Sloane Elizabeth Show for 2024! As we step into this new year, it's... more

05 Jan 2024 · 27 minutes
Where is Rosa Now? How My Client Reclaimed Her Fitness Goals and Is Still Eating Intuitively 15 Months After Working Together

This week, we’re catching up with Rosa, a proud graduate of the Food Freedom Collective, to explore her transformative journey... more

20 Dec 2023 · 26 minutes
Feeling Peacefully Under Control with Food, Being a Control Freak, and "Letting Yourself Go"

Welcome to this new episode of The Sloane Elizabeth Show! This week, we’ll explore the complex balance between food freedom... more

13 Dec 2023 · 20 minutes
Your Relationship with Food Is Your Responsibility

In this empowering episode of The Sloane Elizabeth Show, we dive deep into the intricate dynamics of our relationship with... more

06 Dec 2023 · 14 minutes
Optimizing Your Nutrition Through Nutrigenomics with Mascha Davis RDN

In this episode, Sloane is joined by Marscha Davis, a registered dietitian nutritionist who offers her expert insights into how... more

29 Nov 2023 · 29 minutes
How to Have a "Secure Attachment" Style with Food (Without Overly Obsessing or Worrying About Food)

Are you in pursuit of a harmonious and stress-free relationship with food, particularly during the holiday season? This episode is... more

22 Nov 2023 · 27 minutes
How to Manifest Through Embodiment and Detachment with Kat Cozadd

Kat is a manifestation & money mindset expert who helps women manifest their happiest, healthiest & wealthiest lives.  There are... more

15 Nov 2023 · 38 minutes
Eating Intuitively During the Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us, and for many people that means: dieting, overeating, and guilt. If you are torn between... more

08 Nov 2023 · 29 minutes
Healing Your Relationship with Money, Subconscious Money Blocks, and Investing Intuitively with Justin Buonomo

Justin Buonomo is the CEO, founder, and owner of Journey to Financial Freedom. For the past four years, he has... more

01 Nov 2023 · 52 minutes
Life Updates! Sugar Cravings Masterclass, Relaxing Out of the Hustle, and Manifesting Apartments

Tune into this episode as Sloane shares life updates, her journey out of the hustle, insights from her upcoming masterclass... more

27 Oct 2023 · 23 minutes
The Science Behind Adrenal Fatigue, Cortisol, and Balancing Your Hormones Using Nutrition and Testing with Chrissy Williams

So many people wonder why they don’t feel good, even if their doctors tell them their test results show that... more

11 Oct 2023 · 45 minutes
Is It Disordered Eating or Dieting If You Choose the "Healthier" Food Option?

Is it dieting if you choose a salad? If you have food freedom, do you have to always eat the... more

04 Oct 2023 · 32 minutes
How to Stop Feeling Anxious and Obsessive Around Food, Self-Love In Healing From Restricting + Bingeing, Feeling Worthy of Food Freedom (Mia's Success Story)

Mia used to restrict, binge, and be skeptical that eating intuitively was truly possible for her. She had so many... more

27 Sep 2023 · 48 minutes
How to Avoid Binge Eating When You Stop Restricting and Busting the Myth That Food Freedom Means Losing Control

A lot of people believe that when they remove the food rules and stop restricting themselves, they’ll automatically start bingeing... more

20 Sep 2023 · 36 minutes
Eating Intuitively Is the Most NATURAL Way For Us to Eat

As humans, we were all born with the gift of intuitively knowing how to nurture our bodies. Just think about... more

13 Sep 2023 · 25 minutes
How to Stop Tracking Food, Eat Intuitively, and Naturally Release Weight (Chloe's Success Story)

Chloe is a nightshift nurse and has spent the past 6 years on a rollercoaster ride with her relationship with... more

06 Sep 2023 · 41 minutes
Fear Is a Green Light To Say Yes and Make a Move

When we feel fear, our instinct is normally to stop dead in our tracks. It causes anxiety, worry, and makes... more

30 Aug 2023 · 21 minutes
Self-Sabotage, Fear of Success, and How to Get Out of Your Own Way

There is always a clear path to success for everyone. But most of the time, we get in our own... more

23 Aug 2023 · 24 minutes
The ROI On Your Healing - The energy of money, investing in yourself, and how to know if the investment will be worth it

Most of the time, the word “investing” is used to describe the exchange of tangible things like money and goods.... more

09 Aug 2023 · 26 minutes
Rewiring Binge Urges Through Nervous System Regulation with Lorna Costa

In this episode, Sloane sits down with Lorna Costa, the host of the Ditch Decade Diets podcast, to explore the... more

02 Aug 2023 · 35 minutes
5 Tips to Master Mindful Eating on Trips and Vacations: Embrace Food Freedom and Leave Overeating Behind!

Are you tired of overeating and overindulging on vacation, only to “get back on track” and begin the cycle all... more

26 Jul 2023 · 25 minutes
How to Regain Confidence in Your Own Strength and Body (Liv’s Success Story)

Liv has been hearing the same comments about how strong she was throughout the years, and they don’t even mean... more

20 Jul 2023 · 24 minutes
High Functioning Anxiety and How to Calm Down As An Ambitious Woman with Therapist Nadia Fiorita

Do you show up like you have everything put together, but you secretly feel anxious, are hard on yourself, and... more

12 Jul 2023 · 34 minutes
3 Steps to Listen to Your Body and Eat Intuitively with Ease

One of the biggest cliches around intuitive eating is believing you just have to “listen to your body”. But what... more

05 Jul 2023 · 19 minutes
Proof That You Don't Actually Want to Lose Weight + How to Feel Confident In Your Current Body

Why do women want to lose weight? Most would say that it gives them confidence. Some would say that it... more

28 Jun 2023 · 21 minutes
Body Acceptance and How to Love Your Body Without Compromising On Your Fitness Goals

Let’s talk about accepting your body!! So many women struggle with body acceptance. They have this notion that accepting their... more

21 Jun 2023 · 19 minutes
Women's Hormones, Female Entrepreneurship, and ALL the Details You Wanted to Know About Natural Birth Control with Maddie Miles

Maddie is an integrative health medicine practitioner and clinical herbalist who believes that there is beauty in understanding how the... more

14 Jun 2023 · 1 hour,
How to Tell Between Intuition and Fear + How to Make Intuitive Decisions Even When You're Scared

When you make a decision, where does it come from? Do you trust logic? Does it come from a place... more

07 Jun 2023 · 23 minutes
Dating and Finding Love From a Place of Divine Feminine + Completely Loving Yourself First with Miranda Amora

Miranda is a love and relationship coach who helps women create the true love they desire so they can live... more

31 May 2023 · 44 minutes
How to Stop Thinking About Food 24/7 and Optimize Your Wellness Without Obsession (Grace's Success Story)

Grace was a student-athlete who had a deeply ingrained belief system about food. She was constantly choosing food that would... more

24 May 2023 · 26 minutes
Is Food Freedom Really Possible For You? (2 Ways to Find Out)

So you're struggling with fear, guilt, and anxiety surrounding food choices and your eating habits, but you wonder "is food... more

17 May 2023 · 16 minutes
Feminine Entrepreneurship, People Who "Get IT", and Divine Pleasure with Taibala Rosner

Taibala Rosner is on the podcast today to talk about all things feminine entrepreneurship, pleasure, “getting it”, and deep soul... more

10 May 2023 · 36 minutes
Skyrocketing Your Success Is 100X Easier Than Taking Small Baby Steps - This Is Why

What if you could achieve your current goals and reach heights of success you never thought possible? What if you... more

03 May 2023 · 26 minutes
How to Tell When To Stop Eating Dessert, Even If You Never Feel Satisfied And Always Want To Keep Eating More

Just when you’ve had a full meal, the craving for dessert starts. What do you do? Do you push that... more

19 Apr 2023 · 20 minutes
How to Have Food Freedom and Eat Intuitively As an Athlete in Gym Culture (Lexes' Success Story)

For those immersed in gym culture, there's always an insane pressure to do more and push harder. Unfortunately, this could... more

12 Apr 2023 · 33 minutes
Understanding the Role Your Subconscious Programming Plays in Your Eating Habits

Your subconscious mind has so much more power over your eating habits than you realize. Because it works in the... more

05 Apr 2023 · 23 minutes
How to Know When You're Ready to Heal Your Relationship with Food and Find Food Freedom

Healing your relationship with food and finding food freedom is a personal journey, and the timeline for readiness will vary... more

29 Mar 2023 · 16 minutes
How Obsession with Weight Loss Turned Into Conscious Intuitive Eating and Body Love (Mirella's Success Story)

Like many others, Mirella was trapped in a cycle of dieting until she realized that her relationship with food and... more

22 Mar 2023 · 32 minutes
From 75 Hard and Binge Eating to Eating with Freedom as a Brand New Person (Rosa's Success Story)

In this episode, join Rosa's incredible journey of transformation, as she breaks free from unhealthy habits and discovers a newfound... more

15 Mar 2023 · 33 minutes
How I Intuitively Figured Out My Food Intolerances Without a Test or a Doctor

In this episode, Sloane talks about the power of intuition and how her healed relationship with food put an end... more

08 Mar 2023 · 31 minutes
When You Should NOT Follow Your Hunger and Fullness Cues

In this episode, Sloane discusses four situations in which relying solely on your hunger and fullness cues may not be... more

01 Mar 2023 · 24 minutes
Healing Binge Eating and Crohn's Flare-Ups Led to Food Freedom AND Manifesting Dream Opportunities (Sofie's Success Story)

In this episode, Sofie shares her journey of healing from binge eating, restricting, and constantly worrying about food. This food... more

22 Feb 2023 · 36 minutes
The Difference Between Self-Love and Self-Care

In this Valentine’s week episode, Sloane delves into the distinction between self-love and self-care, highlighting that although they are related... more

15 Feb 2023 · 15 minutes
How Healing Body Image and Food Anxiety Improved This College Student's Performance and Confidence

In this episode, Sloane is joined by Emma, a college student who once struggled with eating and living healthy but... more

08 Feb 2023 · 39 minutes
4 Ways the Subconscious Mind Controls the Way You Eat and Behave

In this episode, Sloane delves into the subconscious mind and explains how it is capable of controlling our behaviors -... more

01 Feb 2023 · 27 minutes
How To Transition From Counting Macros To Eating With Love and Intuition (Kristelle's Success Story)

In this episode, Sloane’s client Kristelle shares how she freed herself from fear of food and obsessive macro counting so... more

25 Jan 2023 · 40 minutes
How Your Relationship with Food Is Like Your Relationship with Your Boyfriend

In this episode, Sloane talks about the distinct similarities between your relationship with your boyfriend/partner and the kind of relationship... more

18 Jan 2023 · 12 minutes
Healing Generational Trauma + Binge Eating For Moms (Jessica’s Success Story)

In this episode, Sloane is joined by Jessica, one of her students in the Food Freedom Collective, to talk about... more

11 Jan 2023 · 38 minutes
The One New Year's Ritual You Need to Do

In this first-ever 2023 episode of the Sloane Elizabeth Show, Sloane talks about her yearly ritual to celebrate the year... more

04 Jan 2023 · 19 minutes
22 Things I Learned in 2022

In this episode, Sloane shares the top 22 lessons she has learned in 2022 and how those lessons changed her... more

28 Dec 2022 · 39 minutes
Why Hiding Your Body Can Hinder Weight Release + How to Feel Safe in Your Body

In this episode, Sloane talks about a very specific kind of expansiveness and why this is worth exploring: learning how... more

21 Dec 2022 · 18 minutes
How to Manifest ANYTHING You Want

In this episode, you will learn about the magic and power of manifestation and how to manifest your dreams, your... more

14 Dec 2022 · 23 minutes
How to Maintain Healthy Habits Throughout the Holiday Season

In this episode, Sloane encourages you to jumpstart your 2023 goals from a place of success and shares how you... more

07 Dec 2022 · 19 minutes
3 Tips to Become Expansive As F*ck

In this episode, Sloane teaches you how to become EXPANSIVE as f*ck in 3 different ways.  "When you actually speak,... more

30 Nov 2022 · 29 minutes
Quantum Leaping, Eclipse Season Reflections, and Mindful Eating

In this episode, Sloane shares her excitement about her upcoming Black Friday sale! She also chats about major shifts that... more

23 Nov 2022 · 32 minutes
From Losing Her Period & Measuring All of Her Food to ZERO Guilt or Obsession (Vivien's Success Story)

Is it possible to achieve a fit body and a healthy relationship with food without sacrificing the other important aspects... more

16 Nov 2022 · 24 minutes
Why Food Guilt Happens And How To Prevent It From Ruining Your Holidays

Mind over matter, we hear that quite often but do we realize the depth of that 3-word phrase? It means... more

09 Nov 2022 · 28 minutes
5 Tips to Have a Guilt-Free Holiday Season Without Binge Eating

When we were kids, holidays used to be the most looked-forward-to season in our lives. It meant joy and celebration,... more

02 Nov 2022 · 22 minutes
What Is Your Intuition + How to Use It

If all of us have intuition, then why aren’t we all using it? Welcome to another episode of the Sloane... more

26 Oct 2022 · 27 minutes
Failure Is a Detour in the Direction of Success

The universe wants you to be successful. But to claim that success, you have to cultivate the right mindset, perceive... more

19 Oct 2022 · 37 minutes
Seeing Food With Excitement and Trust After 10 Years of Disordered Eating (Covi’s Success Story)

In this episode, Sloane Elizabeth is joined by Covi, one of her clients in the Food Freedom Collective, to share... more

12 Oct 2022 · 31 minutes
Stop Using Distraction and Avoidance to “Deal” With Emotional Eating

Welcome to a magical moment of healing your relationship with the subconscious mind - aka, the driver of your reality.... more

05 Oct 2022 · 23 minutes
Exactly How I Manifested Moving to Miami...TWICE!

Have you ever wanted something so badly - and KNEW it was meant for you - but you didn’t have... more

28 Sep 2022 · 27 minutes
Does Eating Intuitively Work For Everyone?

In this episode of The Sloane Elizabeth Show, Sloane talks about whether Eating with Love and Intuition is something that... more

21 Sep 2022 · 21 minutes
The IMPORTANT Difference Between Food Freedom and Intuitive Eating

Can you have food freedom and still struggle with your relationship with food? The answer is YES. Sloane Elizabeth explains... more

21 Sep 2022 · 21 minutes
My Healing Journey Through Disordered Eating, Body Image Insecurities, and Becoming An International Food Freedom Coach

The journey to living with love & intuition is undoubtedly the most rewarding journey a person can take. But, it... more

21 Sep 2022 · 16 minutes
The Sloane Elizabeth Show
My Healing Journey Through Disordered Eating, Body Image Insecurities, and Becoming An International Food Freedom Coach
The Sloane Elizabeth Show

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The journey to living with love & intuition is undoubtedly the most rewarding journey a person can take. But, it is a... more